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Forgot to mention, guys can't do songs sung by girls.
For drama class I have to pick a song to lip sync in front of the class. It's gotta have emotion and a good story and all that, and props are encouraged. I've seriously looked through my 6577 song library twice, and can't find one good song for this assignment.

thx guise
Heard 'Em Say - KanYe West
other guy. lead vox is ranos on teh forums.
My band's first show two nights ago

that's me in the middle.

Last year in my photoshop class this girl sitting next to me where wearing a pair of white chucks that she had drawn all over in just about every color. I asked her if I could write something on them. I wrote my phone number on the side of one of her shoes. We've been dating for 8 months now. =D
Madonna is next.
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so MJ was 50
Billy Mays was 50
Bernie Mac was 50
Fabio is 50... we can't lose Fabio!

ok wait...
Billy Mays was the King of the Infomercial
MJ was the King of Pop
and Bernie Mac was a King of Comedy

why is no one listening to me?!

so MJ was 50
Billy Mays was 50
Bernie Mac was 50
Fabio is 50... we can't lose Fabio!
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Hahahaha this is awesome! Talbot and Fluery played lights out. We deserved this championship.

Sorry Hossa

Oh, I don't feel the least bit of sorry that asshat.
I wonder how Marion Hossa's feeling right now...

Holy **** dude. This song would be PERFECT to have sex to.
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what kind of pickups are you gonna use?


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for the bridge id recomend a tone pros tune-o-matic they have more room on it so you can move the sattles more for a closer intonation

thanks man i'll look into that =]

problem solved. once i drill some holes in it anyway...
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What do you plan to do once your class is done?

burn it probably.
I forgot I still needed to cut that...
Hai guise lookie what I did!

not glued in yet, but it sure looks sexy.
Are any other Americans in here trying to watch the game on Versus right now but they're playing that HOLY @#%*! show instead? I'm about to punch a hole in my wall I'm so pissed.
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is this your first build???? how easy has it been??? im intrested in building a tele

I really wish I would have chosen something like a tele actually. All this neck angle and carving business aren't very easy. I'm lucky I have a shop teacher with 30+ years of experience, but I'm only in class for another 4 weeks. But if you got the tools, I think anyone can do it. So I say go for it
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Did I say it in a way where I was making myself out to be superior for not?

No. It's just true. I have nothing to hide. Why should I?

If I wanted to have condoms, I would just have to let my mom know that I'm finally sexually active, and she would be cool with it.

If I wanted to have weed in my room, I would just let my mom know that I've decided to start smoking, and, even though she wouldn't like it, I can almost guarantee you she wouldn't mind.

It's just that simple. I simply have nothing to hide. It's not that hard of a concept.

Haha, it was the Jesus avatar that kinda made me think so. And I was just being a dick haha. I wish I had your mom.
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I don't have a hiding spot, because I have nothing to hide.

No joke.

ur col
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what do the plans say?

I'd assume a Tune-o-matic, but it's really in your hands.

Yeah, it's a tune-o-matic, I don't have the plans with me now though, they're at school. That's why it took me so long to answer the question about the neck angle haha
Everybody has at least one hiding place for their drugs, money, condoms, etc.

My favorite spots are inside of a hollow hockey trophy on a shelf full of trophies and inside of the compartments on the underside of an old nintendo gamecube lying around.

So Pit, where do you hide stuff?
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buy what kind of bridge?

I don't know yet! I'm a bad planner!
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what are you gonna do for the bridge?

probably buy it.
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4.4 degrees!?
wow, that's a lot.

generally the angles are somewhere around 1.5-3.5 degrees!

are they? i don't know much about neck angles. i'm just going by the plans.
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this picture confuses me, why have you made the top so thin?

because i f*cked up the first time and had to go a little thinner to fix it...

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Nice!!! but is a les paul really that thick??? and what Pups are you getting??

i haven't really decided on all the electronics and hardware yet. I wanna make sure that this guitar is actually gonna work before i spend all that money.
85.6 degrees... or 4.4... whichever way you want to look at it.
Well it's been quite a while, but I finally have some updates.

I routed out and screwed in all the covers.

So the next thing to do was make the neck pocket, but first I needed to get that angle right. I used some trigonometry to figure the length and angle to make these.

Which I then nailed into some plywood and clamped it onto a old milling machine.

When I started, it wasn't quite clamped down hard enough and it ended up jumping at one point, leaving this...

I got lucky though because that's where the neck pocket will go. The end result gave me this angle.
anyone else find it ironic that the "Floyd Rose know-it-all" has a question about floyd roses?


but to stay relevant i like the nickle look better.
well i'm gonna be carving a lot of that down so it won't be as thick as it looks.
yay! my guitar looks kinda like a guitar now!

rough cuts! w00t!

now how on earth do i do that carving thing...

i swear i'm not lying.
I really should have put baloo in the poll, i never watched that show though so i didn't think of him when i made this poll...
Winnie the Pooh

Little Bear

The Bernstein Bears

Yogi Bear

Your Teddy Bear

Poll coming soon!
oh, i dunno, my shop teacher just had regular soft maple and it was only like $7 for that top wood.