Unfortunately the active routes put me off that Siggery unfortunately, or i'd have that off your hands

Congrats Doug, looking good, always got time for a tele, unbelievably versatile at the best of times
For some reason the TAM doesn't appeal to me at all, granted it looks pretty, spec wise it's ace and is an 8 of course...but unfortunately i know that it wouldn't stay around long if i had one!
The main issue you would find by replacing the stock pickups with EMG's is the battery connection box, it's powered by AA as far as im aware, so you could retrofit a 9v battery to replace or put it in the control cavity.

Aside from that you might need to change the pots, but that's not my area of expertise. A half decent tech should be able to install them no problem. The EQ circuit would have to be changed a bit, as i think it's default function is to provide a midrange boost/cut, so you would have to enquire to see if that can be retrofitted also.

If you didn't want to go the EMG route, there are Duncan blackouts which will fit the soapbar routes, also BKP have started offering soapbar housings on their range. Lace are another brand that would fit perfectly with no "air gaps" around the pickups.
Yeah pretty much, have examples ready on what kind of model you're expecting their work to be like, if you want to go one step further walk through a marking criteria with them. As mundane as it sounds actually giving them a checklist helps to sort out any problems that the students are having and will blatantly not tell you about!
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Teaching's fairly easy, that's why they get paid so little.

Oh right, i had no idea it was so easy, guess my sleepless nights and relentless hours of planning were pretty easy and worthless then

All i can say is to put yourself in the position of the student, is what you're teaching actually going to appeal to their age group and do you have any backup plans for when things don't go the way you want.

It all comes back to your planning, i understand you're only doing a student assistant program, but make sure you know your topic and delivery more importantly back to front!

Good luck!
Wow...that CT7...!

String haul arrived the other day, mixing and matching a few sets to see what i prefer over 27" as opposed to 28.5"

Not at all, its how i've been approaching it, i've found it easier to look at the relationships between the notes rather than the notes themselves. Of course there are instances where that doesn't apply, but if it works for you then by all means!
I've had a couple of issues with chording on a 30" scale before, but it may work exceptionally well for you. If possible just try and play the instrument beforehand instead of committing to it blind, you can take advice of course but at the end of the day if it doesn't feel right in your hands then someone telling you that you'll adjust isn't going to instil much hope.
Not sure if any of you guys are into them, but there are copies of the new Coheed and Cambria album "The Afterman: Decension" "floating" around, it's pretty exceptional! Few nice tracks around B standard tuning to boot

Aeon Zen are ace...
You can get away with Drop Bb on a 24.75" it's the big "In flames" and "Amon amarth" thing to use shorter scales with their respective lower tunings. It's all in your setup and string gauge preference, if you're finding that you're getting tuning problems maybe try some heavier strings, or take the guitar in for a full setup it.

It is all a matter of preference in terms of scale length, you can get away with that tuning at any scale length if you make the right allowances for it.
The tuning could be quite cool.

Adaptations would have to be made with your:

-Intonation, the saddle will sit much differently than that of the previous B string
-Nut, the thicker string will require you to file the nut down a fair bit in order for it to actually fit!

You shouldn't have too many problems with the tuner, as long as you unwind the outer core of the string and use that to wind it. As for gauges, off the shelf i would try anything from 74+ but i would be inclined to start at an 80 minimum
It's the internet...we can source pictures of anything...even mouldy cookies!

I've been using "Cleartune" on my iphone for a year or so, you have to pay for it, but it's more than worth the small cost!
The AX7221 or somethingorother never was a fan of that thing...

Your best bet would probably be to either wait for the Rondo custom shop to open up, or look into a luthier, unfortunately in regards to 7 strings what you're after is pretty hard to come by off the shelf. The old Epi les paul 7's had that 24.75" scale, and the recently released PRS SE7 has the 25" scale, but unfortunately don't come with trems.
Exactly so, but really convenient to move when you don't need super dampening fun times!

Ah that's cool, that's near Matishall way isn't it? Got a mate there. Used to live in Ipswich that's all

Oh...would anyone be interested in my Peavey classic 50/50 tube power amp? Can let it go for a pretty good price
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Jesus, that's mad, and at a 27" scale as well... I know Luke here uses a 70 for his low B but that's at least on a 25.5" instrument.

.72 at the moment, which reminds me i need to buy new strings for everything... been a while, don't get much time to play properly these days.

By the way, everyone should buy a Fretwrap, really really handy piece of kit!

Wesbanez - Where abouts in the glorious East Anglia are you? Congrats on the Siggery, looks ace
12-56 would work for standard tuning, i've used it for a couple of years now, but you would just have a fair amount of tension in the strings, making bends and fretting a little bit harder when compared to something like 10's. 12-56 sets are more commonly seen on flatwound hollowbodies where they help produce a stronger acoustic property.
Quote by Limace

It took a while to adjust to the bigger scale length...

UV's are 25.5", unless you're not used to that scale length?

Regardless, sorry for being nitpicky! Congrats on the UV, loved every one i've played, consistently good players and sound phenomenal off the bat

Do let us know what you think of the 5150III, i'm really thinking about downsizing from a rack to one of the 50 watt heads!

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+1, although if you're living in halls I'm not sure about getting stuff delivered there or anything.

If you have a half competent admin team in your halls (oxymoron i know) they should have a system for mail collection
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Ask it before but ....
just reached manchester for uni and wanna know where the best place(cheap!) is to get a Line 6 Pod HD500 , spare strings and stuff.

Also, can someone recommend a small speaker of some sort that i can use with my comp and use as output for the pod . Preferably something not to pricey.. need to keep to a budget or its instant noodles for monthes...

Your best bet is just to scour the internet for such things, the music shops in Manc aren't amazing really, Johnny Roadhouse on Oxford Road has a few cool bits and bobs but nothing spectacular. String wise i always use stringsdirect, never had a problem in the millions of years i've bought strings from them

no worries, im doing my postgrad at the didsbury campus that's all.
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I hope you're not coming to MMU! You certainly can. That's what I did, except I used Guitar Rig, which is basically a computer-based version of the line6 POD.

Are you starting Manchester Met in september?
Yeah unfortunately some of the runs were hard enough in the King Crimson tune on a standard scale guitar, let alone a baritone Plus i had the split coils option on the 5 way for most of the songs, sounded lovely without having to adjust my gain pattern!
Lets see how well you guys know your prog rock

This was a medley i played in for a friends exam, cookie for anyone who can guess the tunes used!

...kinda relevant as i'm using a 7!
I love the 540S7, i'd never get along with it due to the middle pickup, but i'm a massive advocate towards the S series in general! Nice score and welcome

I think Fred has 2 of them in both red and black...? To go with his love of the "sith" colours i imagine
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HAHAHA! I hate my basement dude it's so sterile and awful looking. Apparently we're getting it finished in October, and I'll be sure to put up some happy Bob Ross paintings when there are actual walls instead of metallic-looking insulation . And thank you!

I think I'm gonna do an Amon Amarth cover next. I'm feeling something off of "With Oden On Our Side" .

No worries, just creeped me out ever so slightly Bob Ross painting make the world go round! I've just spent extortionate amounts on a Cloudkicker poster and T-shirt to make my new room more comfy! Can't put a price on 'homeliness'
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I made a cover yesterday, by the way! It isn't 7 strings though . But it's a good song! It's "Vicarious" by Tool. You guys should check it out, I'd really appreciate it!

Good cover! Can't help but see the what appears to be a "Dexter-esque" kill room that you're in
I have other things to spend my money on fortunately than surplus guitars

Glad it plays well, the MIJ version was the Ikebe special or something wasn't it?
I saw that on the 'bay as well, nice score! Pretty uncommon as well, good player?
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I hated them but like I said, something was clearly wrong with them so I wont judge until the new ones arrive.

No problem, i've been very intrigued by them from the get go, look forward to hear your opinions on them
Yes you can tune it to B standard.

Use whatever strings you fancy, just be aware that they will be slightly higher in tension compared to that of a 25.5" scale guitar.

The general consensus of ibanez stock pickups is that you should change them immediately, but try playing with them first and seeing what 'you' think of them before buying a guitar with the intention to swap them out. I personally haven't had a problem with the stocks in my S7320 for the last 6 years or so i've owned it.
I would have loved to get in on that run, OAF put out some incredible and unique designs. Might see how much i can get together for the headless run

Regardless, stunning guitar, was there a problem with the lace pickups or are they just not to your taste?
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It's just as bad for those of us who are unemployed, trust me. Student loan cannot come quick enough

"Hear hear!" Getting my loan and post grad bursaries will be a god send!
Lucky man! What was the occasion? I caught him at a guitar show, you can tell just how passionate the guy is about guitars as a craft more than anything