I've never known a time where people weren't saying the pit used to be better
Thank you Yeah, timing is something I've always struggled with. I always practice to a metronome, but I always end up rushing or losing it somehow. Good tone would be nice to have, but for now I'm stuck trying to get usable sounds out of VSTS
Spent a bit of time on this, didn't get everything exactly right but oh well
This song came out yesterday, thought I'd try to make a backing track + guitar arrangement within a day, didn't turn out too bad I think!
Eh, people just use Facebook to socialize now, forums like this have gone out of style.
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This should be followed to the letter. You win.

Uhm, If you can't do any of that, maybe stay inside and play some birthday games with your family
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Now my question is : Is it NORMAL to have a hideous tone at high volume when not jamming together ? Do my ears have to get used to it ?

Well, maybe not hideous, but a tone that sounds good and mixes well with a full band will rarely sound great by itself... All that 'bad sounding' midrange is where the guitar is heard best against loud drums+bass
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Just play your guitar.

I'd agree with that if it was towards someone worrying about their amps tone or similar BS... But it's pretty important to have your notes somewhat in tune before you play
If you were only practising Racer X songs as a beginner, it would get pretty frustrating after a while... Getting clean technique happens very gradually, so it's more rewarding to start small
If I spend more than 30 seconds typing a post, I start to overanalyze and eventually just not post it, cause it doesn't make a difference either way..
To people saying there's no guitar: From 1:14 to 2:27 there's some light palm muting and open string stuff, and and 2:26 to 2:44 there's some distorted chords ringing out
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They're not even close to equal Maybe if it was losing all your fingers on one hand VS losing a leg..
Probably some Van Halen CD's I got for christmas 5 years ago Unless the soundtrack CD that came with persona 4 I got last year counts?
Manual. Predictive confuses me, I don't know how to use it properly and don't text often enough to bother trying..
Write 'BE ANGRY' on your hand, remember to look at it tomorrow before you see him
Marmite is cool, why not ban ketchup instead? hate the stuff..
Maybe when v1.6 comes out I'll finally not be lost anymore, and be able to find where my base and stuff is using the new maps..
A ton of cereal. And bread.
I usually pause the movie, make myself think 'they're just actors, there's no real embarrasement', then continue watching
I'll sign up (I love these kind of things, I'm suprised there aren't more of them..)
You have to put a capo on the 7th fret or around that, since I saw JB doing that in one video he played guitar in..
Sounds like they had a... traffic jam >.>

Experimenting... took the TTFaF audio from the twilight dementia version, moved it up a half step to be in the original key and put it over an older video shoot
god bless you too what a nice forum...
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The solo in Stairway to Heaven


Wierd, when I saw the thread title I immediately thought the same thing..
I am as nooby as any 09'er
Tell him to turn the distortion way down..
Herman's now busy trying to convince people that he can actually solo
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that was great!
how long did that take you to learn and master?

Around a week or two.. I would learn one bar or so of the solo, practise it until I got it right, then record it and move onto the next part Although I sorta knew some parts of it already from a while ago..

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and what kinda of mics/equipment are u using?

guitar plugged directly into mac mini audio input, with Guitar Rig 3 doing all the distortion and stuff (I really should get a proper audio interface )

(and yea, my super-amazing amajor 7 arpeggio at the end is a joke btw >.> )
With maybe a teeny bit of help from Protools >.>

(Backing track from guitar hero 3...)
I was reading about this yesterday and it said you're more likely to be gay if both fingers are the same length?
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"Reasons To Live" - Dragonforce

2:50 on, just listen. It's so... amazing. I love it.

+1, one of the most amazing sol- wait, I mean *insert generic hendrix song here* >.>
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is this supposed to be advertising?

He tried image linking a site with hotlinking disabled, copy&paste the img address to get the actual image..
This would only work if it was required for every game to use it & is intergrated with the system... otherwise it's just another powerglove/eyetoy
010'ers seems logical, but looks like you're insulting someone in binary
Overrated: Herman Li
Underrated: Sam Totman

Herman's playing is a load of sloppy random up and down scale crap, while Sam is an amazing guitarist
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Like this? There are no pictures available right now. Anyone who knows HTML can learn AIML.
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I am a chatterbot developed by Myself.
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How idiotic this chatbot is
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