it needs to be grounded. check the wires. Ground wires are usually green.
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Who the f*** talks like this out of 10

Rosstelli, obviously.
it just has 2 screws. Hardly even noticeable with no pick guard
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Is that Lindsey Lohan?

hahahaahahaha, looks a lot like her.
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because he talks in all caps irl.

Billy Mays?
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It's probably the third one, but just checking.

all of the above
Yes, Pulp Fiction

that was the first that came to my mind.
double douche
everybody laughs at him because they can. And the fact that he still calls the band Guns n' Roses even though he is the only original member remaining.
you can also report them to ebay.
its said before.
the posers. :P
ok, thanks for your help!
I apologize if this is the wrong thread but,

How would I manage to clean this?

I didn't want to use anything wet or damp because I didn't know if the wood would swell and/or warp.
Me: So Honestly, Why haven't we had sex yet?
Mike: cuz im not gay yo

....I have failed.
if you rolled that, it would keep rolling.
they could have made it look half way decent.
Never seen you.

But I may have overlooked.
haha, Putter to the thigh = grand!
I bought my first guitar made by First Act without trying it. It kinda sucked, but I was new.
thats badass right there.
92 Saturn SL-2
effin' Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!
maybe he typed "Banned" in the text box?
Dane Cook, Jim Gaffigan, and Daniel Tosh.

Edit: Oh yeah, and Dimitri Martin
could be the monitor....maybe
Happy Birthday!
mine froze up a ton then the screen went green, then black...the RRoD
probably the beginning stages of RRoD.
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I would like to be friends with both of you. My birthday is September 15.

...and maybe you.

On topic: the first three ideas sound good, and what about tickets to a concert or a show or something like that? If she's into music.

call me anytime.
haha, I am going to use that next time my mother asks.

Either Shoes or Purses.