Hey guys, its been a long time since I posted anything

Did this from scratch in 4 hours...its not perfect but time is of the essence, and i didnt have tons of it lol
Hey whats up!

I spent all night doing this cover...
I realize the drums are a bit off, because I didnt use a metronome and I played them afterwards. Ill probably try the audioswap on Youtube see if i can remove them.

I think i got a way better acoustic tone micing instead of going direct.

Take care people!
Haha Hey Alex.
Ive been posting here since almost 5 years ago, when I first started long before YouTube.

sounds pretty good, i might be interested doing some vocals to it
Was hoping for some drums and bass but its a nice acoustic cover, and im sure thats what you were going for.

A decent vocal cover is this one that I did

I tried to DL the mp3 off your profile but i guess i cant, so msg me if you want me to add vocals
Hey whats up everyone, happy new year.

Decided to do a cover of The Kill.

Hope ya enjoy !

Take Care!
Sorry.. small bump. Amp is still available!
really? No one? maybe its my location
This is a very loud amp!
Its been re-tubed as well recently.

This is the Anniversary Edition of the SVT CL, they call it the AV, but its the same amp, except this is SILVER mesh instead of black mesh. Its very sharp looking.

The great thing about this amp is its MADE IN USA. I believe Ampeg has moved its manufacturing to Vietnam, so if you were to buy this amp in stores today it would be an Ampeg CL, black mesh made in vietnam, and it could cost you 1500+. Thats what it cost me 18 months ago.

This is a very special and unique amp.

Anyways I'm selling this amp, as I no longer need it.

I would like to get 1200$ for this amp, I am in Brantford, Ontario, 1 hour from Toronto/London/Niagara/Tri-Cities

Of course you could come and try it.

I cant seem to attach any files, as they are all too big.

Here is my pictures of it:

Please e-mail me if interested.
thats weird, i didnt get it

i have only msgs from 2007 in my inbox lol, im not sure if i can receive new msgs for some reason. I just started using UG forums again
holy **** that guy is so amazing
Hey everyone!

My names Dan, I'm 25. I play in a band called A Minute Away and have a fairly successful YouTube channel.
7.5 million views + 15,000+ subscribers

Im interested in doing some collabs with anyone whos got some great quality audio stuff. I have over a 100 videos but I cant shred like a lot of you here! Well I cant shred at all. But I CAN sing pretty high, including Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, etc. I think we can make some amazing music together!

I have Pro Tools M-Powered 8.0 with an HD Cam, and can get some crystal clear vocals, so if you have some sweet guitar/bass/drum tracks and want to put something together then lets do it!


The video will get roughly 1000+ views a day, sometimes more depending how hot the song is. I will throw some links in to whatever sites you want. Its good for me, and good for you!

The sky is the limit.

Hope to hear from some of you.
Hey Reborn, im at work right now, so i dont have my guitar by my side to see what key you did this in. Sounds like the GNR studio version key, or maybe a half step lower.

I may be interested in throwing some vocals on there. If I get it to mix nice with your MP3.
My YouTube channel
If it sounds good it'll be a good way to throw some traffic to your channel, I can throw some links for you in the video description.
Email me if your interested in a collab.
I like the creative riffs you threw in there
Over The Hills was painful to listen to...
Im surprised you'd upload that.

Heres my YouTube channel
7.5 million views.
hey man that sounded pretty sweet. the singing will get better with time, just keep practicing. At least you have a pretty good voice! I've never heard this song but I enjoyed it! Keep up the great work.

Great recording quality.
Sloppy as hell, learned it in an hour.
Wanted to sing the high chorus

Thanks to anyone who checks it


Sounds amazing!!!!! I remember you from years ago!
Hey guys, been a long time since I posted much here

I just wanted to share my new cover on YouTube
at my channel

Heres the link to the video/cover

Its done with Pro Tools M-Powered 8.0
Its 1 guitar track and 1 vocal track, so its a live take.

Compression, Reverb, and 7Band EQ on Vocals/Guitar to make them sound nicer
No Auto-Tune

Thanks to anyone who checks it out

Hey everyone!

Here is a video of me performing Linkin Park Numb on my Tour Bus yesterday July 10th.

Its one live vocal take, with an additional backing vocal, and guitar track.

It took about 2.5 - 3 hours from start to end, mostly mixing audio/video in Pro Tools and Power Director

Take care everyone,
I just learned it tonight, and did it once through.. that one time.

I dont understand your second sentence at all

Thanks for the Crit
Hey guys!
Just thought I'd share my new cover with ya!

I also put up Clocks by Coldplay
and A Modern Myth by 30 STM

But 45 is definitely my favorite of the bunch!
Hey guys, I just thought I'd post my new cover found on my YouTube channel.
No scream unfortunately since I Suck at screaming, but the chorus is hit in the right octave in full voice.

It was a lot of fun!
Check it out!

It'll play automatically here.

Or the direct link

Thanks to anyone who watches!
I just hit 5.5 million video views not too long ago

Hey everyone my band is getting played on the radio!

ON Wednesday November 26th, 2008 at 11:30pm SHARP
we will be on the "Get Hammered" show.

If your in the Southern Ontario area check out 107.9FM

and see if you can listen to the radio from the internet, I think you can!

They are airing our interview and playing our tune '84' afterwards.

This is the biggest radio station near us, in the city of Hamilton, Ontario.

Thanks again if you check it out!

hey everyone here is my cover of karma police

my channel is

Theres like 110 videos there

take care!
My apologies, I try to reply to as many people as I can, but usually if people request a song I've never heard, which happens all the time, I dont respond
*This one works*
Weezer - Pork And Beans (FULL)
Wow its been... probably over a year since I posted a thread on here.
You can check my YouTube channel out with over 100 videos at

I wanted to share a video/audio that I put ALOT of work into, about 8 hours of work in total, with the help of some friends filming, etc.

Weezer - Pork And Beans FULL COVER

Thanks again to anyone who checks it out!
Take care!

I use M-Audio Firewire 1814 Interface to record
I record at 48k sample rate, 96 just bogs my computer down.
I use Pro Tools and an Apex 460 Condenser Tube For Vocals on this Video.
I highly recommend to anyone who has put out a CD. It has already sold me 20 cds in a week, and puts you with full digital distribution!

check it out

The joys of technology!
Its a ridiculoulsy hard song to sing, even Jared Leto when he performs it live is in a lower key, I think a half step
I know they do the Kill in half step as well

I can hit it on a good day in half step, and pretty normally in full step down
but god damn way to make a song hard enough to sing eh
We are a three piece lol. Im the singer/bassist, I have one guitarist, and one drummer
The studio had some layering guitar work just like every album you've heard lol, but we perform as a 3 piece, and its still super full
Thank you very much for checking it out! We've sold 200 Cds in 3 weeks, we're very happy with the studio work we did
I highly recommend investing to any musician who wants to be on the map.
Hey everyone, I've been a member of the UG for quite some time now and have posted hundreds of covers throughout the years. I just wanted to update on my new band that just got out of the studio and released our first CD!
We have 4 songs off our CD there

If your just sitting around browsing the web check us out! Its like a mix of Three Days Grace, Green Day, Hoobastank, and Chevelle

Hard to explain.

Clean Vocals
Double Kick

3-piece band!
Hey its been a while since I updated with a vid here

Its a vocal and acoustic track
then i added bass and backups right afterwards
took less then an hour to complete

Thanks if u check it out... I think i hit the highest note I've hit in chest and put online.
Holy Damn...I could never play like that, and ive been playing for years, thank god my vocals came naturally.. but guitar, wow...10months,...damn
Thanks so much guys, I appreciate it a ton.. thanks for checking out my video
Hey my guitarist from my bar band spoke, came over and we recorded a tune real quick
here it is!!

Thanks to anyone who checks it out
keep on rockin'
You go out of key a lot.. almost every line..
Why did u tackle such a hard song vocally? I bet it was fun, A for effort. Keep at it, you've got lots of time Your young
Thanks a ton guys!! The camera work and syncing it all up took probably 1/3 of all the work to make the video, the music was the rest obviously.
I use Pro tools m-powered 7.3
I use to use cool edit pro, but i decided to upgrade lol
Hey guys I was bored saturday afternoon for a few hours and threw this together, took about 3 hours or so. Syncing up the video is a pain in the ass too, but definitely helps the effect.

This is probably my best cover... But I guess you have to like the song too.

Anyone got a Cant Repeat by offspring Instrumental kicking around? I Know I collab'd that song with someone here years ago, but i cant remember
Take care guys
That was amazing man, GREAT vocals!
Hey guys the new finger eleven tune!!
Just thought I'd share

keep on rockin'
Hey guys, I took a challenge and did a song that isnt really meant for acoustic but here it is.

Anyone got a full instrumental kicking around? let me know

rock on'
Thanks a lot guys!!! Its been one Im not good enough guitarist to pull off, and its REALLY hard to sing and play it, same time.

So thanks to sword shredder the cover was possible.
Ill be doing it with my bar band for fun i bet