well i can't really send back JUST that plate because it came with that whole set of stuff (the bag of goodies on the first page). i have no problem just cutting the bottom part off and drilling two holes to either side.
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Nice dude, after you trace that picture as a template for the body and cut it out, it'll look awesome. I've never seen a bass with a full neck and only a 1/4 size body!

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He could just cut it and drill 2 new holes on the sides.

that's what i think i'll do.

that's my problem. i may have to do some cutting and drilling to it...
oh, well that makes sense then. i never thought of that.
look how it's shaped!

but i think i may have a problem. there's no place to screw in the bottom screw of the truss rod cover...
My neck came finally! YAY!

And it's awesome because I ordered this.

but ended up getting this.

(I hope you can see the obvious difference)
oh don't worry, i will.
Well, i've got some updates for you guys. I ordered a neck on ebay a little over 2 weeks ago, and i've decided that for the rest of my life, i will try my best to not do business with the USPS. My dad bought my mom a gps for christmas and it got stolen (thank you USPS) and now my neck is nowhere to be found (thanks again USPS). But my dad was what he called "politely threatening" to the seller so the seller filed a claim. Good thing we got insurance on it.

But i have gotten some work done...

The mahogany is at the right thickness and i've cut out some of the electronics cavities.

and last week i got a bag of goodies in the mail...
oh i bet you think you're so damn clever don't you

well maybe if i got into a real bad accident or something.... but even then... i doubt it
well if it played well to you, and it's that cheap, go for it.
^thank you so much man
I'm thinking maybe a wine red with gold hardware... but I haven't made any real decisions on color yet. And any suggestions are appreciated.
A Les Paul to be exact. So I thought, why not document this task, on my most favorite website of all time. I'm in shop class in school for the next 4 months so I thought this would be my best opportunity to do something like this as I will have all the tools and machines I could ever need. The thought of building a neck scares me especially a fretboard having to get each fret distanced perfectly, so I'm going to be buying the neck. I don't have much so far but I might as well put some pictures in my first post.

Let us begin.

First I got a piece of maple for the top.

Then my plans came in the mail.

So I made a template and traced the pattern onto the maple.

I then found some mahogany for the back.

Which I planed a little bit so I could see the grain better and I glued the two pieces together.
gay chicken is semi-popular at my school...
green tea... with honey! and sometimes some sugar too if i'm feeling naughty...
gave it to a girl i really liked for her birthday... she'd been wanting to start playing and i couldn't have made $30 out of that guitar. She then proceeded to get back with her ex boyfriend right in front of me at that party.

she doesn't play it anymore... and now she's dating my best friend...
taken... but she's really sick today...

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The four "F's": French,feel,finger,****. Also known as the "bases". Good **** that.

1145! i have the most seconds of anyone on UG! I WIN!
i rent skis because i'm poor... =[

gray hair?
happened to me dude... that's how my parents found out i smoked pot (only one time)
when they came into my room and asked me about it i immediately denied it just because i couldn't think of any possible way of them knowing.

it all turned out well though, they just said oh we did it in highschool sometimes to but we think you have better things to be worrying about.
snowday! so i have to babysit my little sister.... but my girlfriend is coming over!
then she'll leave and i'll have to study for my chem test (i probably won't do this)
then i'll sleep
2000-3000 per month
blowing bubbles with chewing gum sucks... that's why they made bubble gum... to blow bubbles...
chewing gum =/= bubble gum

zebra gum doesn't count!
about a year ago when my parents told me they were getting a divorce. when my dad left my room and said "see ya 'round" i held it in until he shut the door, but as soon as it was closed i lost it.

he came back a month later though =]
/happy ending
maybe it's not even a layer at all....

i gave him a unibrow...
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Beat you to it- sorry.

damn... i thought somebody might have, but i didn't want to look through all 18 pages.... oh well.... great minds think alike i guess
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ha. i just came here from that website actually. this is still probably gonna get closed though.