I think as far as reverb goes, you won't really be able to get what you want from those settings. Might be worth it to go out and get a pedal or a stomp box instead.

(Don't take my word for it completely. I've been playing guitar for a few years but I'm pretty new when it comes to gear.)
Hi all! I've decided to log back in to UG after roughly 6 years away, or something like that. This account haunts my nightmares sometimes when I look back on some of the absolute garbage I posted. Is there a way I can delete a few of the Contributions I'm not quite proud of? Aside from that, is there a way I can change my username? 6 years later RockstarAdam doesn't sound as cool as it did when I was 15

God, I'm not kidding, some of the stuff I posted makes me wanna crawl into a hole and I'm not sure how some of it got accepted in the first place
I might consider just abandoning this one and starting a new one from scratch, but there are a few tabs etc. I've made that I'm proud of. Plus the thought of having such a long-running account is oddly fun to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Oh god, even that tag. "Future UG God". What was I thinking?
Also, ignore Hip-Hop vs Rock. I wrote about modern-day rap but I accidentally called it hip-hop.
I realize I might not have put this in the correct forum, but I'm in a rush.

Could someone take the time to read a few of my articles and tell me what it is that makes most people dislike my writing style? (I know where I went wrong in "Bands Overstaying Their Welcome", so ignore that one). I would just like to improve my writing skills.

Just bear in mind that I'm 17 and I live in South Africa, so by nature our vocab / general english skills are slightly slanted.

Thanks a lot
And no tutorial books either. I have a few already
I need a second opinion for my SX: DG1K/II/BK on what gear I still need. I have a lot of the necessary stuff already but I just want to know what else I might need. I have a strap, tuner, capo and a large array of picks. I have a blackberry so I can't download any iPhone apps (plus the only worthwhile blackberry apps need to be paid via credit card, which I don't have). I also want this to be purely acoustic so no amps, oysters etc.

Anything you think I might need?
(Wow, most original name ever, right?)

Three-piece band from South Africa. Our genre is comprised of Nu Metal, 90's Alternative (Grunge) and Punk. Please check out my band profile and please follow us on Twitter @Broken_Boulevrd

Thanks all
Quote by mikeYekim
what's "R1080"? money?

The "R" symbol is used for the South African Rand
For Christmas I got R1080 (exchange rate = more or less $125). I also want to sell my Yamaha keyboard. After this, would I have enough money to buy a decent electric and a small amp? Bear in mind I don't want a red and white generic Stratocaster.
I read a tab for Would? by Alice in Chains. It told me that it was in the key of F#minor. Does that mean I have to tune it differently or something?

Thanks anyway not a problem
Where should I go to review my keyboard? From my phone I can't see a Keyboard review section. Should I just write a column about it?
What are your opinions about the cartoon? I personally think it is the best show ever! (An obsession, really). Its a kids' cartoon but there is a lot of adult humour in there, as well as black humour for those who get it.

They've made +100 episodes and are in their 5th season and show no signs of stopping any time soon. An Adventure Time movie has been confirmed (really excited!) but it will be yet another two-part episode. If you have never watched AT, please try. At first you may think that it's hopelessly stupid at first (just as I did, but I'm obsessed now), but eventually you'll start to figure out what's going on after about 5 episodes, sometimes more for the really confused people.

It is a really childish, stupid show at some points but that's exactly what I love about it. Through in a few hidden jokes, a little innuendo, an episode that implies the two lead females were once in a relationship and you have a good reason to watch AT!

I have to say that some of the most recent episodes have been kind of bland since no one really adventures anymore and Finn's kinda become more mature, but it's really funny nonetheless.

If you are a huge AT fan like I am, please feel free to join my group: UG Adventure Time Fans. I am the main contributor to the group and I'm online constantly, so hardly anything stays the same for long. There's also a lot of fun stuff that you can do in the group, but to find out what it is, you'll have to see for yourselves.

If you think you're more obsessed than me, feel free to reply and tell me what you know or what you've seen, and I'll reply with what I know.

Until then, keep watching!


You may have noticed how many UG Users have graphics down the left and right sides of their profile pages.

Help me out... How do I do that?

We are a small band from South Africa. We aren't famous exactly but we are definitely
getting there
Since I joined Ultimate Guitar my "Shows" page for my band hasn't been working. I add in all of the details but when I submit them the page freezes and nothing happens. I have tried this on 3 different computers and a laptop. And when I check back later it shows that it was filed under "Past shows" when I had originally made it for 3 months in the future.

The only real reason I want to do this is so that I can keep completing my profile but it wont let me...