Something about Liopleurodon or some such nonsense I don't know.

Vengeance from the grave bitches.

Ain't those bad for cha?!
No, I mean it was completely predictable with absolutely nothing happening besides the completely known.

It wasn't a surprise at all.

It was simply a gimp towards GSP who will dump Maia on his head and make him look more foolish that Silva did.

It was a 15 minutes of what I already knew would happen without anything I thought might happen.

You either get it or you don't.
Because the "best BBJ practitioner in MMA" spent the whole fight on Fitche's back and couldn't do shit anything besides keep him there.

Barely even bothered to simply rabbit punch.

No arm bars, no triangles, no RNC, no transfer to mount, no anything.

A wrestler isn't trained to finish, a bjj guy is, and he simply out wrestled Fitch. Didn't even Fitch Fitch because he barely threw punches.

He was passive for his game because he didn't want to risk Fitch taking control.

It was simply a fight for control without either fighter trying to give up control.

Fitch was a pussy that never once risked anything to try and get out, and Maia was a pussy because he never went for anything he's been training for the majority of his life.
Fell asleep during I think round 3 during the main event.

Woke up and soccer was playing on my stream.

Whole card sucked, all UFC has sucked/been waaaaay to predicable this year.

Strikeforce I guess was ok, but I didn't see that.

Been too busy watching awesome kickboxing, AMAZING Muay Thai, and surprisingly good lowpro MMA fights this year.

UFC has sucked. Trying to put on "good" fights that are really clearly one sided fights. Only good one was Dodson-Mouse and Dodson just wilted and lost after round two.

I mean, did anyone REALLY think Rampage was going to win? Edgar is a superfight? REALLY?!?!

Guess no one in the universe has ever even heard of Jose Aldo before...

All fights had fighters fighting half ass, losing on their own fault, and just general stupidness.

/ waiting for Sonnen/Jones because at least that will be a fight were both fighters bring it no matter what.

UFC can suck a BBC.
Also, denying that many MMA fighters don't do roids is foolish as well

Not being poped =/= not using roids
ALSO !!!!!!!

Bisping deserves a ****ing title shot.

I don't care who you are, I don't care what you've done.

Bisping has done more, harder, and more often than you

He's put in the work, and while talent might not always be shinning in his corner I believe he's done enough to earn it if Anderson is pulling the whole "Lawl! Imma retired undefeated!" thing.

He's earned it he deserves it, come at me bros because **** all of joo!!!! MB > you *big ass f u c k I n g smiley face*
Any person that doesn't like, or at least respect Chael Sonnen as fighter is a fool and an absolutely ignorant and almost childish fool.

If you don't agree, then you have no idea who Chael Sonnen is as a person.


Come at me with your responses, I have absolutely wonderful and completely competent responses to your ignorant hate responses
Pros/Cons of Mark/Recto series amps?
Quote by bdof
Thank GAWD we can all stop pretending that Dos Santos was unbeatable.
He seems like such super nice guy, and his story is great, but he was never some unbeatable God-Like fighter. The same way that Chuck never was. And once both other went against a well rounded striker that could wrestler, they were exposed.

All that critisism aside, Dos Santos showed a ton of heart NOT to be finished.
So who should be next for Dos Santos? Overroid when he gets back? Or perhaps a tuneup fight with a HW in the top 5-8 realm?

EDIT: Now that I think about it, it seems likely that Cromier for his UFC debut would be a well timed matchup, since he's fighting in 2 weeks, so they'd have equal time off.

God you're so annoying in this

Chuck WAS unbeatable until he lost by his own means. Then he lost.

Then he went on to secure his belt against him twice.

Junior lost because he wasn't 100% prepared for Cain.

JDS has proven he has the power to finish Cain, while Cain has not.

JDS, truely properly prepared won't lose.

Same way Cain bear JDS.

JDS will beat Cain

Also, JJ HW 2013 is going to be a lawlfest!!!!
Lawl @ Jens Pulver

This fight is gawna rulez!

Joe Rogan is extra high commentating tonight.
If he is still around when/if Anderson retires anytime soon he'll be a true contender for the belt I think.
That was a good elbow though at the end.

MMA grappling is just different. Seems it's either hyper active submissions and position changing until something works out, or maintaining position and trying to inflict damage.

With fighters that focus so much on either aspect, it's hard to fight on the ground against them
Quote by Ippon
WTF the ref keeps standing them up?

Because this Merrykaw.

And in Merrykaw we don't appreciate snuggling on the ground and other homersexuals activities!

Unless it is punching or kicking, than it tis hugging and kissing!!!

In before Okami is the MW Fitch, forever in the shadow of the champion.
Leben has always stunk.

But his power and chin make him super fun awesome sauce so we love him.

30-27 Melvin.
I kinda want the same thing that happened in the first fight to happen again.

Just so JDS can real life troll Cain.

Besides, JDS even sort of has the troll face. I mean, picture it, if he did the face?

Would be sorta hilarious in a cosmic sense.
JDS will probably end up being the new Anderson.

Unless Alistar comes back and just wrecks people, I don't know how he will do against JDS.

I used to think Reem would win, but now I'm not so sure.
Good fight.

War Lawler!
Picked up a pickled pounder of pears for a dollar.

A whole pound.

I picked it.

A whole pound.
That gif in the comments best describes that.

Fedor was amazing.

One of the worst travesties was Randy vs Fedor never happening
How can you say Colton is another Fitch?

If anything Ricci deserves a lot of credit for having such good defense. Anyone less would have been finished in the first round.

Colton WANTED that finish and was going for it really hard.

It was anything but lay and pray
Don't get thchannel so can't be assed to worry about fuel shit
Thought it wasn't on until 8?

Or are these pralims on fuel or something?

**** fuel, d
I know I read people well.

I've been helping people through their problems since before I can remember (in the absolute literal sense) I've brought so many people back down it's not even funny.

I've successfully stopped suicide for a multitude of people, including MANY family members.

It ****ing takes a toll on yourself.

It takes a physical toll on your body...

Eventually you get to a point where everything is numb and almost meaningless.

Personal opinion has me believe this is the point of "professional" and "friendshipfamily" when you really stop caring about the issue and either develop some type of sick fascination or just pure numb money making book regurgitation mode.

I don't know, probably said more than I wanted to but oh well.

Maybe I'm just too jaded from my personal experiences.

But I'm so tired of trying to help it's not even funny

I love the

Makes everything in life seem ok
You know I used to think I was interested in psychology.

Then I took the class...

Now I realize I absolutely hate it

Fact is, people are crazy and do stupid shit all the time.

To try and understand it is just as asinine as those participating in it.

Just my opinion, experiencing many different facets of mental health that is "studied" through pyschology
Never heard or bothered with DXM extractions.

Just get the medicine that has pure DXM and win.

Also, I really do appreciate the love DT means a lot.

Things have just been... Weird since I lost him. I've dealt with death before and I know it's natural, but not like this.

Anyway, you all !
The more I see of JDS I really don't think anyone beats him.

You just think Jones beats him because you have a hard on for Jon.

Alistair might beat him, but even then JDS lands a clean shot, which he is perfectly capable of doing, on him and the whole fight changes

That still is the most interesting fight for JDS.

I'm sorry, but Jones is food for him.

Overeem is a more interesting aspect, but unless he can implement his clinch game or work his leg kicks he is KO'd just like the rest.

JDS is so fast and smooth with suck great TDD I really don't see many people dethroning him soon.

Cain is meat just like before
I feel the need to share this, and this is the only place I know cool enough to just accept the cliche message.

I lost a friend on the 4th of July to drowning, today is his birthday.

He would be 22 years old.

For those that care to read, please just appreciate what you have. Give your friends and family a big hug and tell them you care and love them, because you really do never know what tomorrow will bring.

Like I said, I know it's cliche and is said many times over, but it is worth it.

Just some food for thought.
I love Volkmann!

And yeah he really is doing those slick things like Joe did. I always enjoy watching brutal ground position fighting, we all see the bjj stuff a lot so it is cool to see wrestlers doing their stuff beyond the takedown.
I miss Joe Daddy

Wish he had better success. Always enjoyed him.

Just thought I'd share
Honestly, at this point, the real Mr. Mumbles could probably knock Mr. Mumbles out

He's still dangerous, always will be, but his style just doesn't really work for him like it used to
Either he will perhaps change things up, or just flail away and lose once again.

Maybe he'll retire after this lose.
Twenty foot long grey lizard.

I seen it.
I miss your kitty avatar momei

I'm aggravated because I have to go play babysiter pickup for my friends, but happy because I have a DVR that can record all I miss.

It's like having your cake, but you have to wait for it.
Look at ****ing Joe

"Zomg, he looks all different and such"

Silly man!
Hendo is always dangerous though.

That power he has could catch Machida and put him out.

But Machida is deadly as well. It'll basically be if Hendo can land the bomb or possibly take Machida down.

Other than that it will probably be a sparring match for Machida

When are they planning on filming the next TUF? Might end up giving the winner of Shogun Mauler like 3-4 months lol.
Funny enough, I just went to a new doctor today since my old one moved away and I'm retarded from this sickness bs.

She was awesome.

Had two Mickey Mouse pins on her collar, an old school 50's one and a new age looking one.

She's a bamf, I approve.

I would never get high before an appointment though for fear of the effects of the high causing misreadings in things like blood pressure and heart rate and such.

I've never even admitted that I've touched it to any of my doctors, even though Doc-Pat confidentiality says they couldn't say anything about it anyway. At least if they value their career.
He is a legit threat for sure, probably one of the worst in a long while for GSP.

It is a smart move by the UFC, and since GSP matches up fairly well against Diaz they are probably hoping for another huge win for Georges to further pump the Anderson fight.

Also, who knows, they might want to try and push Anderson into fighting Jones first.

Anderson beats Jones, Georges beats Nick, we are right back to GSP and Anderson as the top two P4P fighters in the realm of the UFC and they can set up a SUPER SUPER fight as everyone originally wanted from the get go.

They'll be able to bring it all around full circle. No Brock, no Jones, just GSP and Anderson as the big dogs and the only potential super fight.

Sneaky sneaky UFC.