my parents know that i do both, they don't exactly approve, but they don't really bother me about it much either.
shoulda plugged it...

just show them this thread if they don't believe it's not a big deal.

no. don't.
i feel like if i touched her, i'd get sticky
dave mustaines sweaty wristband that he tossed in the crowd after the show, slayer ticket signed by all but tom, and a symphony x signed cd
damn...randy rhoads must be spinning in his grave
man, even if the idea behind it is a good one, and it would represent that time in your life; you're gonna end up thinking about that girl every time you look at it forever...seriously, you will! so unless you're totally fine with thinkin about her for most likely the rest of your life, don't get it. Besides, would you really feel comfortable explaining that tat to all future gf's and future wife/wives?
damn...hasnt anyone mentioned Jerry Garcia? wouldn't necessarily call dead-heads fanboys, but you get the picture
Aww, damn...and i was just about to recommend some Manowar.
Past experiences have taught me that nothing drives a chick wild like the intense, thunderous music of Manowar. Well, on a serious note, play some Tornado of Souls, Lucretia, Sweating bullets would be interesting too i suppose.
what this guy said ftw.
dream theater
fear factory
symphony x
children of bodom
lamb of god
dark tranquillity
amon amarth
in this moment
thine eyes bleed
then some local bands
Your guardian angel seems to do the trick.
just cuz she smokes weed doesnt make her a bad person man.
hey sorry i dint have time to look throguh 40 pages of audacit stuff, but i was hoping sumone could help me out with this. im recording guitars and stuff through audacity with a line 6 x1, but ive been trying to record drumtracks from either drum machines or guitar pro, but in audacity nothing happens, like theres no signal coming in. I tried changing the i/o in preferences but it didnt change anything. isnt there some kinda way i can line it in somehow on my computer?
damn, harsh...yeah ill repost it after i switch that riff up...sometime in the next 2 days or sometin. thx for all the critiicism
yeah its a shame cuz i wrote that main riff a while back, and then bfmv released forever and always and its always kinda bothered me but i dont know if i really wanna change that riff now or not...
I put an original verison of this song on here before and its in my sig actually, so u could compare em i guess, but this version is a lot more mellow and it kinda has the feeling of there being a story happening in it. idk, im kinda high right now and im listening to it and im happy with the results, but it mite just be cuz, ya know. Thanks everyone..
if you guys wouldnt mind, what do u all think of the lyrics and melody? also, i dont really like labeling things into genres but what do u think this sorta fits into? thx
thx alot, yeah the snare is like that cuz its on drum kit 16
thx alot man, yeah, im still unsure, i still dunno if im 100% on the solo yet...
man, thats pretty wicked. it had a kinda oasis feel to it. very nice. btw, what program did u use for the drums?
Uncle Rico's Disco-Fricking Sac Diddlers
i can honestly say this is the best song about the homeless that i've ever heard lol...its really catchy, IIIIIIII'mmmm...the hobo king lol
Hey, i recently finished working on this kinda slower post-hxc/rock song with lyrics included in it. Lemme know what u guys all think. thanks a lot.

oh yeah

black, like i like mah ladies.
try by playing a song you know extremely well, a song you've listened to a million times. itll be easier to learn since youll know the relationship between the vocals and the guitar better and itll be easier to put them together while playing
oh ****s, its the apocalypse...tica
damn, mines pretty close, but no cigar
does anyone have any suggestions for any way i can improve the bridge of this song? i like it, but it almorst feels as if i could do sumthin else or sumthin more to it to improve upon it. does anyone have any thoughts?
anyone have any more opinions or suggestions for me? remember c4c, just gimme a link to ur song and ill crit ur stuff as well
thanks alot, yeah i realized it does get a little busy at points but im thinking if it was recorded with actual instruments and vox, itd get a little cleaner sounding, what with all the technology and volume adjustments and stuff that could be done. yeah, ill add the gp4 and midi files in about an hour and a half, i got get all dressed up and stuff; got a job interview, lol.

gp4 and midi files have been added
i spent most of the day yesterday just writing this song, and wanted to see what everyone thought. open to all constructive crit. and suggestions. thanks alot.
awesome, thanks a lot
hey man, just wanna let u know i think that its awesome that you're doing this...ive been hoping sumone would do this for awhile. i got a kinda slower acoustic rock song that needs some percussion in it. it would kick ass if u'd be able to lay a track down for it. thanks alot.

acoustic song
This is kind of an older song i wrote, just decided to post it up on here now. lemme know what you think.

hey, ive added the gp4 files and a midi file now
thx a lot, yeah man ill crit urs soon, prolly tom. just cuz rite now im really drunk lol and i wouldnt be able to give the criticism that it deserves
thanks man, nah no band for me at the moment...lack of musicians that dig the same type of stuff around me...
yeah, i can hear the alexisonfire influence... it's pretty solid, i liked the the intro part & the chorus riff is badass too. the speaking part is nice too, but maybe it runs just a tad too long, unless theirs a lot of speaking? idk. some of the transitions are kinda sudden as well, and could be made a little smoother, but anyways nice song.

mind crit-ing mine?