John Mayer
Jack Johnson
Joel Plaskett

basically if your first name starts with a "J" then you can write music.
1 chemestry
2 ap government/economy
3 french III
4 painting/advanced painting
5 pre-calculus
6 english 11
7 wood II/photoshop
old! but still pretty funny.
michael phelps r perty good at swimmering!
Coheed and Cambria.
and if you give a moose some butter,

he won't be able to use it because he doesn't have hands.
John McCain ....Dumbass.

and i pick Obama.

and search bar.
Quote by BringMeTheCalm
Good thing I know that's originally from some satire site.

At least I think it is... I can't seem to find it.

haha, they have the movie zeitgeist embedded on their website. that's hilarious.
magikarp vs. magikarp.

1. The Who - Fiddle About
2. Outkast - The Rooster
3. Queen - Good Old-Fashion Loverboy
4. The Beatles - Things We Said Today
5. Muse - Sing For Absolution
6. Say Anything - It's A Metaphor Fool
7. Coheed and Cambria - The End Complete- 1 -The Fall Of House Atlantic
can classic rock actually die out? don't bands just become "classic" to their genre eventually?
the last level is rediculous
damn this game. i'm stuck on level 23.
i had one at a golf tournament yesterday....

there was a damn good reason too....

Intensity In Ten Cities - Chiodos
i don't know many older teens who like her. i know my 9 year old sister and her friends do though.
new facebook? who uses new facebook??!?
3/10 can't say i've seen you before
Me: Morgan Freeman might die!
Stupid Girl: Who is she?
we have a girl who was so desperate to have a date to prom that she took a life-size cardboard cut-out of Legolas from Lord of the Rings.
i used to live in pittsburgh. it was pretty cool there.
there better be a triple back flip in the moto best trick. or a front flip...
i keep staring at "n e one no n e" and it just hurts my head.
i had no idea that only homosexual people could listen to techno music.

i guess i'll just have to change my sexuality then...

do you think this is the exact same game as this thread - but just with different words?
i have braces. i was making out with my last girlfriend, and her tongue touched my braces. and she was all "wtf?!?!" and then she went "oh i forgot you had braces." then we went back to making out.
9/10 i see you a lot

ever peed in the shower?
i think that i created the universe and i'm here to do whatever the **** i want.
i'm listening to some of them coheedz right now actually.

They are the best band that has ever existed. No one can prove me wrong.