For the acoustic, just keep Pod Farm open without any modeling and see if that helps. Or you could always just use one of the vocal models, they don't really change what you record very much.
Sounded pretty good. The lead guitar was a little rough but it wasn't enough to really detract from the song. I didn't like the splash cymbal that the drummer used a lot but other than I thought he played pretty tight. From what I could hear in the video, I liked your singer. His voice seemed to fit the song well and he seems like a good singer. He kinda reminded of the singer for Locksley. I'd say yall pulled it off quite well. Good job!

Crit my Strokes cover?
Yes. When the Render dialog box is open, halfway down, past the location to render to, you can choose the file format and the quality (and if you like, the specific Kbps) of your output.
Man, that sounds really nice! I love the way you played it, a good mix of acoustic and rock. Maybe work on picking with more of your fingers? But as far as sound goes, I didn't hear anything wrong with it. Once again, nice job!

Crit mine?
I liked it man! Maybe try compressing the vocals some to keep the levels more consistent through, not that they were that wild though. There was a little bit of popping in it but not enough to detract from the song. I'd add a few more layers of instruments to fill it out more but other than that I really liked it. Good job man

Crit mine?
So, I recently got some new recording equipment and decided to try it out with this song. I realize that the vocals get slightly off a time or two but I don't think it's too bad since I'm still getting used to everything. The song is on my profile. C4C
Quote by COBHC728
I need a drum program in which I can easily create unique drum patterns and rhythms from scratch, not just loops. I'm looking for something that I can use to write full songs with complex rhythms, and it has to be easily programmable (i.e. guitar pro). Can anybody help me with this? Price doesn't matter, just as long as it works on a Mac.

Not entirely sure if it works on Mac, never tried it, but Leaf Drums is probably the best drum program I've found, especially since it's free. You have to have your own samples, but if you do you can make some great stuff.
Quote by gibson4589
well i didnt even get the computer yet lol just doing some research...what is hyperthreading?

It basically just lets you handle more task simultaneously with your processor, but I would imagine that any processor you get nowadays would most likely support it.

If you can afford it, and if Cubase supports it, a quad core is always a good way to go for creative programs, as they're usually pretty CPU intensive. The 2.6 P4 would work, but don't expect to do much else on your computer while Cubase is running as it sounds like it will take up most of your resources.

Btw, are you building or buying a pre-built computer?
Well that's disappointing, I'm using 64 bit. Ha. So what would you recommend I buy/do?
Well the problem is that I can't even install the drivers so I can't run it in compatibility mode, so I can't really do any sort of work around to it. So, does the Pod run in Windows 7 or will I run into the same problem?
Yeah, I've heard about that being really good, but you have to have Professional or better to run it. I've only got Home Premium so I'm out of luck there (don't want to pay $100 to upgrade to it), which is why I'm having to get an interface that will simply work with Windows 7. I don't have much hope for the Satellite because I've heard Mackie is slow to update drivers (supposedly Vista barely works with it) and, its been recently discontinued I think.
So I recently started running Windows 7 on my computer, only to find that the Mackie Onyx Satellite doesn't work with it, with little hope that it ever will. As such, I'm looking to replace it. I found the Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 and I was wondering if anyone knows if it for sure works with Windows 7.
A very cool song. The delay at the beginning sounds really cool and I like how it keeps layering up. The main riff is also cool. Some of the bends throughout the song are a little flat, though the lead parts are still nice. I'm digging your guitars tone of this song. It fits it very well.
Hey thanks for the crit. The riff to Dare to Defy seems pretty common but the bass guitar is really awesome in it. Pick Your Poison is good but the vocals a little quiet. Definitely a southern metal sound you've got. Vocals overall could use a little bit of work in them but I can definitely hear their potential.
Thanks guys. ChrisBG thank you for the vocal suggestions. I agree that they're raw but I wasn't sure what to do to them processing wise and make them sound better. I'm going to go back and edit his vocals some. I'm also going to go back and edit the song in general a bit.
Sure, I'll help ya. I'll see what I can come up with.
Hey man, thanks for the crit. I'm not too crazy about the drums. They sound a bit too sampled. Try mixing them up a bit to give them more of a real sound. I also thought the high hat was a bit too high in the mix. The tone on the guitar was nice and cleanly recorded. I also liked the harmonizing on the two guitars. The main riff of the song was cool. There's not much else to say since it's such a short piece.
Not a bad techno song. I like how it has variation to it unlike a lot of techno songs that I've heard. I didn't care for how the synthesizers just suddenly stopped and started again though. I felt like it was too sudden. Maybe if there was a little reverb on the synths or if you didn't have it cutoff quite as sharply. The snare wasn't too good either. I'd look around online and find some drum samples somewhere. This place has a lot of samples you can use:

Crit mine?
That was a really good song It sounds a lot like Jack Johnson. Very chill but still flowing. I really liked the chords used and you have a really nice voice for this style. You should definitely record and gig some if you don't already. I went off and listened to your other songs on YouTube and all of your songs are really awesome.

Crit mine?
I didn't know it was discontinued. I have one and I love it. It's worked really well for me. I've also heard that the Toneport's are decently good and around the same price.

This is my band's newest song that we've recorded and I'm just looking for some feedback on what yall think of it, if there's any mixing errors, etc. Crit for crit Thanks!
Where and how to take them depends on your style but you need to reflect the overall mood of the band in your pictures. If your a generally upbeat band then you shouldn't take too many pictures with everyone sad or down, you should take stuff with people smiling and happy and acting goofy. Also, if possible use a digital camera to take them. Most of those photos on Rock and Roll Confidential would look better if someone hadn't just scanned a physical image. Another thing about that, make sure everyone is looking at the camera when the picture is taken and dress like you actually put some thought into taking pictures.
Guitar (me): Writes a lot of the music, helps keep everyone focused, brings in a funny song by another band to jam to every now and then to mess around with.

Bass: Good player, gets distracted kinda easily but can pick up songs well, likes to move around the bass a lot in songs

Keyboardist: Typically keeps it simple but adds a little spice to his riffs to make them cooler, newest to playing with other musicians, learns pretty quickly

Drummer/Singer: Writes some of the music but usually is slightly cheesy so we clean it up a bit, great drummer, typically holds back due to singing but can let it rip when he wants to
There are very few instances when pay to play is acceptable and that doesn't sound like one. The only times you should ever even consider paying to play is if:

1. The venue normally isn't open that night and they have to open it just for you, though you'd still get door and merch profits.

2. You can't pull in many people for a renown venue (let me explain this one). There's a venue in my state (Arkansas) that's very well known. They have shows most days of the week. Normally they'd pay you but they have a policy that if you can't bring in about 100 people or more you should just rent to room from them to keep good relations with them. They can book other bands that will make them more money but they want you to get a chance to play. Now, if you bring in a lot of people, you get to keep all the door and merch sales and they'll invite you back without having to rent the room but if you don't deliver, you still get to play and they make their normal profits from a show.

But in this case, you're bringing in more customers than the bar normally gets, they should be paying you, or at least letting you play for free. I'd not play at that bar after this show unless they don't charge you.
The song selection seems good enough but I'd definitely use something other than Sound Recorder. Just grab yourself a copy of Audacity. It's probably the best completely free recording program out there. As for the USB mics, I'd see if you could borrow someone's normal mics because you won't get much out of them most likely. Back to the songs, put songs on it that best reflect the music you play. If you play a lot of fast rock songs, put those on there. If you play a lot of softer stuff, you'd put that on there. This is how you show people what you plan on doing with your music in the future. Good luck with it!
Band: One Fictitious Day
Genre: Jam Band/Rock (All ages)
Date: Oct. 3
Location: Starbucks, Russellville, AR, USA
Time: 7:00
Cost: Free!
Hah, you're right. The lead track on the volume swells is actually a reversed guitar solo. Thanks for the crits guys. Glad yall liked it.
Thanks for the crit. Now let's see here. On all three the quality and timing lack a little bit so we'll go ahead and get those out of the way.

The Realms of Imagination - On the last solo the lead guitar messed up a time or two but it wasn't that bad. The lead guitar just kinda lacks any oomph to it. You've got this heavy guitar going and then this empty lead guitar. The song just feels kind of empty when the lead is soloing.

Out of the Blue - With 55 seconds there's not much to say. It sounded good and I liked the piano.

In Memorium - Another short little piece I see. Not bad. I'd say that if you expand on it a bit and move the piece around a bit you'd have you a nice little song there.
Hey man, thanks for the crit. I definitely like the Egyptian sound to it. You have great tone on this sound that really compliments the palm mutes nicely. The song sounds really nice but it gets repetitive after a while. The acoustic guitar really adds to the song I think.
Quality of the song isn't that bad I think. Not pro-quality (which that makes sense since you didn't go to a pro studio), but better than a lot of recordings that I hear from the bands in my area so kudos to you. And instead of one, why not crit all three songs? Yay!

Chaotic Rage isn't that bad. Kinda reminds me of RATM. It sounds good though. The bass guitar is a bit trebly though. Add more lower range to it.

Agana is a bit of a difference from Chaotic Rage I have to say, though not bad. The percussion sounds a bit weird to me though. It seems a bit far from the mic from the way it sounds.

On Parts of You, the guitar seems a bit too trebly. There's kind of a gap in the mix if that makes sense. You've got the bass bringing up the bottom (which once again, I think it might need to be a bit more bassy) and then the guitar and vocals for the higher stuff but the mids are just kind MIA from the EQ gap.

Hope that helps, I liked Agana the best btw. Crit Mine?
Let's see here, I'm typing as I listen. I can definitely hear some Angels and Airwaves in it. I like it, it's nice and simple. Bring up the vocals, which are nice by the way, some, they're hard to hear. Also, make bring up the bass just a little bit. It may just be my speakers but I think that if you bring up the bass by just a few decibels it would sound better. I'd like to hear more of your stuff in the future.

Crit Mine?
Alright, this is my band's new song that we recorded. Just looking for feedback on it, mainly in terms of mixing but just in general works also C4C
Try looking at Avery products if you want to do home stuff. They have all sorts of programs and templates and supplies you can use to print out a CD label on special paper and then stick it right on the CD. Then you could find a business that would let you use their multiple CD burner. But you still get stuck with assembly, which you said you don't want.

In that case, check out Disc Makers. They'd be your best best for small duplication. They'll take your label and CD and replicate it and assemble it for you and ship it. Most of their stuff has to be in quantities of 100 or more but they do have a small duplication service where you can have any number of CD's replicated. It's down there underneath the main image on their site.
Alright then, cool. I wish I had a better clip but I haven't been able to record with our keyboardist or bassist in a while so that was all I had from what would go on our album.
I must say that is a pretty good price for them. Too bad they don't have US prices up there yet.

Alright, it's up on my band's profile now under "My Favorite One Short Demo". It's just a piece of the guitar and drums raw tracks because that's all I could pull from it right now. The other songs on the profile were recorded a long time ago so they aren't part of what we're looking at doing now. I know that the song obviously isn't professional grade but I don't know if it's bad enough to market as a demo or not.
Quote by axemanchris
1. Realistically assess how many you think you'll be able to sell. The more you get made, the cheaper they are per copy. If you take Gargan's advice, and sell 500 copies (be honest... will you?), then your cost comes in at $1250. Whereas, if you just bought five hundred all at once, they'd probably be around $1000. The price and deal you have quoted sounds good if their product is good, though.

I don't know how good the product is. It seems good but I don't know of anyone that's used them before. Here's the website:
There's another place I know of that I can vouch for a bit more but they charge about a dollar more for the same thing.

Quote by axemanchris
If it IS a demo, then just have it available for free download, or don't distribute it at all if you don't want to give it away. If it is a product you want people to buy - in other words, a commercial product - make sure it is competitive with other CDs they'll pay money for.

I'm actually not sure if people would consider it a demo or not. I mean, it's not professional, studio grade stuff but it's not just some cheap 1 mic recording either. It's just kinda in the middle. I could post up a clip of one of our songs if that would help.
Alright, our band is in the process of recording our first album. It will probably have 9 or 10 songs on it and clock in at a good amount of time. When we release it, we're going to release it at a show with a well known local band to help draw people. Here's my questions about the album:

1. How much of an investment should we put into it? I've seen places that will make professional copies (jewel case, color labels and inserts, color printed discs, etc.) for $2.50 a disc but you have to buy in sets of 100.

2. How much does quality matter on it? We're recording it ourselves but it sounds quite nice (they aren't up on my band's profile yet but think kinda of early Jimi Hendrix stuff but maybe a bit fuller sounding)

3. Even if people come for the better known band, will it still help us get fans and sell albums?

4. Any other suggestions?
Everyone in my band is 16 but this will still apply to you too. We live in a small town without many venues, so what we do is try to get a spot at the big events that has a lot of the town there (Relay for Life and stuff like that). Also, most of the coffee shops will let bands play acoustic sets at them. It's also a good idea to get in touch with other bands that are more established and open for them. Then of course you've got your school talent show and friends parties and stuff like that.
July 10 - The Station House - Russellville, Arkansas
I think the entrance is free. Time isn't 100% yet but should be around 7 or 8
It's One Fictitious Day (my band) and Some Guy Named Robb playing
Our band's website is this:

Name: One Fictitious Day
Genre: Rock/Jam (Maybe like some live RHCP if that helps)
I'm pretty open to different stuff as for the actual logo. Maybe something kinda foggy or mystic to kinda match our name would be cool. Thanks.