Those power chords are on E, F#, G and A. Your lack of pinky usage is somewhat of a bad habit; try to train your little finger as much as all the others. You'll need it for the hard stuff. And yes, the top of your fingers is definitely preferable, because that gives you greater control when you want to let strings ring.
And in case you see I rated a lot of his work as well: those ratings were honest. They're all worth learning and accurate enough, it just looks terrible in all caps and with clutter text. That's worth a 3-star rating in my books.
There's this guy leaving nonsensical comments and 1-star ratings on my chords, because he's angry that I uploaded a song he uploaded first. The sad fact is that he is a halfway decent contributor, but he appears to be petty and vindictive and it's making me want to leave UG forever...

Username: Dairybeat
To me, having a chord sheet in the original key of the song is very valuable. When I as a user am transposing a song to what it should be, then we're doing it wrong. How do other users feel about this? I think a preference for chords in their original key should be UG policy.

Sometimes I resubmit someone elses chords, just because I want the proper version to be on this site. When I give credit to the original tabber, I usually get rejected, but when I don't it gets approved and I can use it the way I want.