I uninstalled the app and installed it again. I logged in and pulled up a song, and clicked the music icon at the top-right. I received a message that the app would like access to the music library, and I tapped "allow."

I then saw the music controls appear. I clicked play, and the wheel started spinning and never stopped. Music never played, and the slider never moved forward.

I then closed the app, opened it again, and chose a different song. I tapped the music icon, and it read "Loading data from Apple Music, and the wheel was spinning. Nothing happened.

I then closed the app again, navigated to it's settings to ensure that access to the Media Library was on (it was.)

I opened the app again, and tried a third song (You're Only Human,) and that time it worked. So I then went to my dashboard to see if one of the other songs that I had previously tried would work. They did not.

I then tried a fourth, fifth and sixth, which did not work either.

Comfortable by John Mayer - did not work
Zak And Sara by Ben Folds - did not work
Everybody Has the Blues by James Taylor - did not work
Honey I'm Good by Any Grammar - worked a few times and did not work a few times
You're Only Human by Billy Joel - worked
Time Of Our Lives - Pitbull - did not work

I tried these songs with both the Apple Music app opened and closed, and experienced the same results. It just seems to be a hit or miss.

Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide to help troubleshoot the problem.
UG Support Sorry for not getting back sooner. I checked the settings and the app does indeed have access, but the problem persists.
I didn't even know this app existed. Glad it does. It makes me want to contribute more often, as creating tabs as become much easier. Nice job!

However, with that said, one of the key features does not seem to be working for me.

When I click the music icon (top right) it reads, "Loading data from Apple Music" and it never plays. I thought this might be because I had a song in the cloud. But even after downloading the song to my app, I still see the same wheel spin, and the song never plays.

Any ideas?
I have several playlists for several types of gigs - not just one of 200. For example, my playlists are made for different genres of music, or for when I play solo vs with a group.

I continuously add songs to my playlists at any given time, and as they grow (to 200 songs for example) I find that during a show, I might want to find a particular song that I already have saved in my favorites (perhaps in a particular key.)

Of course, I know I can just type the song name in to find it, but I prefer to scroll through my playlist to find it quickly. As I do that, I not only find the song but it gives me a chance to see other songs that I have added as favorites that I might want to play next.

Another advantage of having an alphabetical playlist, is it makes it easy to compare with another musician's playlist (if we are trying to have the same songs.) If they are missing something that we should both have, it becomes easy to spot.

Another advantage of an alphabetical playlist is for when I practice. I alphabetize my Apple Music playlists, so having the songs in the same alphabetical order (again) makes it easier to navigate between the two for when I am listening and practicing.

I feel like there are many users that don't just create a playlist for one particular show (where they might play each of the 20 songs or so in order.) For me, my playlists are more like specific fakebook collections, where I know all the songs in that particular fakebook are appropriate for the show I am doing. And I'd like those collections to be better and more easily organized.

I hope my explanation was alright. So what do you think?
I have a playlist of about 200 songs, and it is all jumbled up, with no method to sort that I am aware of.

Is it possible to alphabetize a playlist without having to drag and drop every song to the correct order?
Thank you for your support. I had updated, but I hadn't logged out and back in. That did the trick!

All those empty playlists are now gone, and everything is back to normal.

I will be sure to use the forum for the app next time (if ever necessary.) My bad.
About a week ago, something buggy was happening, and every time I started the UG app on my Ipad, it tried to sync everything unsuccessfully. I finally logged out of the account and logged back in, but the end result was the creation of hundreds if not thousands of duplicated blank playlists.

Not sure how that happened, but was hoping there was a way to fix that. There are way too many to delete one by one.
There is a nice feature that I have found from other music apps that I think would be a huge improvement to Ultimate Guitar.

Say you have a song and you see these chords:

D# - - - Bb - - - Ab - - - D#

The Problem

This not might be friendly to read for some musicians. It's a I-V-IV-I progression in the key of Eb (not D#.)

But forget the technical mumbo jumbo. Let's just say, someone has an easier time reading in flats...

Here's The Solution

With some other apps I have used, relative keys are switched, depending if you are clicking transpose up or transpose down.

But the other apps, are not user contributions either, so the key does not contain awkward relative chords.

If Ultimate Guitar can was able to understand key signatures, is it possible this could be fixed?


Transposing up from the original chords (above) would output:

E - - - B - - - A - - - E

Transposing up again would ouput:

F - - - C - - - Bb - - - F (notice the Bb. This is correct for the key of F Not A#.)

But what if I prefer a key signature with sharps? Fine I could transpose down once from the original key. The output would be:

D - - - A - - - G - - - D

And then transpose up again. The output would be:

D# - - - A# - - - G# - - - D#

And vice versa. If I prefer flats, I would transpose up again to the key of F, and then down to the key of EB.

Eb - - - Bb - - - Ab - - - Eb

Make sense?


Do correct key signatures or the ability to switch between relative keys (D# vs Eb) matter to you?

If so, reply or something...
I have been submitting several chord charts, and I have noticed that sometimes (after approval) the chords are not always 'readable' with the fingering charts that Ultimate Guitar provides.

Most often this happens with altered chords. For example Em7b5 or Dm(maj7) etc...

Is there a blog or post somewhere that explains how I should write these chords so that a fingering chart appears for them?

Or is it that not all of these altered chords are supported?
I read that it takes a few hours for a correction to go through. After I had a song approved, I noticed some errors. I went to the area that reads "u!" for updating. I updated it, but nothing has happened and several days have gone by.
I appreciate your replies. They are helpful.

The suggestion I made is for those who use ultimate guitar app on their iPad, like I do.

On the website, I see an area at the bottom of a chart to submit corrections. But if the person who submitted the chart does not make the corrections, then wouldn't that mean you'd have to scroll to the bottom to see it? That is not convenient when trying to read a chart straight through.

Also personalized corrections, allow members to put their own spin on a song quickly and easily by building off of work that has been approved already.

It could also serve as an incentive for members to upgrade if the feature was for upgraded members only.

Anyhow, it is just a suggestion. I think it has merit and pertains to the app. If not, this thread can just die out.
I don't see how this has anything to do with the mobile app, but okay.

I think this is pertinent to the mobile app, because it is my own opinion that many musicians who use ultimate-guitar, use it strictly on their mobile device. I'm sure there is an audience for both. But for me, I'm always using it on my ipad except for now.

You can always just resubmit your tab. If its not on your computer, it should be easy to find the denied tab exactly the way you submitted it on the site. Should it continue to get denied and you are unaware of the reasoning, you should visit the 'WTF where's my tab' thread.

Thank you. I will resubmit. I don't quite understand how the approval process works and assumed that if it is rejected, it would just be rejected again on grounds of resubmission.

Why not just post corrections in the comments section of the tab? It seems like it was made exactly for this.

If you mean to correct the entire tab, it would be too long for a comment, so you would be better off submitting your own version.

It was my understanding that if you post a correction, it is then up to the person who submitted the tab to update it if they feel like doing so.

Also submitting a whole new version that is correct is likely to get rejected, because chances are there are already several renditions that need corrections. The rules say that it will be rejected if there are already versions of the same song in the archives.

But again, that goes back to my original suggestion of allowing personalized corrections. Doesn't that seem like a good solution?
I submitted my first chord chart recently and it was rejected. I found this to be very disappointing.

I aligned it well. It does not already exist in the archives as a chord chart, it was the complete song, and it was accurate. I say this confidently holding a degree in Jazz piano performance.

My point is...
There are way too many charts submitted that have errors. I thought if I could submit my own, I would chart the songs correctly and have them all in one place for myself and others who may have appreciated them.

It doesn't appear that will be possible.

So here is my idea of a solution...
Allow those of us with upgraded accounts to make corrections. Those corrections would not have to be shared with the entire community. They could be stored in a corrections database that is matched with our user id.

This would allow anyone with an upgraded account to have the music exactly as they need it, and not have to waste time submitting a correct version (or a version that pertains to their needs) just to see it rejected.

I think this would make the mobile app incredibly useful.

What do you think?
I've never heard the song before. But just had a quick listen on youtube. Sounds like it is all pretty much the same throughout:

Am - G - Em - F