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well ok but you could have just looked on your profile

I'm just posting to see how old my account is. I don't even this website.
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^ Already been posted. Really impressive dude!

Oh hey. You're right. I feel so famous.
I'm not in. I'd just like to remind you all what you need to beat. (Check my signature.)
That song was seriously AWESOME. I'd like to hear it recorded!

/\V/\i/\n/c\e//\ is a ******!
For fans of Taking Back Sunday, All Time Low, Blink 182, and Fall Out Boy. Our 5 song self titled EP is currently streaming on myspace, but it won't be up for long. As an 05er, I demand that you all listen. Thank you for your time.

Just recorded this song a few weeks ago in a semi-professional studio. Would like to hear some reviews.

As always, C4C.

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Do a collage to promote the station you dj. Do something artistic!

That's what I told them we should do. The most recent news I've gotten is that they just want to keep the cases and put them on shelves. For history. Yay.
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Leave them.

There's too much 'stuff' in your place already. Too much junk.

This whole world is full of too much stuff.

My wife and I throw away one thing every day for the last 10 months. EVERY DAY. We still have too much stuff. We were going to do it for one year but can probably keep this going for 10.

Why do I need 4 hammers? 12 coffee mugs. 3 can openers....all going in the garbage and will hopefully be beside those CD cases. You will take them them...shift then around a million times and eventually toss them out.

Make life easier...get rid of stuff.

I'm not looking to keep it in my possession. I want to do something big with it, and put it on campus somewhere.
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Do you get to keep the CDs too?

What stuff is there?

No CD's. Just the cases and album art.
I dj at a radio station at my college and just this year they decided to digitize all of their music. I was in the studio yesterday and I saw that there were thousands of cd cases with album art included in boxes on the ground. I asked what was going to be done with them and found that almost all of it was just going to be thrown away, but I could take whatever I wanted. Wat do?
This might be the wrong section but I feel like people who use recording software might also have experience with DJ software as well. So what have you guys used and what do you like the best. I tried Mixxx but I couldn't get it to read all of my music files. Only my .mp3's and .flacs. I need this for a radio show I'm doing if that helps.
Pink Floyd is a pussy! His middle name is Jonas! What a fag!
Did you really start crying? You're such a pussy!
So I'm listening to their new album right now. Totally legally too. Feels good man.
First off, I don't mean to ask UG to be my personal army... on second thought, yes I would like you guys to be my personal army. But I'm an '05er, so I can do this right?

Anyways, I live in Mansfield, Ohio, and there are a lot of bands my area, with a lot of different genres, but almost no places to play. We pretty much have one real venue, but you have to be Christian to play it. So bands play in basements, or they drive an hour and half away to play in Cleveland, Columbus, or Akron. So me, and my band, and several other local bands got together with our local art center to start what is now called Project Walnut, which you can learn a lot more about here:

If you've not heard of Pepsi's Refresh Everything before, Pepsi gives out $1,300,000 in grants every month to a select few ideas that people and organizations submit. It's incredibly easy to vote, all you have to do is log into facebook and click vote. You can do this once a day. So help a fellow guitarist out. Actually, help a lot of guitarists, bassists, drummers, singers, and a whole city out with a simple click. The voting ends at the end of the month.

Thank you guys so much to anyone who votes.

Took this at the zoo the other day.

Although this picture shows how I really feel about zoos.

I had a piece win a state award and it was on display in some building in Columbus, Ohio. My art teachers got an email from some other art teacher who wanted to buy it and told me to email them with a price for it, but I have no clue what to ask for it. Has anyone here ever sold artwork before?

Anyways... here's a picture of it. Cell phone pic. The frame was about $50. It's on a scratchboard that costs about $15. I put about 10 hours of work into it. Suggestions on how much to ask for it?

Me and my friend are doing this for our high school senior talent show. It's inspired by Recycled Percussion, if you've ever heard of them. We're using this as an audition video and I was if you guys could give me any feedback. It's a pretty rough take. My guitar solo's are pretty weak, and the guitar tone sounds pretty bad being in the garage and all.

Thanks guise!
Last night, I became a Paramore fan. It all started a few when I found out my uncle knew the bassist of the band's dad. At first I asked him jokingly if he could get my band to play a show with them. He said no of course, but he said that he could probably get me tickets and backstage passes. It took him a while, but he managed to do just that. To be honest, I was more excited to see the band fun., and they played a great set, Relient K was nothing special, but Paramore's set was incredible. I never expected to have so much fun watching a band I only knew a few choruses of the words to. It was really an amazing night and I will soon be acquiring some of their music.

Me with the band.

Some autographed shoes.

I took a few vids as well. In HD!

Short clip of That's What You Get

Most of Brick By Boring Brick
Hey thanks guys! That vocal effect was just the original vocals plus gang vocals of all three of us though a digitech multieffects processor reverb effect, then into the mixer, and then the computer. I will check out your tunes shortly!
Check out this song me and my friends recorded called Motorboat. With a full band, it would be electric, but for the sake of a better sounding recording, we chose to do it acoustic. I hope you like it! Oh, and see four see yo.

It's funny that all you guys are listing the encores that they played while at the Cleveland show Thom explained to us that he thought encores were stupid and trashy so they weren't playing one.
Thanks. I don't know if you could tell, but the drums were actually programmed. We didn't know we had to do this before we went to the studio. But I think they sound good.
I enjoyed it. Guitar playing was excellent, maybe a little tiny bit out of tune, then again could just be the quality of the video. Singing was like you said, decent. Just make sure you're singing, there were a few parts in the beginning half where it kind of sounded like talking almost. When you sing, it's good. Just keep working at it. Overall it was a good cover
Well my band broke up a few weeks ago, but we recorded this song just before calling it quits and I wanted to know what you guys thought of it. We recorded it with the guitarist of the band Before Their Eyes, which some of you may have heard of (they're signed to Rise Records).
Anyone here go to the Cleveland show? From the videos I've seen of the tour on youtube Thom's been playing a lot of different songs in the middle of Caught Up. For us he played El Scorcho by Weezer. Which was pretty sweet because the whole crowd was singing along. I wish there were some videos up from the show, from what I've read the Cleveland Crowd was way better than most of the crowds on this tour, people were going insane. I was content with the rest of their set, although I wish they would have played Macaulay Mcculkin. I touched Thom's guitar

Best show I've ever been too, could have done with a little less Envy on the Coast. Twin Atlantic however was fantastic, and I talked to Sam their lead singer after the show and he was really cool. The end.

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^^^ Aww yer!!

The kitty is mine. His name is Duke. The dog is my neighbors, her name is Chelsea. My 11 year old sister actually took the picture, I just edited it and want to share it with you guys
Thanks guys! And yeah, I guess I was kind of going for that effect. I'd never done much editing in photoshop before and kind of went overboard trying to make them look good. Oh well... Thanks again for the feedback!
Few projects I did for Photoshop class last year.

Hopefully the video is done processing though it should work even if it's not done.
Tell me what you guys think. I'm playing guitar on the right and my friend Zach (Ranos) is doing the main vocals.
I just bought a point and shoot. YAY! I took this.

So we're playing a show with Scary Kids Scaring Kids tomorrow and I am freaking pumped. I'll post some pics and hopefully vids of it when I get the chance. New song coming up on March 9th or so. In the meantime I'll share some pics and a .gif i made.

I'll know if I get into Miami University (Ohio) tonight at midnight. Got into Ohio University but don't really want to go there. Would most like to go to Ohio State University but I haven't heard from them yet.
Added/Commented. Liked what I heard. Have a nice day
Figured that now since one real song on my myspace (with more coming) and a decent amount of shows ahead I might as well make a thread in here. Been a band for about 8 months and have almost broken up about 8 times. Should be here to stay for a while though.

-New layout soon
-New pics
-Show with Scary Kids Scaring Kids and The Sleeping in 3 weeks
-New song March 9th
-Potential show with The Ataris and Amber Pacific in April/May

And most importantly the link to our myspace.

Thanks for looking!
Band Name: Blame it on Tonight
Genre: Rock/Pop/Alternative
Colors: Colorful, but not like rainbow colorful. that may help.
Transparent if you can.

Artist will receive special spot in my sig
Great great tone. A lot of the guitar parts sounded to me like some Metallica lead parts while the rest of vibe of the song was almost Pink Floyd. Add a sweet Steve Vai guitar tone on top of all this and you got a sweet song. Good arrangement, good quality. No complaints from me!