I'm colorblind and I love Rocksmith. Granted, I was playing guitar for 11 years before I had the game. But it's very simple and easy to learn songs IMO and I'd recommend it to anyone.

One major tip for you, play the game with external speakers. If you are using TV speakers, the game is going to be a little laggy. Make sure to calibrate it.
I will change the strings however I had never had the problem before. It's a true floyd rose. It's a jackson neck thru emgs all that jazz. The strings have been on there at least a few months though. I didn't know it could cause the intonation to be whack. I don't want to change the saddles on the other strings because the intonation is great on those.
My high E is flat sounding when playing on the high notes. I adjusted the saddle by moving it closest possible towards the nut. It's still too flat sounding. If the nut moved any further, it would cut into the body when pushing down on the tremelo. Any solid advice from someone who can help?
Man, break ups happen. And this sounds like a breakup. From personal experience, I'm gonna tell you to move on and stop contacting her unless she contacts you. And if she does, just be nice to her and treat her as a friend but not chat up a storm. She will eventually want you again because she realizes you're not a psycho that keeps texting her, or you two will grow distant and you will find someone else that will give you less of a headache in the future. Otherwise, you're just going to continually making yourself feel like shit. Been there, done that.
Okay thanks! From reading those I believe I need to lube up my knives (?) to stop them from turning sharp. I'll see what I can do. And apparently UG doesn't resize pictures down to normal and I'm too lazy to. I don't believe the sticky covered my problem but the Ibanez forum did.
I ordered a guitar about 6 months ago with a floyd rose. I had never owned one before but I knew enough about them. My guitar won't stay in tune. It's definitely a floyd rose problem but I don't know how to fix it. Upon inspecting the claw screws, I noticed that they were drilled in very poorly. It's an $800 Jackson, so I wouldn't assume it would have such shitty craftsmanship. But you can see that the screws had been drilled in, and then redrilled into different spots.

That's my first problem. Cosmetically. And I was wondering how common that is. My second problem is that it won't keep tune. Say I have it in tune and dive down a little on the tremelo. It won't resume it's original position. It sticks a little flat. Then if I pull up on it, it will stick back up to normal tuning or even a little sharp.

It does this even if i rest my hand on the bridge to palm mute, it will change the tuning slightly until I fix it again. Please help. I will add pictures / video if necessary (can you even upload videos to UG? I haven't been on this site in a while)
Even some of the most hardcore religious girls have had sex a few times... but i don't think sex is something you should try to push if you like the girl. i mean, itll happen sooner or later, im sure not until marriage because let's face it, no one does that. but sex can be a lot more special with certain girls and if they're religious it might be extra special to them. and if you break up, youll feel like a jerk for having sex with her (even if she wants to) because it will just be one more person youll each have to tell your future spouse that you had sex with.

when youre young, you think the more hot girls the better. as you mature, you realize that the less people youve had sex with and the less youll have to name and tell the one person you fall in love with and marry, the better.
My friend' hasn't tripped in a year and a half. On mushrooms or acid. But back in the day, he did mushrooms + acid around 10 times each. And it's probably a good thing it's been so long. He was starting to lose his mind. You'd probably only have to wait a few days for tolerance to come back down. Maybe a week? Tolerance is said to occur rapidly but my friend thinks it also dissipates rapidly as well. You should be good after a week (probably not even that long, but just to be safe.
im a democrat but i like that ron paul wants to decriminalize all drugs and let the states choose whether marijuana, prostitution, or gay marriage is legal. I might vote obama again but paul has some good ideas
The guy who said he just has obssesive compulsive attention seeking syndrome has absolutely no idea what the hell hes talking about. The kind of drugs he was on obviously just makes you act outrageous and, while im sure that he liked attention, that definitely was not the reason for his behavior. And erratic behavior driven from drugs can heal over time and you can tell hes much more sober now. I dont think hes crazy, he was just in the spotlight and a drug addict.
i'm the only person in circle of peeps that hasnt been arrested. but weve all calmed down a lot more now. a lot of them are still on probation too so thats one reason why things have been less crazy.
damn. good attempt, they are getting more and more clever...
i love how the poll is public as well XD
i definitely see the resemblance and they'd be pretty stupid not to see it as well. and if they have any sort of intelligence, i don't think they'd actually build it. it looks way more ugly and way less innovative than they are wanting to believe.

but if they build it, it doesn't bother me one bit and i don't think it should bother anyone else. however, if they build it, i believe the sole intention would be just trolling. that's really the only point in making a building look like this.
That was it! Heavy Traffic. Much thanks, Jackal. Also got some other cool recommendations out of this thread.

Thanks to all.
its not heavy metal. the movie im talking about is extremely trippy / a lot weider than heavy metal. but again the movie im talking about fits the same category. it showed a transvestites penis a lot and absolutely nothing about the movie made any sense whatsoever kinda like a gummo esque plot (which is none really)

EDIT: I believe some of the main characters in it were animals as well (dont remember if heavy metal had that or not)

EDIT 2: I don't believe i'll be able to find the answer on the internet. I'll just wait until I can find out from my friend which might take a few days but I'll report back and tell you guys because this movie was a masterpiece and the epitome of a mind f*** movie
nah man this was old... and was absolutely NOTHING like south park. It had real video going on as backgrounds, on loops and stuff. and it was probably the most trippy film ive ever seen in my life, and ive seen a lot. apparently this movie isnt exactly famous at all but i figured it had to have a cult following of some sort

EDIT: I just googled fritz the cat and while thats not it, thats a lot more on the right track
I was at a friends house the other day, and they put on this movie. Usually I don't get too interested in cartoons, but this one had me hooked. Now when I say trippy, this movie was really weird. I can't remember much, but there was a bunch of nudity, it was bloody as well, and it looked to be of the 70s-80s era. However, it could be newer, I'm not sure.

A lot of the backgrounds in the movie were of real things, and it would have cartoon people drawn over it. One part i remember had a bunch of people spinning glowing rings in the background. There was also transvestites in it.

Can anyone help? I've googled a ton of different things and I can't find anything about it

EDIT: And my friends phone is off and he lives quite a ways a way so I wouldn't be able to find out for a while.
The only good thing Fox is good for is The Simpsons and Two and a Half Men reruns.

(I don't care if you don't like Two and a Half Men)
Quote by MakinLattes
it should start with a fourth power.

thank you!

and the ^ does represent an exponent (to the power of..). Is the rest of the problem correct? So it should just be:

3x^4-2x^3+8x^2+4x ?


Thanks guys, it was correct... xD
I need help with this division problem and I know I have a close answer, but I'm not sure if it's exactly right:

3x^5-14x^4+16x^3-28x^2-16x / x-4

I have 3x^3-2x^2+8x+4 but I'm not sure if it's right. I don't really know if it should start off to the fourth power or the third. Please help!
ive done it all with the exception of the lower key drugs (ketamine, pcp, or 2ce). Done everything else. However, i'm mostly clean now and plan on staying that way
psn is hardly ever messed up. its just as good as live (but better since its free)

it sucks that the hackers are taking it out on us who just want to play games online
I agree with Evil Dead series. Great movies. I also loved a Serbian Film too, ending is hilarious and the music is good. I also agree with Anchorman for a comedy.
WOW. I just read the articles on Dubai. 4 years for possession (even traces in your blood) and trafficking is the death penalty. They censor anything to do with pornography, gays, drugs, and theory of evolution. My mind has been opened. I can't believe how scary this place sounds (no offense).

I wouldn't even try to buy anything there, man. I would just vacation somewhere else.
Quote by Csimmons1267

Now I have to hear UK fans all week about how they are the best team in college basketball history and the other crap they spew.

You are just as annoying as they are. Just accept who wins and who loses.
Quote by offspring_punk
Sounds like Kentucky.

This post is hilarious simply because KY beat OSU. Yep, you just make yourself look like an ass.
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Well how does inhaling it make it more worth the money?

It doesn't really, and that's why I rarely smoke them

But it feels relaxing to inhale it, and there's still a lot of cancer causing chemicals that make it's way through if you inhale or not. It's not really a big deal, I don't want a huge debate over this.
Quote by Greenie_777
I can't smoke cigars because I inhale automatically and as much as I try to overcome it I can't help myself.

Huh? I know you're not "supposed" to inhale cigars but I thought everyone did anyway. Everyone I know always does I don't see the point in smoking it otherwise ($10 for an alright taste doesn't seem worth it)
I honestly think he's on meth, not coke. And it's sad to see his mental state deteriorate, and so publicly. I never thought Two and a Half Men was terrible, but I never really watched it a lot either. His crazy actions cost a lot of people their jobs, and this man needs to grow up.

On an unrelated note, I need to watch Conan tonight. I haven't seen his show since the premiere
i was thinking this exact same thing a few weeks ago. nicolas cage sucks.
I need YOUR help with Little Big Planet 2. Please play my level. I need 7 more people to play it.

PSN: meta1militia_
Level: Party at Hensons

I'll play yours in return as well. My level is a short / trippy level.
Gonna rep my Little Big Planet 2 level one last time on here. I updated it a lot so it's a million times better than what it was. It's a trippy level.

PSN: meta1militia_
Level: Party at Hensons
Here goes my daily LBP2 post.

Play my level:

PSN: meta1militia_
Level: Party at Hensons

I need 17 more plays!! Tell me what you think. It's a lot more trippy than actual platforming.
I also have to complete New Vegas and Dead Space 2 ^ (playing both right now)

I'm repping my LBP2 level still (hope you guys aren't annoyed by this)

PSN: meta1militia_
Level: Party at Hensons

I need 50 unique players to play my level. I'm only at 21 right now. It's a trippy sort of level and I need some feedback. Tell me if you like it.
I went last year and it was awesome. I loved seeing Conan there. Tenacious D and Gwar were also there last year. I hope they add a few more bands like that.

I dig the lineup so far, I just hope more good bands are announced. It doesn't come close to last years at all.

EDIT: Buckethead would be epic. I like that idea. I don't think it's too out of question either considering the other artists they've gotten before.
I'm repping my LBP2 level again because I really, really want some feedback.

PSN: meta1militia_
Level: Party at Hensons
Attention anyone with Little Big Planet 2 Play my level:

It's just a trippy / weird / short level. Tell me what you think. You just go to the link and sign into your PSN, then add the level to your queue.

PSN: meta1militia_
Level: Party at Hensons
Quote by furin121
Lets see if I can win the biggest degenerate in the pit award...

1. I felt a girl up once when she passed out in my bed when I was a kid..
2. I used to steal shit from Wal-Mart and then return it to get cash to buy dope
3. I pawned my mom's wedding ring to buy more of said dope
4. I stole a girls undies from a party one night and went home and jerked all over them
5. I stole a girls undies from a dryer at a laudry room and ummm.. more jerking
6. I cheated on a lady with a women of the night.. good times
7. I felt up my roommates girl one night while we were rolling.. he was about a foot away playing some game on the PC and thought she was playing with herself.. pretty funny actually
8. I sold my car stereo to pay for my brothers girlfriends abortion
9. I've been to more than one funeral stoned as shit.. I know it's not *that* big of a deal but still kind of shitty if you ask me
10. I almost burned down my parents house trying to grow dope.. lucky my mom was off work that day and smelled the smoke before the house went up

edit: more adventures in thievery
11. I stole a copy of the necronomican <sp?> cause i heard it would make me evil
12. stole just about every D&D manual with intent to play but never did

I never really stole anything big or important.. and I never really hurt anyone.. so i guess thats my way of justifying that i'm not demon sperm.

Guess that's all for now... I'm sure I can list more if someone needs further confirmation that my mother should have had an abortion....

edit: does sticking a pickle in your ass cause you're bicurious count as something that needss a confession or is that like "boys will be boys" stuff that happens to everyone? Just wondering

double edit: and I pee in the shower.. like everytime I take one.. I can't help it.. it's just so damn natural.. and I enjoy the smell.. odd huh?

And am I the only one who wipes his ass and then smells the TP? I know we should have a UG group for that right.. who's with me?

And again.. I was on probation in my teen years and had to be home at a certain time.. well a friend and I went fishing on his family farm a few hours away.. well we left a little late but had time untill... we hit a ****ing deer.. so, to have proof of this accident we through the deer (out of season mind you) in the boat and drove it halfway across alabama with it's legs and dead head flopping around in our jon boat.. got home and mom and dad were like WTF.. so we just tossed it in the gutter andlet it rot.. good times there too.. stunk to hell for about a week.

And one more thing.. the first time I had sex with a girl I didn't want to get embarrased by going so quick.. well I had heard that if you jerk it first the second time last longer.. so that's what I did.. but then I couldn't get off again that night.. ended up eating muff for like 2 hours trying to get mr happy get to full form.. finally he came alive for a enough time to say hi and spit on her.. was still not how I planned to lose my virginity.

i'm not joking when i ask this, do you live in KY? You sound EXACTLY like a couple of my friends. Every single thing you've mentioned i know they've done. either things like this are common, or you probably live right down the road.