Side planks, L-sit hold hanging from a neutral grip pullup bar with elbows at a 90o angle. And AB VACCUMS! I cant stress ab vaccums enough, once properly executed they will give you a slimmer waist and better posture. I dont do any crunch style exercises cause they tighten most peoples already tight hip flexors.
For forearms my favourite to do are towel grip pullups and making something like this:

Instead of towel grip I also may tie a few socks around the pullup bar so it makes an extra thick grip. These are all very simple adjustments and techniques that will make you get a killer grip. I do jiu jitsu 5 times a week so need a vice like grip!
Thanks guys for the recommendations! Also whoever said about Enemies, my band are gonna hopefully be recording with them in the near future. They're the nicest lads and came to see my band play at a festival they were playing as well! Such sound lads and I couldn't believe the compliments they gave us!

Also dude Native Wildlife are ****ing top notch!
Hey guys give me a band to listen to! Im lovin Enemies, O'Brother and TTNG at the moment
"My friends think young peoples bands are stupid (elbow were young once)"

Oh lordy!
Hadn't gone training in bjj in about two weeks and went back on Saturday and felt better than ever. Went again tonight and whilst sparring did my neck in pretty bad. Cant really flex my head down at all so just trying to keep it neutral. It's a pain right along the back of my neck and into the scapula.

Anybody else gotten an injury like this? I did something similar before but not as severe and I can tell the headaches are gonna come hard tomorrow. Any tips guys?
Awh man I came back from a festival today and fell asleep for most of the day and missed my chance to buy The Witcher 2

The only game I bought was Castle Crashers for about 20c because I had sold loads of Dota items and had money in my steam wallet from those.
Farmer walks and power cleans are king for big traps. Look at any strongmen, wrestlers or football players. They didn't shrug for days, they did heavy deadlifts and powercleans.
Has "The Witcher 2" been on sale for 75% off yet does anybody know?
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195lbs is good for a person 5'10 with your stockier build. You could turn a lot of that fat into muscle, since it's hard to "lose weight and gain muscle" at the same time.

You can't turn fat into muscle. You can replace fat with muscle by burning fat and gaining muscle at the same time.
I've always heard people say "oh yeah I can do a plank for 2 minutes" or "How long do you do the plank for"

I remember we had to do them in P.E. for a strength test.
Best deadlift is 110kg(246lbs) at 60kg(132lbs) so far.
May as well post my 5x5 results as well, been doing it for 11 weeks as of today. These are all what Im using for 5x5 sets and not 1 rep maxes. Not too shabby for a 16 year old.

Squat: 30kg(66) - 70kg(154) (reset my squat down to 60 this week as I wasn't happy with my depth on it, I was still getting hips below knees but I want to build more dynamic legs)

Deadlift- 50kg(110)-105kg(231)

Overhead Press 20kg(44)-37.5kg(82)

Bench 25kg(55)-47.5kg(105)

My plan is to do strength training for a year (until my membership has to be renewed) so that's until March 2015. Once 5x5 stops working for me Ill probably change to a modified 5x5 e.g. Elliot Hulse 5x5 or 5/3/1. Then when March comes around next year I'm gonna change to a bodybuilding style split.

Edit:Put in pounds
Quote by DisarmGoliath
Decided yesterday to switch up to more of a 5x5 oriented pattern (inspired by how happy Phils is with his progress ) so gonna do a 5x5 on Mon-Wed-Fri, as such, but then on Tuesday and Thursday I'm gonna do deadlifts/rows/squats and then some core stuff (think core has been neglected a little by me, other than balancing the weight with squats and keeping tight for rows and deadlifts).

Obviously this might change again if I'm unable to cope with the frequency of working everything (been doing stuff twice a week in a sort of push pull legs thing, on Mon-Sat, recently, so the increase in working upper body may prove too much lol).

If I were you I wouldn't do deadlift, squat and rows on your off days. On 5x5 you're trying to increase the weight of your lifts by about 2.5kgs each time (obviously this doesn't work exactly but try increasing every time.) When I i first started doing 5x5 I was doing stuff on my rest days but now that my lifts have gone up so much you really need that rest day to improve. Also your squat and deadlift are gonna be (in my opinion) the toughest so you'll start feeling sick physically if you do those every day.

Try and follow the program to the dot to yield the greatest results. I always see people doing 5 sets of deadlifts. This does not work. With deadlift I give everything, even if it means failing, try your hardest for it and really ****ing attack this one set.

Hope it works well for you, it's been great for me.
My dad built it, it's really magnificent! It has a momentary switch that makes it go into feedback which is pretty cool. It also has a nice modulated setting which sounds really nice for more ambient stuff or fast modulated slap back rockabilly style. I usually layer it with my other delay and reverb.
Hey guys, long time lurking, I don't know why I don't post as Post Rock is probably one my favourite genres to listen to and play. My band even recorded with and supported God is an Astronaut!

Anyway, I got a bargain on a Line 6 DL4 yesterday. €110 second hand with the power supply and it's working perfectly. It's such a fun pedal, even if it is my 3rd delay!

Also the Hardwire supernatural absolutely slays the Strymon blue sky, an amazing reverb pedal but unfortunately has no presets.
I have a 100 watt Twin Reverb clone. I use it to practice at home all the time. I also have several other low wattage "practice" amps that I don't use at all anymore. The twin reverb stills sounds beautiful at practice volumes.
I literally get a hard on when I see people making things like this, awesome!
Hey guys Im currently trying to put on some weight. In the last two weeks I've started eating more and in 15 days I've put on 2kgs. I'm just wondering if that much in that time frame is about right and is it mainly muscle?

I'm doing a 5x5 program (couldn't recommend anymore) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 4/5 times a week (that stuff is like crack for me!)

My meals look like this everyday:

Breakfast: Porridge w/ peanut butter or linseed and banana
Small snack: Wholemeal bread with chicken or peanut butter
Lunch: Two apples, grapefruit, another sandwich with ham, oranges or other fruit
Lunch: 3 Scrambled eggs, bagel, peanut butter and banana, big glass of milk
Before training: Coffee, banana, possible pitta bread or yoghurt
Post Workout: Whey protein
Dinner: Whatever my dad cooks, some sort of carb (rice, pasta, potatoes) green vegetables and a meat like chicken or mince, another big glass of milk
Before bed: Cottage cheese with peanut butter

I try to drink about a gallon of water throughout the day as well.

Could anyone give me any tips on possibly improving this so I can put on minimum fat whilst putting on weight, or does it look decent enough?
Bandcamp and physical copies.
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Me and bandmates do this all the time, this picture was for a 2 man gig where we had to get a tram and train to the venue. The pedalboard and amp are on the skateboard:

We have like twice the amount of gear as that now but we still do it.
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Holy crap. You have a guyatone twin clone! I just discovered them the other day and I want one!

Its probably the nicest amp I've ever played in my life, an absolute beast of an amp. Only downside is it probably weighs more than me and can be a pain in the ass to move especially when gigging quite a lot. It's a great canvas for layering reverbs and delays on, so it makes me a happy boy!
Guys I was lurking in here before and I saw someone posted a link to O' Brother on Audiotree. Thanks you so much whoever you are! Such a colossal sound!
I eat it for...

Dem gains
I really find it fascinating why people don't do a simple 5x5 program to start. I've been doing Jason Blaha's 5x5 for over a month and a half, these are my results:

Squat: 35kg to 62.5kg
Deadlift: 55 to 95
Bench: 20 to 40
Overhead Press: 20 to 30

I see people my age (16) doing a bodybuilding routine or split and not seeing results over months and wondering why nothings going up, I always recommend a basic 5x5. Although most of them can't do any of the compound lifts except bench.
Well with HIIT I always think your meant to give everything you've got, if I do HIIT I feel it the same if not more than a 30 minute jog.

I've stopped doing jogging and cardio like that but I do Jiu Jitsu 4/5 times a week and twice a week its after strength training. I used to do it before 5x5 but I couldn't give all to the lifts. In my opinion and personal experience I would do cardio after 5x5.
Quote by kikaykitko
I'm currently doing the Strong Lifts app and I really like it. It's 3x a week with only 2 alternating workouts. First workout is squats, bench press and bar rows (5X5). Second workout is squats, bench press (5x5) and deadlifts (1 set of 5). The weight increases every week if you complete the workout (I don't always).

I wanna stick to it but I also want to keep doing cardio on the days I'm not doing weights. Should I do something like a row machine or high incline on a treadmill or stay with the HIIT I did before (30 seconds cardio, 10 second rest, 30 second body weight move, repeat)?

I've been doing Jason Blaha's 5x5, it's nearly the same but with a few additional exercises that you don't even have to do for strength. If you wanna do some extra cardio just do it at the end of the weight session. If you do some HIIT on your off days it will affect your performance in your lifts and the amount of energy you have for the big days, you'll start seeing results even without too much cardio.
I think I remember you making this guitar? The grain is beautiful! HNPD
Lift heavy shit and do Jiu Jitsu.
5x5 B

Squats 5x5x50kg
Deadlift 1x5x80kg new PR
Overhead Press 5x5x27.5kg
Bent over row 5x5x40

Tricep extensions, curls, ab roller than hour of jiu jitsu
I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on 8th of January. Since then I have had an hour long session every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and have only missed one class. It's seriously addicting! I have also been going to the gym every Wednesday and Friday as part of my school sports program but I have missed out on a couple of weeks.

I got a proper gym membership last week and have been following Jason Blaha's 5x5. Overall from gym and mainly jiu jitsu I have gone down about 4-5% body fat I think and have increased muscle mass and my strength. I have gone up 1.5kg but I would like to go up even more. I've also gone from 1 full range chin-up to 7 and 0 pull ups to 3

Also my posture has improved greatly!
Here's some pics



Could've been us on Grafton St or Temple Bar!
Dude you're pretty much in the same situation I was in a few years ago.

I used to busk on Grafton Street, Dublin. Started when I was about 12/13 doing covers of Nirvana, Foo Fighters, The Beatles, The Doors, The Black Keys and some other simple stuff. First it was just me and my friend with two acoustic guitars and a few months later we had electric guitar, acoustic, bass and cajon setup.

And I'm not lying we made a LOT if money. I can remember on our first day with just me and my friend we made about 90-100. Some people were kinda shocked that we were so young so they gave us money.

Another day I went busking by myself for awhile (I don't sing) and in about 30 minutes I got about 20euro when it was lashing rain.

I think a big factor us also was we were kinda crazy and nobody our age had done stuff like this before with lots of energy like playing guitar behind your head, running around, jumping over each other while playing, pretending to be The Who and playing in the rain topless.

In just under two weeks we made about a grand to record our EP. Also don't do what I did and spend all your money on food!

Quote by theogonia777
a) busking doesn't really make any money
b) you're not going to make anything not singing
c) you're not going to make anything playing classic rock
d) you're not going to make money if you are 13


Best of luck on your journey man, you'll definitely meets lots of new interesting people and will get the chance to plays lots of new gigs and venues.

Quote by xxdarrenxx
The problem is it's not as stable, but the burst income per hour can be very high. Higher than most jobs actually

Also you do not need to sing, it's about charisma. Then I don't mean appearance, but if people feel your genuine and into it, they often give u money for the effort alone.

Exactly! You gotta enjoy it and sort of put on a show!
I do Thai boxing and recently started Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, before starting these and getting in better shape I used to play guitar for a few hours a day. My playing is getting neglected these days.

Funnily enough I think guitar benefited my Jiu Jitsu greatly. My arm at the elbow is so flexible from guitar that it's really hard to get submitted on that side.
I came across this a year ago and bookmarked it, designed for a pair of passive pickups (I think the EMG-HZ). Someone else may be able to shed some light into it being made into stompbox form.