Might look better with my chrome hardware. Not sure about the abalone though...the green might be a little too random
Sup GB&C, long time no see.

Just bought this guy:

Problem: I think the knobs look cheap and stupid. I'm thinking some chrome dome knobs will just about do it, but maybe you guys can pull out some crazy classy shit for me. I don't wanna be too predictable with this
Not worth the trouble. Get a VJ
I bought an Epi VJ today.

It's amazing.

That is all.
If you can do a good imitation/mocking girl voice, Lust for Life would be hilarious/awesome to do.

Cord makes awesome pickups. And I believe he gives a 10% discount for all UG members. Can't go wrong with custom..he'll make them exactly how you want them.
Yeah it looks like it might be tape. Quick glance looked like they were all dinged up lol
The band Girls? If so, that's ****ing awesome. I love them infinitely.
They're canadian. Which makes them irrelevant
the hell's going on with frets 21 and 22?
Oh those Irongears...

What's your budget, kiddo?
Wait, Chuck was here?
Umm. Would it be weird if I told you I just ruined my keyboard via premature ejaculation after looking at these pics?
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I never thought he would do a stupid thing like that.

I'd be pissed.

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i cant believe ormsby now has his own facebook fan page...

what exactly is the purpose of/are you planning to do with the jimiac jim?

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hey chuck. got any plans for that guitar? well, not plans.. i know you have them. i sent them. =P but do you have any clue as to when you'll use the templates?

awesome. i sent them today. can you include space for the stand as well?

Not yet. I'll probably end up holding off on making it till ive done a few more guitars. I want it to turn out great.
I'm going to see the band "fun." tonight. anyone appreesh?

Made by the lead singer from another incredible band, The Format.
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That sucks.

Give me the tickets then

Have to present an ID that has my full name on it. Sorry broski.
Might have to look into that.

Speaking of fuzz, I was supposed to be going to NYC tomorrow to see Muse's VMA show theyre putting on. But now I have to work. And can't make the drive in time after getting out. FML
Now that I have a steady income, I'm going to buy my Casino this year. And a Zvex fuzz factory. Woo!
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it's not thick enough for a floyd. but you should be able to. 175? i can't let it go for less than that.

edit: yeah. i bought mine. i'll take pics for the NFD thread

That could work. I have some nice ideas for an acrylic guitar. What pickups and hardware are on it?
!?!?! What mocking bird?

The acrylic one? Not really. Only if there is room for me to route a bunch of it out and put glow in the dark liquid in it. And you wanna sell it cheap
What are you trying to get for it?
bad ass, what are the pickups and wood used?
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Get Druuuuuuuuuunk

I got so incredibly drunk the night before my birthday that my sister stole my phone and hid it so I didn't make any embarrassing/stupid texts. I really paid for that night all day.
Yeah it's good enough..I'll be able to make it work if I ever get to building it. I hate your opinion on the Beatles. There has never been better lyricism and innovative songwriting and there never will be.
Why are you ashamed of having an Agile? Don't make it something it isn't.
Jared, got your template. Good stuff.
I really like Attack Attack! as well. Bands like Parkway Drive though I can't stand. I need a healthy mix of the singing and the screaming.
So I find myself really really into the band A Day to Remember right now. Anyone else appreesh? Or at least apreesh post-hardcore?
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how did you study for it?

Reviewing like crazy. Didn't do ****.