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sorry i have a life and cant constantly follow the happenings of the chat thread

this is what i used to think, and yet here i am again
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i need a new computer but when i get one I'm gonna make killer hardstyle tracks

you don't make black metal anymore?
also that's so lame that erik is a mod now what about me guys
i love that we're still doing threads like this
when i was ten, my runescape username was SgtYugioh
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what's new
also what happened to the forums, they're all like, modern and stuff
is this what we're calling the chat thread now
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I'd have to say my third wife. Yeah, when she peed on me it was with such force it was like a yellow hot water massage.
blanche because she's spunky
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this is your last post on ug?

no this is my last post on ug
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yo when are you next going to disappear for another like 6 months or w/e?

starting right now
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why tho


cos i can't spit the shells out it's too hard
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Just answer the fucking question you little shit
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You gotta smoke a shit ton of cigarettes to kill the toxins.

i quit
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reprovisional by fugazi

memes by fugazi
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hey buddy

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at least you'll die doing what you love

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nah you'll just have a sunflower grow in your stomach

same with apple seeds

no it's the shells i'm worried about you see
memes by fugazi
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lean forward onto one buttcheek


i might have to give it a shot
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I'm gonna say yes because even if it's bad it will be a great story to tell at dinner parties.

this is a good point
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i took a dump earlier

now don't get me wrong i'm firmly on the #sitsquad when it comes to wiping but i thought i'd be adventurous and try a stand up wipe instead.


~tbh this is less rough on my bootyhole
~it's scary warm and smooth between my bootycheeks lol
~i must look like a dork right now
~the added leverage heading the cavern is a nice touch but i'm missing the ability to intricately control exactly where i wipe and maintain optimal bootyhygiene
~good thing it was a solid bootydough otherwise this could've been a mess
~there's less risk of accidentally touching the shitpaper to my bootyskin but i still don't feel as clean as i normally would with a nice sit wipe i should prob shower

overall it is something i probably won't do again unless my hands are really cold or something

thank you

how do ppl wipe sitting down even

like how do you get your hand under there if ur sitting down
i think baby joel picks his nose
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oh wait it's noah

wb brah, who unbanned you? i know it wasn't bryce cuz that would require him to do actual mod stuff so im guessing DG

i wasn't banned
living in a medical state is so very schweet

finally got my own dab rig after borrowing my friend's for months lol
good answers everyone keep it up