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it is a big loss when there someone close too u

i hope everybody in ur family and all ur friends die tomorrow
cuz u deserve it

So much irony.
Dear Shelby, and Michelle,
I want to slip my tube steak into both of you.

They're MOVIES. Things change.
That's cool.
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-Venom didn't refer to itself as "we," like it's SUPPOSED to
-When Spiderman gets the symbiote on him, it covers up his suit, and now he all of a sudden has TWO suits, instead of one, wtf, the suit is supposed to be a part of him, not another costume
-Venom is not an evil, psychopathic jerk -- he's an anti-hero who just hates Spiderman
-A goblin bomb DESTROYS Venom and Brock totally, but only scratches Harry's cheek, lawlz
-Had the butler told Harry that his father killed himself at the start, we could have cut, like, an hour out of the movie, and everyone would have been happy, stupid butler
-The suit is supposed to make you more aggressive (Spiderman throwing trucks at innocents or police officers, etc.), NOT EMO
-WAY too many coincidences for the movie to happen (the meteor with the symbiote lands in the park RIGHT next to Parker, and then Sandman falls into the particle-decomposition thing or whatever, and then Spiderman happens to go to the church without knowing about the sound thing, so that Eddie, who just happens to be there, can become Venom, etc.)
-Eddie Brock, a guy who didn't care about his girlfriend and CHEATED to get ahead of Peter Parker goes to a church to ask a supposedly loving god to KILL Parker, hahahaha
-The suit didn't give Spiderman any new abilities, other than a bigger ego
-Gwen Stacy being in the movie...


Nitpicking much?
Anyone else find this hilarious?
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Seriously dude. Think about it, two cars unimpaired kill him and aren't charged?

It was a government assasination. They knew what was going to happen.
It makes perfect sense.
I know.

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ok first of all Ryan Nias:
shut ur ****ing mouth u did not know him so keep your ****ing mouth shut

and AdayTripper:
is that quote supposed to be funny or something????
cuz its not

Not really, but you're very funny.
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who???? u better not be talkin bout my friend

Uh oh. He's gonna beat you up Ryan Nias.
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Do you guys learn these by ear or use ultimate-guitar tabs?

Live stuff by ear, studio stuff with tabs on here. Usually power tabs.
It's the live version of Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp by the way. It's a little tricky.
That's what I thought at first. Setting it up for a Venom/Carnage thing later.
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^Twas awesome

*Throws bomb, CATCHES IT, throws it back, BOOM!*

Though if a blast like that only mutilated Harry I really doubt brock and the symbiote were completely disintegrated.

Possibly a stronger bomb?
I semi-agree. Those types of things need to be explained more.
I learned it all, and I love playing it.
My finger picking improved dramatically since one of my fretting fingers broke.
Now I learned the song, and it came easy. I'm beginning to pick up Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp fairly quickly too.
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Man, the fight with Harry near the end was great.

I agree. Especially when he mocked Harry.
"Oh, look at little Goblin Jr. Gonna cry?"
Harry then tries to fight him again, but just gets knocked on his ass.
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He was probably thinking "Man I hope she doesn't get a retraining order since I pushed her."

Thanks. I shot soda out of my nose.
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Oh no, he's depressed!!! HE'S EMO!!!

*Comes to sad realization*


Stupid. I know.
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Where the hell is everyone getting this "OMG HES EMO OH NOES!!!!11!" crap from? Wow, he has some bangs, that doesn't make him emo. This bandwagon is getting overwhelmingly full.

And venom actually looks alot bulkier in the film than from previews.

No. It's because he has a black suit on, and the cathedral scene where he is on the roof with his head down.
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Not seeing it. Emo spider man + skinny weak looking Venom who looks like he has a Spiderman suit = lame.

Emo? He's a cocky, over the top, perverted, asshole in the suit.
Far from an emo...
The short air time for Venom is probably because they're just teasing.
He's going to come back full force, Carnage will be in there, and I think The Lizard.
Mostly because Dr.Connors keeps getting more time in the movies.
The person who is going to be helping Spider-Man is obviously Black Cat.
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So, what is this I hear of a surgery plant had before Physical Grafitti?

That's all I heard of it. I'm to lazy to go back, and quote myself.
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I'm sure that he's gone down a little bit....

Nope. Not really.
ISS goes on your record? I don't think so. I've had like two months of that before. I'm doubtful it goes on your record. Nothing to brag about, but they give it out for everything, so I don't think it's something that goes on your record.
My school is different, yes, but I think SUSPENSION is what goes on your record.

I know how you feel though. Lunch detention sucks, and the punishment is waaay to much, but there is not much you can do. In my experience the teachers vouch for each other, mince your words, use stupid loopholes, etc to keep you in trouble. You're probably screwed.
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(Jimmy) Page 500! This must be one of the largest threads on the site

As for Jonesy, maybe he hasn't decreased in skill too much then

Not at all.
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A lot of the people in this thread are idiots.

"Dur, they screwed up the Venom costume! Oh yeah, I haven't seen the movie yet!"

They Venom costume was fine.

The only real problem with the movie was that there was too much story to balance. 3 different villians + the whole MJ thing + typically Spidey internal conflict!! So it was definitely a challenge of a movie to make, and the ending was pretty poorly done, but they had to tie up all the loose ends. So I can forgive them on that.

I loved the whole scene where Peter Parker is walking around town thinking he is the shit, but everyone was just laughing at him. It was good to see the movie not take itself so seriously.
That scene really fits though (even if it was unnecessary). Peter had the black symbiote sute on, thought he was great, started getting all cocky. But in truth everyone thought he was ridiculous, and that is how the whole scene came off on screen.

It was able to arouse such emotion in you, I think it did its purpose.

It WAS on purpose. Wasn't it not obvious to all of you? DorkusMalorkus gets it.
Quit analyzing the movie so much. The scene in the jazz club was supposed to be over the top because Symbiote Spiderman is supposed to be a cocky jerk. Get it?

And spread it out over three more movies? Get real, they did what they could in one movie, and did a great job in my opinion. It was a good movie, I think. Much better than Spiderman 2.
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No wonder you get bullied.
I know it was several nights, but Page himself said they were not in top form throughout the film.

Jones never deteriorated. Check him out here with Paul Gilbert:

I like how Jones gives him a nod to begin after his little mandolin solo. A cool video from two professional, and great musicians.
Which is why I believe this surgery story. Look at Madison Square Garden on TSRTS, and Earl's Court on the DVD. 1973-1975.
Just two years, but if you pay attention, his voice is REALLY different.
Keep in mind it was a bad night for him on TSRTS, and a good one at Earl's Court...
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Well Jimmy was a great guitarist too.... Any ability can slip away if it isn't honed, taken care of, and continuously worked (properly and not excessively when it comes to physical things) to stay in good shape.... Plant also smoked, but not too heavily. But all the same, that can still damage it...

What? Have you even seen Jimmy play recently? He can still play guitar well.

Plant's voice change was inevitable.

He did smoke quite a bit, toured a lot and way to fast, drank, all that stress during when his son died, old age, and apparently a "secret" surgery before Physical Graffiti came out. It was just too much for his vocal chords.

They were actually in a degenerative stage and needed surgical repair.

The change in his voice's timbre is noticeable, especially in Kashmir; his voice was never the same after that. This is why he could never hit those high notes that he did earlier in his career, like in Rock and Roll.
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I'm reminded by a certain, ridiculously inconsiquential discussion from one "Donnie Darko" about Smurfs.

Smurfs are insects.
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asexual means that you have no sexuality (that you dont get turned on or have a sexual attraction) not that you dont have any parts... -.-fuckhead

Who pissed in your coffee?
No gender. There comes a time at every Yoshi's life to reproduce.
Just a guess.
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I don't know anything about games or anything all I know is that that N64 Mario game was wayy cooler than any Halo game or (insert popular game here)

No worries. I agree with you. Awesome games, good memories.
Now I'm getting all nostalgic.
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Get the N64 version.....greatest game EVER

That's a totally different game.
Hmm I wonder if Page was refering to the coaster.
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i dont know....its ok, the only time its really fun is when you can get like 10 people together and play with a LAN, online sucks bacause people are way too good (i am in no way a n00b at it) it just got old real and quick and i wish it would just die after almost 3 years.

Yeah it's good just having fun with your buddies. Rather than pizza faced losers who take the game waaay to seriously, and act tough over a mic. It's annoying.
Two weeks? Sounds like you just want to get in her pants. (Which is most likely true, and she'll realize it.)
Just take it slow, make out or something, and let things go from there. You might go all the way.

EDIT: Basically what the guys above me have said.
You're so ****ing stupid. A penis in a vagina is sex. Have're not a virgin. What is so difficult to comprehend?
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just thought i would let everyone know transformers>spiderman 3