cry about it.

there's one of the three
Andross on Starfox 64...
I drink YOUR milkshake!
everyone in this thread needs to post in this thread - with rainbow road.

cuz his thread is more popular than mine and that's not fair!
you go to rainbow road.
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I love you highvoltage66.

Please sig this.

since you had to ask, i took the liberty of changing it up a bit.
Wine Red - The Hush Sound
they're not bad

i like belts better though
wait, wtf? old people use the pit? that's silly...
german is the ugliest language EVER
if dey can say that word den i can say that word too dammit!
donnie darko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fall of Troy - The Dark Trail
Coheed & Cambria - Three Evils (Embodied In Love And Shadow)
N.E.R.D. - Spaz
Joel Plaskett Emergency - Extraordinary
Chiodos - The Words "Best Friend" Become Redefined
HA! You had to make your own birthday thread! That makes you unpopular!

Just kidding man, happy birthday to you!
Blackout - Muse
They keep it in their pockets.
who gave the government the right to criminalize the use of nature?
this should be in Promote Your Band. where the logo exchange is.
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If its inillegal, doesnt that make it legal?


i think you're right
how do i know you're not a hacker?
someone is attacking at the moment, turning the i in guitar into a penis

he also has 50%, he told me by drawing

need some help plz
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Mudkipz suxx0r.

Surskit FTW.


I found DieGarbageMan and his surskit during a training session.

good people of the thread. Do you really want this pansy as leader of the surskit empire?

you decide!

i think i might start a fellow surskit haters group
what does your family think of you now?

otherwise that's awesome.
i think they should battle in this thread
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Because Surskit is a more superior being.

says who?
Quote by Custom-Picks

so who wins a battle between surskit and mudkipz?
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Idiot. You should have bought a soul from an athiest for twenty five cents and sold that to Satan instead.


but i am an atheist!

i signed a peice of paper for him and now i rock at guitar.