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Do you have a link cable?

an internet to you sir.
i used to live in brunswick, ohio....
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I really like 4.

wait.... you voted for 4 but your sig says you hate family guy....
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you should your own group called the crusaders and right when his group does something nice, mess it up after he leaves and tell the people the crusaders did it. ( i.e. he cleans the highway, you **** it up) Then have sex with his mom.......... why not, you know?

that or start a satanist club
There is a school club at my school called the crusaders. The crusaders are a group of christians who all get together and do nice things for the community, which is great and all, but why on earth would you name it the crusaders? Does anyone else here see that as very wrong and discusting as i do? I mean, the crusades killed thousands of people because of their religion, and there's a group at my public school for them? wtf....

This is the PINK acne on my chin.
they can't even die. they faint.
gah.... there's a thread on this every day.... but yes, this movie is going to be totally fail.
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I've only seen Zeitgeist 1. This was on C-SPAN, the political TV station.

oh, they just use that exact stat in the second one.
bet you got that stat from zeitgeist: addendum...
Ron Paul!!!!!
One time I thought it would be cool to get as many bodily fluids in my toilet as I could all at once. I ended up flushing it with piss, shit, saliva, blood, boogers, and semen.
um.... firefox?
courage is freaking awesome. i was sure never scared of it. x-files though... that's a different story...
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Odd? The gear forum would shun you and call you a sinner.
It's ok though I have an MG too.

....that's why i rarely post anywhere but the pit.....
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. I see that little box of bees on the lower right.

it is quite an odd combo i suppose... a $1000 guitar with a $100 amp....
i've tried clearasil and acnefree, but neither come close to the power of ivory soap.

you got the ass i wanna penetrate
but it seems that all i do is masturbate
in my room i try and calculate
all the ways i could retaliate....

i'm done for the evening.
Bite their toenails? I mean, I bite my fingernails, why not bite my toenails too? Am I weird for this?
march 10, 1992
i just did. and it is yummy.
that was ****ing AMAZING.
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You are in Advanced Placement Government and can't think of a question? God damn, this is the future of America.

haha, i can think of some, i just wanted to see if the pit could come up with any better ones.
the power adapter for my effects pedal stopped working as i was setting up for my last gig. i needed it for every song. i've played songs in the wrong tunings before.
There is a speaker coming to my AP Government class on Wednesday, and everyone in the class is supposed to have at least one question to ask him. Our teacher won't stop talking about he knows EVERYTHING. The question supposed to be history related.

So Pit, what should I ask him?
this is no medical thread. this is a magic thread.
um. some people like different music than you. get over it.

and i've made a total of $0

edit - no wait, i've actually lost $20
i read somewhere that you're more likely to die by falling out of bed than get caught downloading illegally.