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Sure looks like a guarantee of quality journalism.

I'll leave you to decide if that's an answer to the question posed by the video, or what I did while watching the video.

I actually didn't watch it
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Without going to deep on this drama, based on the he said she said videos, he has asked for, received, and continues to ask for free shit.
So everyone is assholes in this?
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Slapsy, sean, xiaoix, and Erik has all proved the utter and complete dearth of their ability to bring facts to this issue of Amerika Politics.


We may be shitposting, but at elast we're not linking Fox News and their brand of homeopathic truth.
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IDK getting money or free stuff for influencing, who can blame them? Even worse are those allow themselves to be influenced by others who have a large social media following. Same goes for people who allow themselves to be influenced by celebrities in general like those in sports, music, or other forms of entertainment.

Maybe, but it's one thing to blag shite off a faceless multinational. But for a shitey wee hotel in Dublin... is her audience from there, or likely to travel there? I mean, let's face it, exposure is only worth anything if it's to a demographic you previously couldn't reach, or reinforces/counteracts existing good/bad publicity you already have, and small businesses tend to operate on pretty narrow margins.
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tbh I'm more interested in the suggested article about Saudi Arabia banning botox from a camel pageant
Of course they should ban it. I prefer natural looking camels.
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i like all the ingredients but in a pie? pfft too dainty 
But what if...

Maybe with broon sauce?
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That's fair. I've settled and have redone my tone so many times at this point, I don't think a perfect sound for me exists. For me though, modelling has taken a huge leap in the last 5-7 years. With how powerful some of these units are, we're getting some pretty world class sounds from things that we wouldn't have expected to do that before. If you set them up in more traditional setups (IE using a power amp with them and a cab vs FRFR or computer setups) then you get those 'in the room' sounds that people always complain modellers can't do and on top of that, being able to have a constant sound you don't have to worry about. Before I sold off my Rectoverb and my Vintage Club I did a lot of side by side testing with my digital setup vs my tube amps and honestly, I couldn't justify keeping them anymore. The Atomic gets most of the way there and is way more portable and versatile. I can either plug direct FOH, use headphone outs, use the guitar outs or MIDI out to use the thing and I can even use it with a cab and mic if I want that route too. For me, the biggest difference is the feel. A lot of the cheaper units aren't quite there feel wise. The Kemper feels great though. From the few times I've played with it, it really feels and responds like the amp it tries to emulate which I guess is what you're paying for in the end.
If your gear gets you the sound(s) you're after, then you have the right gear, which is pretty much what it boils down to.

If my amp goes arse over tip, or my midlife crisis comes early, then I'd probably look into a modeller. Right now, there's too much other stuff needing paid for.
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She's not even hot. She's like the 'after' pictures in a damages claim against a plastic surgeon.
I didn't choose the shitposting life.

Ah, who am I kidding. It's really all I'm trained for.
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Reading books > reading twitter shitposts
but apparently shiposting on UG > reading books

I don't know who they are tbh.
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So have I, and probably have owned more of them than you have at this point.
Probably. But I'm settled with my sound(and not so precious about it that I'll sulk if it can't be reproduced for headphones), so there's 0 reason for me to look into most modelling amps, because they do stuff I don't need them to do.
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No you can't.

Also I wonder if half of you have even tried a proper SS/Modelling unit in the last decade.
I don't need to, I have a valve amp
My favourite guitar neck feels just right.
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a new boss katana head just got announced which has bluetooth out
The Joyo Bantamp series have bluetooth, too.

It's not a bad feature, but it has limitations. For example, Apple Airpods have a latency somewhere over 100ms, whereas a decent wireless instrument rig will be at or under 1ms.
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Ok note to self Sacha Baron is nobody
You say that as though the point of that particular interview wasn't to show how out of touch the old fucker trying to teach Borat about American humour was.
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shout out to Fat Lard for deleting posts even tho I quoted them
fat blode/blode lard
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I've already got a fuzz pedal but I do want a fuzz face
Skip shaving for a couple of days then

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Spooky stuff!

jakesmellspoo Get any tiny Ampeg, they work great.
They're certainly a brand to look at. I know Roland do a bass cube. Don't know if it comes with a footswitch(or if you'd want it), but it does have a DI out so you could plug it into the PA if you need extra volume, and a headphone jack. It is abait spendier than an equivalent power ampeg though.
So that's a 'no' on a Marshall VBA 400 and an 8x10 cab?
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someone pls recommend me a decent, affordable bass amp

i could go to the correct subforum, but that's just too much work 😴
For home use/rehearsal/gigging?
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Also my UG IQ matches my real IQ now. Fucking Einstein levels.
Your UG IQ is 140, so you're about 20 points short of Einstein.

But in shitposting terms, you pretty much leave him for dead.
Helpful hint, in the parable of the Good Samaritan, the Samaritan isn't paid to help travelers on the road.
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That it? Bet this didnt even happen

You don't understand the nature of hate, you naive young lad.
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What do you think the Vikings were? Also, see my edit.
Given that the term is widely abused to include all Scandinavians, rather than just the minority who went to sea(more for trading than raiding, even so), I'm going to go with farmers.
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YOU can fuck right off.
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Seriously, I’ve bought beer at multiple games, you’re not allowed to take it into the stands and have to drink it in the concourse
Yea, but you're not in Scotland, where we take our alcohol fuelled sectarian violence seriously. It's not just a weekend thing.
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like lack of eating meat?
Stress, weight loss, weight gain, overexercising, being menopausal, polycystic ovary syndrome, the diabeetus, thyroid disease, heart disease...

The list is pretty long.
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Wot? Mate I get a pint every time I go Chelsea/Peterborough, it’s technically against the rules to be drunken but you can still buy beer, it’s just served in shitty plastic cups and is super expensive
Seriously. Unless you're in one of the hospitality sections, no booze, full stop.
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Yup, I was in tears of laughter at how fucking stupid it was. Whoever thought that selling glass bottles containing alcohol to two groups of Scots that despise each other is a genius. The scenes of hundreds of boozed up fat people hurling bottles at each other

Bring back the colloseum, sell cocaine and alcohol, give them weapons and shields, assign them to a team at random. Then watch the carnage behind bulletproof glass. I’d pay good money to watch that
That game is why it's (technically) illegal to even approach a football stadium in a state of intoxication. Not that it stops anyone. But most clubs can only serve alcohol in the executive and hospitality suites even now.
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So I had a massive brainwave last night while watching Danny dyers real football factories. For those that aren’t familiar it’s a documentary series that follows a washed up hardnan actor as he travels around the uk interviewing a load of different football hooligan gangs. (For those that aren’t aware of football hooligans just google it). The main thing I noticed is that these gangs just want to fight each other, they just love a bit of violence, they don’t seen to want to fight normal members of the public, just other football gangs.

The brainwave occurred when the documentary focused on a football match that went to shit in Scotland between rangers and Celtic (a massive, bitter rivalry) in the 80s. Back in the days when you could buy beers in glass bottles at the game, a load of drunken football hooligans started throwing bottles at each other after one team scored a late winner.

My idea is to allow these thugs to fight. Bring back the Roman colloseum. Let these people form teams/gangs, give them some hand to hand weapons (or allow them to create their own), then let them all enter a stadium and fuck each other up
Oh, you mean the 1980 Scottish Cup final that ended up with a pitch invasion, and the fans had to be separated by mounted police?
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more dumb platitudes

"ooo their life might be horrific and full of permanent and debilitating brain damage but at least they're have a CHANCE AT LIFE"

So you're fine with relying on most women to just not hurt their baby? The amount of babies born with severe damage is acceptable to you because they have a chance at life? You don't care about life if that's how you see it. You care about posturing. oh, well that's one more baby born guess i can morally check out of this situation cause my duty is done.

if we had a country that took a proactive approach to sex education and pregnancy prevention, I could accept this. But we don't and you need to get that through your goddamn head.
Be fair, Lard is severely brain damaged, and he just wants a chance at life.
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many women have irregular periods. Not everyone is on a ~30 day cycle

you don't know what you're fucking talking about 
And periods are early/late/missed entirely for reasons other than pregnancy.

But Lard likes to believe that abortions are basically the bit of a porno before the clothes come off, and the male surgeons are harder than nanocrystalline diamond, and the nurses wetter than a Florida swamp after hurricane Irma once they've finished strangling by hand a 1:10 scale human that begs them not to.
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It’s one of my favourite words

Yeah I’ll save my wages for a bit, then sell the bass and buy the replacement + an amp
Yea, I mean, you have to balance the time it could take to sell privately against how long it could take, and how much of a pain in the arse it can be.

It's why my sister went to a we buy any car type thing to sell her old, close-on-worthless car a few years ago. She wanted it sold and the cash pocketed more than she wanted the extra £2-300 she might have got(if it had sold before the MOT ran out).
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I think I want to sell a guitar, what’s the best way of doing this?

There’s 2 music shops I know that deal with used guitars, is it worth talking to them? I know I’d probably get less than selling it myself but I don’t think I can be bothered with the hassle

(Yeah I’m really this dumb)
fb buy/sell groups, gumtree. They're local, and you'll probably get half again what a guitar shop will offer you(if they're feeling generous).
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I have a question for you though. What happens mankind develops an artificial womb that can keep an embryo alive after taking it out of a real womb? Does that mean abortion becomes amoral all of a sudden, or does that mean your metric is terrible?
That means it's time for a new metric.
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My music taste has pretty much turned into "Could have been popular if more people heard about it."
So a hipster who only likes bands that didn't make enough money to sell out?