It's taking quite of bit of time to carve this thing when this is your equipment...

I'll be done carving pretty soon and get some pics up.

Next step is to attach the neck. Hopefully soon.
Pretty funny shit you got here. I actually found the vocals (not the screaming) in Fisting For Two to be quite good.
Recording quality was good. There was a popping sound throughout the song that I couldn't tell if it was part of the song or not. Pretty generic song title I must say but that's not a big deal. Would have probably liked it a lot more if I was really high.
I actually posted the same exact thread a few months ago, but I got a different singer and did a little better job recording. I'd like to hear what you guys think.

Only song on there.

I just totally got bonus points. I'm on the phone with my girlfriend on the phone and her mom was in the room. So I said, "tell you mom I said hi." I then proceeded to have a conversation with her through my girlfriend using on gangster talk. I win.
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I wasn't directing most of that at you, just most of the people who pretend to be mature by saying that. They think that they look smart and witty but it just comes across as unfunny and repetitive.

Haha I know. I just thought it was ironic that I'm 17 and being quite immature for wanting revenge. Oh well. I'll never be to old for the pit.
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Oh shut up. What is with the pit acting so mature? The Pit is a sacred place designed for teh lulz, not for 17 year olds posting shit like this so they can feel big by pretending that they're mature when it really justs comes across as immature and lacking a sense of humour.

Now TS stop messing around and **** HER MUM!!!

EDIT: No but seriously, why is she such a bitch? If you give details people might be able to give you better answers, rape may not be the solution here.

It's funny because I'm actually just a 17 year old acting immature for fun. And I do hate her mom, but probably won't do anything. Unless I get a batter answer than rape.
It's situations like this: Her GPA goes from like a 4.2 to a 4.1 (weighted scale) and she is grounded for like a month and her mom assumes it's because she's seeing me too much. (Like two or three times a week)
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your an idiot?
theres probably a reason shes a bitch to you

trying to get back at her shows how immature you are.

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"Other" definitely doesn't look like that. /fail

Voted "X".


Do you see "U-A" "H" "X" or other?

I personally see an H at first glance.
No there are two outs dumbass. (I read it as "Should I just bunt")

What should I do with this box of Pro V1x's?
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Nice build man!
You don't happen to have any fender bodies laying around that you could try to fit that les paul neck on? The seller on ebay claims that it can fit a fender but i am unsure.

That neck? That guy even?
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Hey dude, you don't even need to drill those holes on the truss rod cover! If you haven't already. Just put it against the nut and screw in the top screw, and it won't be able to turn or go anywhere.

I had the same idea myself, but when I tried it for the some reason at the angle it was at made it not able to stay. It was weird. Good thinking though.
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Hey dude, you don't even need to drill those holes on the truss rod cover! If you haven't already. Just put it against the nut and screw in the top screw, and it won't be able to turn or go anywhere.

Yeah one of these days... I drilled the top hole already, except it was too big... OOOPS
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may i suggest TDM Pickups?

what kind of milling machine are you using?

A very old one. Very big. It was donated to my high school in the 70's or something. My shop teacher doesn't know much about it either.
It's been sooooooo long... 6 months or so? Anyways I gots some progress for you guys!

I don't know how you people build guitars without milling machines. Seriously, best thing ever.

So after a while, I struck gold!

Well not gold, but that channel I routed a long time ago. I was so excited.

Just so excited.

So I stopped and took that picture.

Then when back to work.

And turned the wrong handle...

OOOPS! But it will under the pickup cover anyway. So it's all good!

One down....

And done! Except for the parts on the side... where the pickups attach to the cover? A little deeper?

Next update next Wednesday I hope!
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Congratulations, Highvoltage66!

Yours is actually my favorite
Oh hey! I've been grounded from my computer... I didn't even get to vote for myself haha

Thanks everyone!
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Best day of my life : she said yes
Worst day of my life : she said yes... to another vagina

Quote by Spartan070sarge
It's hard to say my single best and worst days, but I do know that this weekend has been the happiest three days I've had in a very long time.

Friday- I kind of took the day off of school (well, I was staying home taking care of my sister, whom was ill, but she didn't need much). I stayed home and played video games for the day, then I went out to my school's football game. We pulled out an impressive victory, making our team 10-0 undefeated for the first time in school history. After the game, a good friend of mine in whom I am romantically interested was having some problems. I consoled her and made her feel better.
Saturday- I went trick-or-treating with the same girl, and we had a great time.
Sunday- I had a breakfast of epic proportions, then went to my scholar's bowl practice (a.k.a. quiz bowl, basically a big trivia game, which is a big deal at my school). I kicked some major ass there, and afterward came home and just chilled.

Yep, this was the best weekend I've had in a LONG time. I've finally beaten a very nasty case of depression, and this coming week should be just as awesome. The actual scholar's bowl is this Wednesday, and my school's debate team's (which I co-founded) first meeting is this Saturday.

EDIT: Oh, and the worst day, or series of days, that I can think of immediately was when my girlfriend, whom I had put my heart and soul into for the past year, simply said she couldn't be in a relationship, and five days later, I discovered that she had a new boyfriend. I had a panic attack in school, and felt terrible for quite a long time.

I wish I could still trick or treat. *Leaves to steal some of his little sister's candy*
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Every day of my life has been worse than the day before.

So whenever you see me, that is on the worst day of my life.

Possibly the best movie ever.
Inspired by me reading a thread title wrong. Anyways, describe the best day of your life, and the worst day of your life. GO!
Well first off, I'd like to say that you have the coolest hair, and the coolest room ever. Also a band I was previously in had a song called sunrise. It was our best song. Anyway, back to the song.

I saw jam session and was kind of uneasy about clicking, but I'm glad i did. It was really chill, had some Floyd influence in there at spots. Nice easy listen. Would be better though i think if you stayed in the same time for more of the time. When you sped up and played all the fast guitar chords, it sort of lost the rest of the feel of the song I think. I would love to see that cleaned up and organized, maybe with a hand drum of some sort. So PM me if you ever do anything else with it, I'd love to hear it.

Crit my new song if you get the chance? Thanks.

I'm in the group vocals, but nothing else. I recorded it at least. Tell me what you think.
Well hey guys! I'm the current champion of this here competition! I WANNA SPOT.

Not the final mix, but tell me what you think.

edit: lawl i speeled fields wrong in the title.... GREAT JOB!
monster is great. most amp is good. everything else pretty much sucks. except bawls. bawls rocks.
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u counted every thread. ever!?!?

Well, uh, it kinda says how many threads are in the every section of the forum. On the front page of the forum. It said 200,002. So I decided to figure out which one was number 200,000 and congratulate him or her.
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how'd you come up with that number?

I counted.
Hey congrats on making the 200,000th thread in the pit btw. (I think)
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I'm guessing that's because you have an away game this week.

I honestly didn't go for the game, just to hang out with everyone, which was actually pretty common. I didn't even realize we lost until afterwords, because I really didn't care.

Nahh I just got back from our home game actually. Our Homecoming is two weeks from now. I'm not sure why it's later than most school's.
Your Homecoming is earlier than mine.
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2112 - rush . Just the small part though, for your sake.

Like Discovery (the third part I think)? That'd be pretty cool I think.
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The Barde - Dear Solace
My Curse - Killswitch Engage
Hello I'm In Delaware - City and Color
Like Wolves - Dead and Divine

Just a few good ones

City and color is definitely on my list. I was thinking maybe Body in a Box.