Hey everyone,

I decided I finally have enough pedals that they justify putting them on the board I made years ago. Which cables do you all use for short runs between pedals? I bought 
these Planet Waves ones  a while back, and 2 were DOA, then in the replacement pack, 1 was DOA, so I don't want to just get more of that trash. What do you all use on your boards?
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^ hahaha wow that's some bump

(I like to keep my old posts where they belong, lost in the mists of time, so I don't look too stupid )

Swineshead has been out of business for years as far as I'm aware

Nice score on the guitar, looks pretty brootal in the black with mirror guard

Haha yeah, I have no idea what happened to Swineshead. I remember them being super popular here back in the day and then they just totally closed up shop.

Oh well!
Sup guys,

Just a quick 12 years later update, I finally ended up getting something similar:

Mint condition used find, an RG2550E from 2010.

Plays great! Don't think I'll try looking for those Swineshead pickups anymore  
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It's just the way the pickups are mounted on the body. Active mount is a simpler direct mount since there isn't usually any reason to adjust their height. Passive mount is the far more common setup which is more complex but allows for height adjustment.

This is completely incorrect.

Active mount:

Passive Mount:

For whatever reason, a lot of 7/8/9 string active pickups use soapbar design, where the edges of the pickup enclosure extend beyond the screws. Passive mount is the "standard" for non active pickups.
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and yeah. it's annoying but as you and confuse-a-cat said, I can understand why they do it and you can't really expect them to act any differently or they open themselves up to people doing really silly, unsanctioned stuff and then expecting a refund if it doesn't work.

(a) yeah i haven't got round to doing it either yet, but i do have a couple which are noticeably not as nice as the "good" units- flutter is poor to nonexistent, as you said, sustain is nowhere near as good (for doing whammy tricks, i mean- with a "good" one you can dive, pull back up again, do some more yanking on the bar and the note is still there, not so much with the cheapo ones I have), and even staying in tune is not as good on the lo-trs, though the kramer does stay in tune ok, but then its responsiveness is cack. the ibanez one is pleasantish to use but doesn't stay in tune; the kramer one stays in tune but you don't want to use it. mainly i didn't get round to swapping because studs were a different size and i didn't want to void the warranty

(b) yeah, bingo. if it's a direct swap, as dspellman says, you might as well swap everything, to maintain the warranty and just so you know everything is in good condition, well-made etc.. But if it's not a direct swap, it's a lot harder if you're not mechanically-inclined (and I'm not).

Yeah it's not a direct swap with anything but an OFR or Schaller FR. The Gotoh has different studs

Shame that the OFR is wayyyyy more expensive than the Gotoh and IMO has an inferior arm/collar system, and is less comfortable to play

Additionally: I'm wondering if the "BR3" nut (12" radius) on my guitar with a 14" radius is the same as an R3 nut, which is all I can find on the Floyd Rose site. I cannot find any reference to the BR3 nut anywhere :/
Definitely the hellraiser, purely because of the Floyd Rose actually being decent quality. The other 2 have the floyd rose "special" which is trash
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i was going to say i though the gotoh studs were slightly bigger but it seems you already know that

i haven't tried the swap myself- this is of limited help, but IIRC I emailed wdmusic (gotoh dealer here) and was told that using other studs would void the warranty. that was ages ago, though. of course, that doesn't necessarily mean it won't work, just that they won't stand over it if you try it.

Woaaaaaaaaah Dave_Mc, it's like it's really 2005 again up in here lmao.

If that's the case, that sucks but I understand their reasoning.
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Thanks for all the help everyone. I went ahead and locked the nut down a bit tighter(than I was doing before) last night, and its staying in tune perfectly now!

For future reference, a good test when locking the nut is to lock it, pluck the strings behind the nut (between nut and tuning peg) then press the trem all the way down, and pluck the strings behind the nut again. if the pitch changes, the locking nut isnt tight enough
I am looking at replacing the worn Floyd Rose 1000 in my PRS Torero SE with a Gotoh GE1996T bridge. The measurements are all the same, but one thing I am curious about is the studs. Has anyone made this switch, and if so, did you use the FR1000 posts, or did you route for the slightly different looking Gotoh posts? I worry that the angle of the cut in the post won't match the Gotoh as a drop in.
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Huh. It got set to private.

Good thing it's still up on youtube, though. Time to find a youtube to mp3 converter.

Devin's label actually requested he take it down. MP3 downloaders won't work
I've been playing guitar for ~7 years, and my first was an acoustic, but it was a total piece of sh*t.

I really want to get a new acoustic after all this time, but I have no idea what's good in the acoustic world.

I know I don't want a nylon string, but that's about it.

Can anyone here recommend me something for ~$350 Canadian that isn't a real piece of crap??

I won't be performing anything with this, I just want it to jam on at home when I don't feel like playing the electric.

Also, whatup UG forums, haven't been overly active here since 2006!
I recently lost one of the screws that adjusts the saddle height on my strat, and I was wondering where I could buy some replacements?? If you don't know what I mean, I mean the tiny set screws that each saddle has 2 of.

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The Fluke is allright, but I think it's the worst song on Terria.


The Fluke is my favourite song off of Terria!!
A Sitar Is Not An Axe.
I feel to advance myself as a credible guitar player, I need to learn some music theory. I always get discouraged while jamming or watching videos of people like Vai and Petrucci, and they mention that something is in this time signature or that scale. I just feel like I am missing out, and not knowing anything is really hindering my songwriting attempts.

Do you guys have any suggestions on books I can buy or download, or maybe some websites (I am looking through the UG lessons area) that really start from the beginning?

I feel I should also mention that I want to do this because I have been playing guitar for 5 years and I think I have come as far as I can without knowing jack.

It was really easy to pass the What.CD interview, IMO.

The over the top security is put there for a reason. If they didn't have it, people would get on the site and not know the first thing about audio, and be ripping burned CDs in iTunes. No please.

Me on the right
Here, have some demonoid invites:

You should resize those pictures.

Other than that, cool guitar.
Everything in Dream Theater's "The Dark Eternal Night."
If you know anything about music encoding, go here for a chance at a What.CD invite:

It's how I got mine, and god damn is it worth it.
Use DBPoweramp to batch convert everything to V0.
I'm as audiophile-y as I can be with my computer. When I rip a CD, it's always with a perfectly set-up EAC to FLAC.

If stuff is going on my Zune, I rip it in V0.
Invest in a tremol-no and then put the guitar in hard tail mode, and enjoy your great guitar.
Like twice every week. Once every 3 or 4 weeks in the summer when I don't care about my appearance.
The Peavey Windsor is a clone of the Marshall JCM-800, and MANY classic rock artists used that, so my vote is the Peavey.
It's called an iPod Touch. Get it right.
You're too close to the amp. Move away.

Shut the fuck up.
Keep adjusting it.
You don't know it yet, but the computer did you a favour.

Awful album.
Cool choice of solos Good job too
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Great stuff. Tone is a little "biting" for my taste, my the performance was very well done. Nice song choice as well. When your switching chords, a few times i hear what seem to be uninentional harmonics, so you might want to watch out for those.


Part of those accidental harmanics is my ****ty amp. There is something wtong with the speaker, and it makes noise when there shouldn't be, lol.
Better yet, does anyone care?
Which one should I get with my Christmas money?