Learn some chords and have a strum.

...Then practise the chords.
Oldboy is one of my top 3 films of all time. So so so good!
Christopher Walken.
Go and look on wikipedia at the bands you've just mentioned and then look at their influences. Enjoy their what made them who they are. You don't need a vast collection of bands to show how 'punk' you are. Enjoy the bands you've already found. Chances are you've not immersed yourself in enough of all their music yet.

If you just want other bands; Rise Against, Brand New (Your Favourite Weapon album), New Found Glory, Sugarcult, A.F.I, Bad Religion, NOFX, Burning Airlines.
It's an irresponsibly named show, considering it's being broadcast by the channel that are making such a big deal about airing the paralympics.
The snap of the pistol shrimp’s claw is so loud that it competes with animals such as the sperm whale for the title of loudest creature of the sea. When it snaps its claws together, it creates a vapor bubble with pressure sufficient to kill nearby small fish; these are then eaten. Incredibly, when the bubble bursts it produces temperatures of up to 5,000 K, close to the temperature of the surface of the sun. This is not visible to the naked eye because of its low intensity.

Also, sadly, if a female ferret goes into heat but can’t get any sex, she will die.
All of them.
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Ok then, off you fuck.

I lolled.
If you like/love the songs, you'll never forget them.

I still can pick up a guitar and play/sing a song I wrote or learned 10 or more years ago.
Celebrated my 10th birthday a couple of months ago... In just under three years my profile will be able to have its own profile!
Yeah I'm prepared for that.
I have most of them down but I'm stuck with a few themes.
The music can be pretty much any genre. I've used classical, folk, bands such as Opeth, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Stones, Third Eye Blind and many others before.
Guys, I went back to work today (I'm a teacher FYI) after the Easter break and was moaned at for not having produced a CD with the assembly music for this term (a job I, for some bizarre reason, have as Music Co-ordinator for the school).

Each week has a theme and I'm supposed to have a CD with a song for each theme to be played as the children enter and exit the hall each morning.

I thought it might be fun to hear what your (hopefully sensible) ideas are.

The children are aged between 5 and 11 (Primary/Elementary ages) so feel free to actually give useful suggestions. I'll be burning the CD at 7:00am GMT tomorrow (Weds 18th April)

Here are the themes:

Our Senses

Being Wise and Being Foolish

Promises and Keeping Promises

Keeping Healthy

Personal Decisions/Life Choices

The Queen's Golden Jubilee

Citizenship Choices/Money Responsibilities

Happiness and Sadness

Aims, Ambitions and Achievements

The Olympic Values

Pride and Confidence

Moving On/Looking Forward

Enjoy =]
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Whatever, that aug guy can suck my dick.

Haha who is this guy? Respect the (very chilled out) rules of our little chat or don't bother coming back. It's no an extension of the Pit, I'm afraid.
I bought some new work shirts the other week so there wasn't as much room in my wardrobe.
I took some of my old shirts in to my class for my kids to use as painting aprons... Today they used them and covered them in gauche paints.
Now I really want those damn shirts back.
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Banned again and I didn't even get my pants all the way off. UPSETTING

Nobody wants to see you without your pants on.
The Australian Governemt has announced that it will introduce a carbon tax and emission trading scheme. Advocates for and against have been claiming that other countries are not doing this and that Australia "will lead the world".

In fact, countries which already have a carbon tax include: Austria (on gas & electricity since 1996), Belgium (on petroleum and electricity since 1993), Costa Rica (1997), Denmark (1992), Finland (1990), Germany (1999), Ireland (2010), India (on coal production and import) (2010), Italy (1999), Netherlands (1990), New Zealand (2008), Norway (1991), South Africa (on vehicle emissions since 2010), Sweden (1991), Switzerland (2008), the UK (on vehicle emissions since 1993 and all energy since 2001) and three Canadian provinces (Alberta, British Colombia and Quebec).

France and Taiwan have committed to introducing a carbon tax and a European Union-wide carbon tax of €20 ($au26.40) is under consideration.

Countries which have emissions trading schemes include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and ten U.S. states (Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont).

And countries which have committed to introducing emissions trading include: China, Japan, South Korea, thirteen US states (Arizona, California, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin) and four Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec).
Second manliest male AND third girliest male? GET INNNNN!!!
Thanks, Dave for doing that. I imagine it was hard work. xo
She at no point suggests getting married... stop acting so keen, bro. It'll only scare her off!
I've been let down by friends at the last minute and instead of just not going, I went by myself. It's all about the music at the end of the day and although it's lovely to share that moment with somebody else, it's also lovely to sometimes have it as a personal memory that you can reflect upon.
If you're worried about looking like a loner, just remember that many people lose their friends at shows so nobody will bat an eyelid.
If you're seat though, that could be awkward.
Friendliest/Nicest TC'er: Ma_tt

Most Talkative TC'er: Jani

Least Talkative TC'er: Shyne

TC'er you would most like to meet: Ma_tt / Cas / Glenn

TC'er you most respect: Ma_tt

Poshest Brit: Merls

Biggest ****: lol... errrmm...!

Biggest TC Addict: Recently... jani

Most missed ex-regular: Desiree/John/Barrett/Hollie

Biggest ego: Cas

Biggest Ego Excluding Cas: Alex

Manliest Male: Ryan

Manliest Female: Ashe

Girliest Male: Eddie

Girliest Female: Merls

Best voice/accent (male): Kevin

Best voice/accent (female): Nikki (black)

Best couple: Clucy

Best newcomer: Will

Best veteran: aaron

Most attractive male: Chris

Most attractive female: All of them.

Best randomer: FATWA ... ALWAYS FATWA

Best TC moment: Mangina

Best running gag/inside joke: Sam's 12

Best striptease: IRL or on TC? lol.

Tcer most likely to accidentally show some or all of their genitals: Ashe

Tcer you'd most like to see get laid on cam: Jake Wetuski

Best facial expressions: AdamDK

Best comics/screenshots/shoops/drawings: Dave

Most likely to talk about gear: Lefty

Tcer with best original music: Steph

Most likely to be drunk, high, tripping balls on cam: Poopsmith

Most likely to be streaming movies/games instead of being on cam: Gerard

Most likely to leave cam unattended: Jade

Person most likely to be impersonating a female behind a .gif:

Most likely to have Internet problems: Alex

Most likely to leave unannounced:

Most likely to be topless: Glenn

Most likely to flirt back with Jake: Jake
Most likely to still be here in 5 years: Jani

Mod most likely to spam the YouTube player:

Mod most likely to never use their powers:

Most Tyrannical Mod: Aaron

Most likely to be next mod: Ma_tt
I know you TCers all love me an incredibly large amount. So why not come in an tell me as I'm currently alone and bored in there. Merci.
Carolina Herrera 212 Men... I still get texts/calls from girls saying 'I just smelt you'.
Been wearing it for about 10 years, love it so much!
Ronerier than Kim Jong Il on his mortuary srab...
Okay... Going to see Opeth now.
I'll be TCing on my phone in a few hours.

OPETH will be playing a live show for UGTC tonight. HA! xx
Well if you go to Youtube and type 'the greatest guitar solo ever' this comes up...
... and I have to say, it's one of my favourites ever. Prince is friggen incredible! Even better is that this was completely improv.
This made me shed a tear.. On a train... On my birthday!!
I look possessed in that second photo... brilliant!
It wasn't out when I was 7... I'm old.
However I do recall being in a Science lesson talking about condensation just as it came out... I likened the idea of condensation to that of the foggy windows when Rose and Jack are going at it in the car... My teacher blushed.
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Whose the bastard in the bathtub?

me... I read this and banned you... FOOL!
But I unbanned because I'm nice
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Tinychat is worse.

Not only are you going to have a bunch of pit monkeys cybering, but they'll be doing camshows too.

Tinychat is worse?! You've obviously never been in for more than a minute!

Really not at all... I've been coming in since day one and I've made some fantastic friends. But you don't have to come in and try it out if you don't want... We won't miss you.
We have our dull days, where not much happens. Other times it's great. Just don't come in if you're going to be a douche.
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Password is UGFTW (case sensitive)

It's not just an extension of the pit though, take your tomfoolery elsewhere lol
I'm pretty sure there are a lot of UGers that have seen far too much of THIS teacher... If you know what I mean *wink*
Hey Charles... tl;dr

But I'm going to bed now. I have to wake up tomorrow and drive my nice car to my extremely fulfilling job where I'll earn somewhere in the region of £150 for little more than 6-7 hours work. I also need to look like I'm not too tired as I have a date with a stunning 26 year old blonde tomorrow night. I think I'll take her to a nice Italian restaurant I know.

But I'll be sure to take in the stuff you said about whatever you were talking about, Charlie. Nighty night now. x
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Are these people this vain?


F*cking losers don't know how to live a life without causing and stirring up more drama.

Maybe they were better off not being born in the first place.

Lord knows the world would be a better place without the stupid trolls.

iFYL, in case you didn't know. I do it really well actually.

Everything you just wrote appears to apply to nobody else in TC but you.

Please go and screw up another thread, we like ours the way it is. You'll never win, despite what you may think and I hate to break it to you, but I think you might actually have a strain of herpes usually only found on dogs.
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Do what ya gotta do.

I did. You were banned. Toodles.
Charlie? Charles? C3g6m4?
Whatever, you just called one of my very good friends something offensive.
You're now banned on sight by me in TC.
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Adam has a twin! A HAIRIER TWIN!

I LOVE THIS! So posed!
Haha nah it was TC Admin I believe... I've got a camban.
Something to do with not wearing any clothes and dancing.
Yeah so I got banned from the room... not sure why..? Lol