my dad has a myspace...
i love white elephant! i got a sweet cd rack thing out of it a few yaers ago.
smaller than me...
their gpa must be over 3.5
well my parents tried to get divorced... that kinda sucked....
i freakin love john mayer. doesn't everyone?
been to:
.38 special
collective soul

want to:
coheed and cambria
the fall of troy
enter shikari
the hush sound
joel plaskett
$200 in bestbuy gift cards (supposed to be for a car stereo)
$200 in cash
RBK 7K hockey stick shaft
some wii games
some clothes i'm going to take back
and a slinky
meh. i put a coffee mug on the back of my mom's minivan and forgot to take it off. she went to the store and came back and it was right where i left it.
i was listening to Birthday by the Beatles today and for some reason i thought it would sound amazing as a metal song....
the office
law and order: svu
how could you be so arseless....?
ashtray rock - the joel plaskett emergency

and the wall and tommy and the black parade and american idiot.... those are all good too

edit - and everything coheed and cambria... and phantom on the horizon (ghostship)
for being a girl
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That is amazing. You must save it forever.

EDIT: If the flavour is orange, why are they pink?

because, you my friend, are colorblind. or because it's a camera phone pic...

look at this ****! it's stacked perfectly! i don't even think i should open it. that must be the most to ever fit in one container.
purple is my school color... i do all the time
i used to go to school with a kid named levi strauss. he moved away i think.... or got expelled....
The Joel Plaskett Emergency
The Hush Sound
The Fall of Troy
A Tribe Called Quest
Kanye West
Enter Shikari
The Killers
two guys got caught having sex in the bathroom at prom by the football coach last year.
2 girls ran away in junior high.
a kid died playing russian roulette.
this really fat ugly white girl and a half retarded black kid had sex on the new wrestling mats all day.
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Like this?

ear condoms?
see i don't know how he got there... i didn't see a horse and buggy in the parking lot or anything...
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ice hockey? or road hockey? I know some good Amish jockeys

His name was Elmer. He had a sweet beard. I half expected him to have carved his own stick out of wood.... He was actually quite good. I didn't know that the Amish played sports... Have any of you ever seen an Amish person play any other sport?
Back in Jr High we had a kid named Paul come to our school for about 4 months. Immediately he started telling everyone ridiculous lies about himself. He could bench 250 lbs, he had 2 kids and 1 on the way, he shot himself in the foot, and others.... And we found out that Paul was... well.... horny, all the time. In science class I sat at a two person table with this fat black girl named Britney. Paul sat at the two person table in front of us by himself. Everyday he would turn around and say disgusting things to Britney and he would put his hand in his pocket, start rubbing her knee, and say, "that's not my finger." He eventually got suspended for dragging some girl into the bathroom hoping to have sex with her, which was a failure on his part, and when he was getting in trouble for that, a bunch of other girls came forward saying that he either said or tried doing things to them too. After that stopped, he got into a few fights and lost all of them. And soon after, he disappeared, and no one has seen of him since.
kill yourself.
Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness - Coheed and Cambria
Ashtray Rock - Joel Plaskett Emergency
Doppelganger - The Fall of Troy
did i miss something about this ipod thing?
wtf wtf wtf wtf

i'm awesome at pumpkin carving

link to my band
One of the songs my band has is a bit of a depressing song and when our singer gets into it, it can sound quite sad. we were practicing it in my basement and about halfway through the song me and my keyboardist decided to have a staring contest. we went for about a minute without anyone else noticing. and when he finally gave up there were tears in his eyes just as it was getting to the most emotional part of the song were our singer was really belting it out. when they looked over and saw him crying we all started laughing and it ended up ruining the end of the song.

are you guys happy now? i sent daytripper this picture as well so he knew it was mine. he just didn't post it in the thread of course.
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how was divid3ds any good?

if i had drawn that no-one would have cared.

cuz no one on UG knows who you are!

actually i've seen you around quite a bit...