hey wats up, well to get straight to the point, i have a demo, or rough draft of a song am trying to finish. i hope that i'll find someone to either add a bass riff or drum, maybe even a lead. i think it would be kewl to see what can become of this song. the recording isnt great(cheap) and maybe even low. it happened in a spur of the moment before i forgot it. so if interested, and along the lines of rock/metal, message me.
hey wats up, i thought it was a hella kewl riff. i dont know if it was the editing or wat but i wasnt really feeling the solo.
awww, sad your getting rid of it
lol, i havent been in this puppy for ever, but thought i'd drop a little of myself. things been extremly ****ed up, and all i have is my writting to spill out. just stupid **** i wrote earlier a poem to etertain the bored^_^

Tainted Flower

And he and I built this garden
In a sense for others to come
1 to find another
Or 2 to grow their love

It became a forest,
But his flower became untrue
And taint the millions of others
Buried beneath the dew

His flower purely turning black
Mine losing it's hue
A cloud of sad color
The garden consumed
Once again to see if this works....

looking for like minded "female" musicans. lol, Play guitar mainly not to big on vocals, my style type "grunge/thrash". A few bands would be Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pantera, Megadeth. I have a few orginals, and I love covering songs. whatever, if intersted message me, peace motherfockers\m/.

reason for posting this because i wanted to know i wasnt alone, and there is reason not to give up, lol no offensive i got respect for female musicans \m/
bitch?, am saying where i come from and yeah am ganna bitch where i come from cuz its pretty close to hell.
yeah i havent been on here forever, i guess its nice to know there are hehe. keeps my dreams up
lol, i guess because over here it not "ladylike", your wierd if you play guitar then crazy if your a chick??
serious man, i feel like the only b**ch with a guitar and looked down apon.
good luck guys, I respect anyone who loves "grunge", I just call it the 90's that whole time frame some of the best f**cken music man \m/
okay from experince, am a lefty too^_^, but umm you wanna go cheap def. go with like a Ibanez, but there not that bad. Nice music taste, but ESP, Jacksons, Gibsons, are too expensive left handed. so either save up for one of those babies or get an Ibanez.
I just like to know some good songs to play on acoustic, and easy to sing. Maybe shit with power chords, and tuned very low along those lines. I like alot metal/rock from the 90's. So maybe even something stripped down. I wanna be able to sing it too, so yeah if ya guys have any suggestions. thanks a bunch