also, for the americans, the usa does NOT have an official language (some think its English, but it's not). there's lot of different languages flying around our county..its smart to learn another langauge.
check the fuse? I don't know much about these things but it happened to me once so I guess it's worth a shot
Does anyone know how to play 'scandalous' by head automatica? it's one of those songs that gets in my head and i just don't feel like trying to figure it out. thanks
love the band. their older stuff is definitely the best though
hey man, i put "dumb pop song" up. it's in the "waiting for approval" section. so if you want to check it out then it will be there. i don't know how exact it is but at least its something to start you off.
ill give it a shot...i know for a fact that i do not know the solo though..i'm gonna have to do this off of memory though cuz i don't have the cd or song with me. it'll be pretty close though, i used to play this song all the time back in the day.
its pretty easy n00b follow the link smb's link
ah ha! thanks for the help!
I don't know if this is written somewhere, but how come in the "tab approval" some of the band's names are shaded where others are solid white? I feel like this started happening all of a sudden. I'm sure it's nothing but, but I just want to know. Thanks.
usually if i hit brick walls, then i stop writing until something hits that i have to write down (or explode into a thousand tiny army men that take over a town...but i digress). so my advise to you is to put down the pen and're not on a deadline are you? just relax and itll come to you.
umm i dont think its bad..i do it too every once in a while. i've also noticed that the singer/guitarist of rx-bandits does it (and a bunch of other people)...and he's phenomenal so therefore, it can't be bad. as long as you are comfortable
i got the fender cd 140...and it's a very very nice guitar. i love it. i used to not like fender acoustics but after playing this, i take back what i said about them. this runs for about $300 and it's nicer than some of the more expensive acoustics by other brands. this acoustic is amazing quality and i couldn't be happier. its an electric acoustic by the way.
i use audacity all the time but i havent heard of it not working like that..maybe try re-downloading it? or try to type in your question in google and sometimes you can get links to other forums where people are having the same problem
i really wish i could help you with this because there was a tab in the "tab approval" section that i looked at real quick and i approved it and everything and then the next day, it was no where to be found...what the hell? i wanted to learn that effing song...
crank up your amp and play some of the songs off of the black keys's "magic potion" those are some rocking songs...after that, take one of the little solos or riffs from that that you thought was cool and just mess around with it..and don't worry about pentatonics and all that theory nonsense, just have fun and play balls to the wall
thats ****ing hilarious...i thought chicks look like absolute idiots when they do this...and that youtub link was nothing short of brilliance..loved it
since i've been alive i would say the 90s were the best; i thought there was some good stuff and the punk and pop punk wasnt total garbage like it is now. also, rap wasnt the horrid, same crap like it is now + hip hop was still fairly strong. also, the rock was good and grunge was awesome. other than that, the 70s were really really cool. the problem today is that there is a new band everyday that sounds like 1,000 other bands and those other 1,000 are **** anyways. if you want to find good music now, you really have to search for it. so in summation...the 90s and 70s were sick.
Opening Theme: Jaws Theme Swimming - Brand New

Waking Up: Open Book - Cake

First Day At School: Maybe Memorie - The Used

Falling In Love: Son Of A Preacher Man - The Supremes

Fight Song: Cash, Culture, And Violence - Rancid

Breaking Up: Have You Ever - Incubus

Prom: Young Americans - David Bowie

Life's OK: Ocean and Atlantic - Mayday Parade

Mental Breakdown: Lonely One - Cartel

Driving: Chicago Is So Two Years Ago - Fall Out Boy

Flashback: Never Slept So Soundly - Rx Bandits

Getting Back Together: Up Against The Wall - Boys Like Girls

Birth Of A Child: Concerto No. 21 - Mozart

Wedding: Loquasto International Film Festival (From 'The Life Aquatic') - Mark Mothersbaugh

Final Battle: Let's Dance - David Bowie

Death Scene: The Projects - Handsome Boy Modelling School

Funeral Song: Point of View - Silverchair

End Credits: Raining In Baltimore - Counting Crows

i'll take it! some goods ones..some bad ones...this was fun though..good way to burn a few minutes
ocarina of time is like always voted the best game of all time on a lot of sites. other than that, star fox is sick. and who ever said nightmare creatures and castlevania, those games were awesome as well. also, wave race 64 was fun if you like racing on jet skis
learn something by pete yorn...he has good acoustic stuff...or the honorary title (mainly the first cd)
you should learn some stuff by the rx-bandits...they get pretty advanced. and try to get off of drop d so you can get your hand used to making bigger stretches.
throw it's okay to be wasteful...or sell it to a struggling artist in a studio apartment in the crappiest part of the city
oh and zelda, of course
castlevania 1 & 3, contra, and double dragon 1 & 2