Make You Smile - +44
man its definately rad and it flows soo good. mad props
wow both are very solid. i voted number 2
Verses flow well, the chorus isnt really that great i dont think.
Its good. theres only 1 problem i found.

Quote by stratkat

"Memories Can't Make up for it"

I remember it all so vividly
like the first time you lit
a cigarette in front of me
on a cement bridge
above the creek
The moon light blocked
out by all the trees
making it too dark to see This line is too long i think. You should just take out "to see"
So we just sat there
and listened to each other breathe
haha good piece, i laughed at the last line.
Quote by Alk 3 addict
Alkaline Trio- Wash Away

DropKickMurphys - Walk Away

couldnt find and poppunk songs haha.
2.Plus 44
3.The Academy Is...
4.Say Anything
6.Motion City Soundtrack
7.Taking Back Sunday
8.Angels And Airwaves
9.Jimmy Eat World
10.The Used

kind of in order haha.
Voices of Violence
Prisoner Of Today
alpine and molson canadian
Its pretty short and doesnt really have a plot i donno if thats what your going for or not..
Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without the E accoustic version
City and Colour - Comin' Home
Matthew Good - Truffle Pigs

pretty simple songs and fun to play
its closer than i thought it be, i thought 75% ish would say no..

i said yes
Its solid, if you could expand on alot of the points you could make it really good. It has potential.
ill try and crit one later on if i have time bro. Thx to all who have crit'd so far.
though your decision’s in your best interest
I continue my argument against it
with the sentiment
of being ten
telling my parents
"but you just said!"
throwing rocks until my arm gives
hitting trees with a stick
damn right indignant!
and with good reason
with every right
but all in due time

Really strong opening, i liked the ten year old reference

the day you make your declaration
my mom tells me grandpa has an aneurism
and I realize, finally, our situation reciprocated:

maybe a few too many big words but still not bad

back a couple winters
when I was the one shaking my head,
offering condolences,
and, knowing no way to console you,
only watching.
as if a boy unwittingly,
ripped the wings off an insect
and stared dumbfounded as it wriggled

Flipping awesome, well done.

I felt a cold wind
while your wax lips dribbled
and dripped down your chin.
even before cigarettes
your body shriveled, thin
your whole face melted.

another good verse

as if a small dog cowered,
preparing for another hit
you shook and shivered

and I kept my distance

The last line made the song

Pretty strong piece you have here
C4C please

mine is titled Afraid Of Heights
I wish the ships would sink
The tanks would shut down
The missiles would stop launching
And the planes would fall to the ground

good chorus if thats what it is.

The world could be a healthier place
Where little kids could actually ride their bikes,
Without getting killed just because
They have some president we dislike

Well I’ll tell you something,
Most presidents probably don’t like you
And they don’t waste time and money
Harming people just the way you do

^these two stanzas seem like the turning point and are definately the best part to this peace
Afraid Of Heights
I sleep in the basement
because im afraid of heights
and the devil plays tricks on me
all day and all night
every shadow is a trap
every blink is a mistake
every victory is failure
every hope is a fake
Album Of The Year - Define the Great Line by Underoath

Other Solid albums
- Crisis by Alexisonfire
- The Sufferer And The Witness by Rise Against
- When Your Heart Stops Beating - Plus 44
- Is a Real Boy - Say Anything
- In A Coma - Matthew Good
Underoath -> Define The Great Line
Rise Against -> The Sufferer And The Witness
Alexisonfire -> Crisis
Circa Survive -> Juturna
simply amazing
second verse is pretty solid
good rhymes, kinda short.
last line is definately awesome
AvA definately isnt emo but they arent good... I'd say Plus 44 is more emo than AvA but they are better. AvA is modern rock, they shouldnt even be discussed here anymore..
Atlantic is the best song of Vheissu in my opinion

The winner of the remix of Image of The invisible song is good to.. that song is called "Bombs Over Vheissu" .. friggin rad
saw em live once opening for a band, theyre ok.
heard of these guys like a year ago, one of my friends said it was his friends band and they were pretty chilln.
Outkast is so damn good.. idlewild blue i such a good song. Not a huge rap fan either.
i was pretty shocked this mornin when i heard it.
Yea thats what i play, Friggin awesome
i think plus 44 wont be as popular as AvA but they will be better music..
i liked it

the part in the brackets at the end was my favorite
Say the following.

"hey man, ive got some good news and some bad news"
- The good news is ill be your best friend forever
- The bad news is i did your mom