Anyone play it?

Best online game me thinks.

here's a link.

anyone already got accounts?
My mum did that.

I just put my own keylogger on the computer, got her passwords etc then turned off all the protection systems she had in place.

i love pron.
good ol' fashion mugging
Wow ... I just read your message and by the end I was thinking "OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT SHOW?!?!?!?!" Then I got the answer too! great work, pit.
Apreggios Are Chords Played Note By Note

Chords Are Arpeggios Playing All Notes At Once

Therefore: Chords Are Made Out Of Arpeggios
sounds like a piss take
more importantly:

99.99999999999999999999% of the universe IS nothing!

so saying that NOTHING is beyond the universe isn't such an abstract idea....
i truly dislike people who pretend to be drunk, but if you are drunk: I feel very sorry for you, as the first place you go is UG. Congratulations.
We were going to play "Pretty Vegas" when we were backing Marty Casey.

But it wouldn't have been pretty after the show.
wow, i envy you. that was incredible.
damn i got beaten to the punch numerous times. Ono!
1. guitar tutor.
2. money.
3. social skills, theory.
4. nothing, though i have extensive knowledge of the guitar, and grade 8 jazz "qualification" ..(hah).
5. 10 minute talk, 10 minute exercises, 10 minute other things, $15NZD thankyou.
6. when the student gets a sense of fulfillment.
7. money, respect.
8. grow a pair, know your ****
9. keeping the ball rolling
10. practice, just get one student, see how you like it. I am 16 years old.
i found that really great. I'm into those kind of lyrics.

except the last verse.

great, especially the first verse and the chorus.

That is my opinion
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Kinda corny, but when John Campbell shook my hand and said "Believe in yourself" I shat bricks, and it's the best advice ever. There's nothing more powerful than knowing what YOU can achieve, because if you know you can, you will.

John Campbell... from Campbell Live??? please tell me you mean him... From New Zealand- the Tv presenter
Dude you want Metul? Get a spider III amp and Spider III guitar, PLUS a Spider III effects pedul, i heard ZaKk Wiylde uses them.
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Hey Joe by jimi hendrix; the chords are C G D E and he uses E minor for C-G-D then switches back to major for E.

Isn't the last chord an A major?
E minor pentatonic IS G major pentatonic. E major pentatonic is completely different to the other 2. So changing to E maj "on the fly" would sound incredibly awkward without proper melodic modulation (setting up a melody that slowly changes in E Major pentatonic).

Thats number One.

For the second question. They DO omit the third, but the powerchords the play are in minor key, and in back in black, notice how the last note in the lick is a low g? thats a MINOR THIRD in E minor. so the minor scale is shown there.
a firewire usb connector. about 80 USD, from any music shop. its USB drive with a built in sound card which connects your Electric guitar to the computer. They come with software aswell, but other software such as cubase make it easier to use.
good title...
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Super fun hole number one

Oh that gave me a chuckle
shocking, I am actually interested. I am very keen to play acoustic lead for you sir.
yea, just making sure im not thinking stupidly.

Well they took my phone to begin with, so i sneakily hid my wallet behind my back the whole time so i still got that. then my glasses, then my jacket, then i asked for my phone back, so... then they gave my phone back (i guess thats the meth talking).

My mate was with me, they didnt take anything from him, but get this:

He had 50 bucks in his wallet, his car keys (which was just down the road) AND:

just under a half ounce of weed.

Incredible? methinks...

but yea they got my 2 dollar glasses and my 40 dollar jacket (lol!)
yeah, it wasn't much fun. But they were maori's on P.

The point is, i can talk and move my jaw to an extent.
My jaw is vaguely swollen on one side at the joint

I pose this question to the pit: Is my jaw broken?

and: who else has this happened to?
first 20 seconds of silence i was thinking "uggh another awful UG cover song". But then i actually like it. A lot. 9 out of 10.

Singing is rather in tune (understatement..?) and recorded very well. good tone on the guitar and it suited the voice.

Maybe a bit too angry? the sarcasm in the lyrics was a bit too overdone...

never heard it played fast before. I enjoyed it and listened through it twice, very good.
its the string sticking to the locking nut, then giving way a little bit. A scary sound like the string might snap?
yeah, weirdest feeling ever. on my rusted old acoustic guitar I slid from a 12th fret high E to 22nd fret, just sliced my finger.

Not too much blood, kind of stung. Thank god for tetanus shots. (don't sig...)

But yeah, it can happen while you're playing!
I Don't Like Mondays
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you lose mainly because you waited 2 1/2 hours in the cold to fight some douchbag


You won the fight, but by fighting in the first place you lost. And on top of that you waited on some punk ass little kid who wanted to fight you.

Therefore: Gain in Reputation and Fail in life.
swollen adenoids methinks

oh and the solid hard boney part (haha) is the hard palate. the soft part near the back is the soft palate.)
good riddance - Greenday (time of your life)
When September Ends - Greenday
Smoke on the water - Deep purple
"now as we can see, this would not have happened if Ross had been using a Mac at the time"

god i hope you were using a Mac...
D: oops!
if you wait she gets angry and jumps up haha
epic!1071 so far
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No rhythm? well apart from atonal music, there's nothing that I now that can be called music if it lacks rhythm, but I may be wrong.

atonal means no specific key...

lots of musical pieces can have no rhythm, pieces with "Free Time" etc...
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...tell me I don't talk enough on the phone when she isn't talking either.

This i agree with whole heartedly. I HATE it!!!!
the way i look at it, McCain's supporters are the racist ones. Planning mass killings of black people, planning to assassinate Obama... 97% of people here in New Zealand want Obama to Win.
all the effects are sub par in my opinion, including the ones you mentioned. wah is ok, whammy is just a whammy and the harmonizer... :/. you can easily bypass tone modifications just with the flick of a switch (the turn of a knob...).

you want it just for your acoustic? strange choice...
change the name to "irony"

i kinda like it.