Alright. thanks guys.
I've currently got a BC Rich Masterpiece Bich, A BC Rich Warlock, a Fender Strat, a pretty bad Ibanez amp, and some Death Metal distortion pedal that my friend gave me. I'm looking to get a Michael Angelo Batio MAB4 Gauntlet, and thanks for the welcome. ^_^
Out of curiosity, also first time posting in the Gear threads, does anyone know what gear Drowning Pool uses on their first album? Because I would really love to have whatever pedal C.J. Pierce is using for Christmas.
All of the world is,
Passing me by,
I stand still,
as time thrives,
This cold, hopeless, hell,
My body is a shell,
awakened by the bell,
and it seems,
so surreal,
My life i take,

as I fall into the surface,
I splash into the ground,
i make the world my only haven,
When I Die i make no sound,

My form has saturated,
your mind,
I may be dead,
but my kind is blind,
Recycled through darkness,
Recycled through voids,
I re-join my world,
and my mind's destroyed,
Frozen in time,
My funeral chimes,
joining the grime,
and it seems,
My life,
I take,
and I let myself go,
and I go down,
I feel the wind blow,
and I hit the ground,
So lets go,
Oh yeah,
Into the ground
It's been a while since I've been on this thread. Any new contributions?
I drown in my sorrow,
no tomorrow,
never again,
I dissipate the pain,
I'll never be the same,
without you,

And I feel,
your voice in my air,
and i see,
that you don't care,
Another columbine,
of my heart,
another fear of mine,
of bloody art,
I'll end up dead,
My vision red,
I Choke,

I swim in sympathy,
for today,
for my friend,
I cancel out the hurt,
My life was mine at first,
before you,
came along,

[Chorus repeat]

When I see your face,
in my reflection,
I feel a part of me,
is missing,
When i hear your voice,
in my recordings,
I feel a century of ripping,
I need you in my life,
this pain,
worse than a thousand knives,
and their handles,
I Choke,

Do you believe in love?
Do you believe in destiny?
true love merely comes,
only once,
In a thousand lifetimes,
the knife edges my soul,
The emptiness of your,
is finally,
taking it's toll,


when the wind blows,
I hear it call out your name,
My heart is broken up,
My mind is going deeply Insane,
I never want to let you go,
Never leave me be,
Your love is never enough,
I can't live without you beside me,

Please have no fear,
together we will disappear,
As much as you hate,
I know you love me,
deep inside,
the pain of you gone,
into my skin,
My blood is painted with your sin,
of love,


I'm going now,
but I won't leave you alone,
I won't let you take me.
Quote by mtshark
Haha, as if people play extended. It's a really good deck in modern. It was even better before Bloodbraid Elf got banned, but people have been using cards like Huntmaster as their 4 drop creatures.

Hell yeah dude. My modern 5 color rules. It does suck that Bloodbraid got banned. I took mine out after that happened.
i have also recently built a Boros deck. Anyone on here have a Wizards account?
Quote by necrosis1193
Wait, people really pay upwards of $50 for a card? Why? Looking at its numbers and effect, I can't figure out what makes that card worth that much...

it's worth so much because it was only released in the very first 3 magic expansions. That's why Black Lotus is over 2000 dollars.
Well they also recently came across some money when a dude actually came in and bought a legit Ancestral Recall.
Quote by BladeSlinger
Your card shop is killing themselves. Most people use Star City Games as a standard for price since they organize a lot of national events. Every card store I've ever been to uses them as a price standard. I wish your store was around here. I'd sell my foil Reckoner for $60 then turn around and buy another for $35 at a SCG based store. I could almost get two.

Yea. I haven't been in about two weeks though. So, it may have changed. The prices i have are based off of last time i was there.
The world
in massive grace
faithless disgrace
locked in this place
an empty
of disunion

the Soul
of The World
has returned
the end
is near
watch us

The seas
fill up our skies
our fiery eyes
spirits despise
our human


showing end of days
sky high
impossible to slay
free fall
to oblivion
lost all
blocking out the sun



We won't see another
setting sun
we must stand
and realize
the end has come

Quote by BladeSlinger
The foil is at $35. If someone told you 60, they're lying.

That's how much my card shop will buy it for. The reg is at 30.
Wreaking havoc
amongst the slaves
the seed
Blood flows long
no one to save
runs with

Chorus 1
With a wicked smile
and a quick embrace
The Devil's Own
to kill
With a wicked walk
and a cheap disgrace
when the Devil's Own
causes blood
to spill

The hellions face
looks down on you
his fire
your flesh
the devil rides
upon his back
false lords

Chorus 2
With a wicked smile
and a cheap embrace
The Devil's Own
your pain
With a wicked strike
and your damaged faith
The Devil's Own
your blood
will rain

Call to all
the damned and stray
his glory
one by one
die fore his own
your final
Chorus 1
Chorus 2
Quote by macashmack
I have a pure eldrazi type deck that altogether cost like a bunch of money.

\Probably. if you have an Emrakul. Emrakul is like 30 bucks.
Quote by BladeSlinger
Yea, Bolas is utter shit.

I'm probably going to go trade my foil Boros Reckoner today. Hopefully I'll get a none foil and some good trade value. It's at $40 as far as I know.

Not 40. Try 60.
Quote by mtshark
I hate to break it to you, but you got the bad end of that trade. BBE is still going for a couple bucks even though it got the axe in Modern, and Winter Orb is $3. You can pick up Nicol for like $5.

The best trade I've made? A few weeks ago I swapped GTC Gideon for a Deathrite Shaman. Unless Gideon somehow makes it into a Tier 1 standard deck, he's going nowhere compared to Deathrite who gets played in the eternal formats.

Gideon is back at like 24 bucks. And Bolas is around 6-8
Can someone please tab Chopin's Death March or Marche Funbre for Guitar? The whole thing preferably.
Best trade i've ever made, Two Bloodbraid Elves and a Winter Orb for a Nicol Bolas. The planeswalker not the creature.
Quote by Vermillionpart2
How do you guys get cards mostly? I tend to buy either Deck Builder Tool Kits or premade decks.

I buy individual packs when i play FNM or if there are specific cards i want my shop will sell them to me.
Quote by losing battle
I my krenkos the broken edh/commander deck or I play draft I have zero intrest in competitive constructed.

I have two EDH decks, one with Omnath, Locus of Mana as the commander and another with Krenko, Mob Boss as the commander.
Quote by Vermillionpart2
Are the new Gatecrash planeswalkers good?

The new Gideon is.
Quote by BladeSlinger

The Gruul one could be pretty cool but it's not amazing.

The new Gideon is good. i actually pulled one.
Anything like Skrillex, dubstep, etc. Because it sucks donkey dick.
I also count The Doors as Blues at time like People Are Strange and Peace Frog
Forgot to include the Allman Brothers i did
Quote by BladeSlinger
Seriously, use the edit button. WoW and D&D are hardly comparable by themselves. D&D was the framework for a ton of RPGs over time.

Also, I hate WoW.

I do too. That's why i didn't start playing. I love D&D. I had this buddy, where every time someone in his party would die, he would make them go out in a blaze of glory.
Quote by BladeSlinger
It's weird now that I'm in to some various nerd activities. I started Magic and D&D once I got into college. .

I actually was gonna try D&D at some point. and LoL. One of my ex girlfriends tried to get me to play WoW.
Working on an Orzhov deck, a Mono white cat deck and still my 5 color. I actually got my gf to play magic too. She buys more than i do XD
Quote by BladeSlinger
I saw this thread and was kind of glad since I play Magic casually. Turns out all of UG hates anyone who plays magic.

The current block has been pretty sweet. I'm making a Boros deck at the moment. I want to possibly make G/W/U, whatever the name for that is.

Not cool, man.

Been making an Orzhov recently. Working out pretty well with Gatecrash.
Quote by Mephaphil
Have you seen it lol? It's made cheaply, with poor wood, parts etc, it's not very pretty, he wants to play Muse. I think there are much better guitars in that price range.

I don't think it's a very good guitar at all. Mainly, BC Rich at that price range are forgettable.

Idk man. that's your opinion. I like 'em. Cheap guitars, they sound great and theyre just cool.
Try the whole Pink Floyd album "Meddle"
Quote by RetroGunslinger
Yeah I used to love Pokemon cards

I used to collect them. Never really spent the time to learn the card game.
Quote by Mephaphil
Don't buy that guitar.

Agh. Why not man. What's wrong with a Bich?
Quote by macashmack
I mugged a woman in stuy-town once. made 240 dollars.

Nice. G-milf probably.
Quote by beefcake122
Mashed Potato Johnson

Holy shit, i totally got that reference XD
Dethklok all the way.
Quote by K!d_MeTaL
Yeah, you could just double the amount of c0ck you suck for a living

Yes, well, hm, this thread was a waste of time, but thank you, unsuccessful troll. Good luck with your current occupation of serving a glory hole and um, kill yourself