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The Dean headstock actually suits the Flying V body shape rather well.

Yeah, she is my baby I actually prefer the Dean headstock on the V's over the Gibson headstock
Pretty bad quality picture but here is my Dean V79 with EMG 81/60's and the 18v mod

Got a Schecter Hellraiser C1 FR with a Schecter hardcase, stand, strap, and extra strings in almost mint condition for $325 off of Craigslist
I have a strat copy that started out life as an SSS. It plays very well and sounds great, the middle and neck single coils sound fine but I just want more power in the bridge. I just got a humbucker and want to turn it into an HSS. I have done pickup swaps before so thats not a problem, but I have never done anything with a single and humbucker in the same guitar. I was wondering what I should do about the pots. What is the difference between the 250k and 500k pots? I know single coils use 250k and humbuckers use 500k but what would happen if a humbucker was used with a 250k or a single coil with 500k. What do HSS strats normally come with? What about capacitors? I have some spare 500k pots so should I change them all or just the volume or just a tone or just leave it at 250k?
EMGs won't sound too good with that amp, try going for some nice passive pickups. Look into ESP/LTD, Ibanez (they have a few hardtails) and Schecter if you live in the USA.
I have that amp and EMGs and I think it sounds good. I can match all of the metal songs I want as far as sound goes. I never understood why people bash it so much....
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Turn up youre volum and raise youre strings
My strings are already high and I run 0.11s in standard tune. They don't need to be any higher
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It depends on which fret. If you're talking about the 12th fret, then yeah. That's a lot higher than I would ever use. But it is a fact that having your action too low will affect sustain significanty.
I just checked, its 3mm at the 12th fret. It doesn't really bother me tho
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Raise your action. Having action that is too low kills sustain.
I was tolled that anything higher then 3mm is high action for an electric

Thanks for all the replies everyone I"ll try more volume and see how it does Are there any other tips for more sustain other then more volume?
Ok, so it all started when I saw a video on Youtube The guitar had the same pickups as my guitar, the EMG 81/60. It also had the same body wood was mine, mahogany. The sustain their guitar had was unbelievable They hit a note on about the 15th-17th fret on the B string and it rang out for about 20 seconds with no almost no sign of it ending When I do the same on my Dean V79 it only lasts for maybe 6 seconds before it starts to fade down. I am trying to figure out why I have so little sustain. My bridge pickup (81) is level with the neck and the neck pickup (60) is just below level. My string height is about 3mm on either side. Maybe 3.5 on the bass side (I know my action is high/very high). So, could ya help me out? Am I just asking to much or is it actually bad?
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And really, you don't change the battery in it a lot. I haven't changed the battery in my EMG ALX (granted, it's half passive) in a year.
I don't wanna use them because I just wanna change the bridge now. I'll get a neck pickup later.
Thanks I just fixed the post, I was looking at other pickups and wasn't thinking :P I also read that the Dimarzio Humbucker From Hell sounds close to the 60, is that true?
So I got my first set of EMGs (81 60) for christmas and I love them. I want to upgrade the pickups in my Ibanez RG350. I don't want to put EMGs in it because I don't want to be taking the pickguard off to change the battery. So, whats the passive 81 and 60? I read about the Dimarzio D activator and thats its a passive that sounds like an active. Would that be close to an 81?

Thanks in advance
I FIXED IT! The grounding on the pots wasn't right
So I got an EMG 81 and 60 for my Dean V79 and I put them in myself. They are new pickups with the old soldering pots and stuff. I followed the diagram exactly but the volume knobs are acting like tone knobes. I have resoldered it and it still hasn"t fixed it. I have no idea what to do. The pots work and it has a new battery. please help. I really don't want to take it anywhere to have it fixed. I emailed EMG but I got an email back saying they are gone till January 2nd.

Btw, It looks like I have all tone pots. Could that be the problem?
I was looking at the $70 Gator case. Are they good? I don't take my guitar every where but when I do I don't want it (guitar or case) to brake.
It has to be under $100
What is a good hard case that isn't that expencive? It's for my new Ibanez RG.
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I demand you buy a better amp first, that's where you'll get most of your tone out of.
I love my amp. I'm not good enuff to play gigs but I play at home all the time. I really like the KH-202 cuz Kirk Hammett is prob my fav guitar player.
I'm hopefully going to be getting a new guitar soon and it has to have a few things. I like the ESP KH-202 cuz I can't go over $400. I can get it at my local Guitar Center for $350. But I don't know if that is a good deal. The guitar would have to have 24 frets, humbucker pickups (I really don't like guitars with humbuckers and a single coil pickup in the middle), Floyd rose or a lisensed floyd rose, I also want one that has at least 3 knobs (vol, tone, tone, or vol, vol, tone,). Thanks. Sorry if I'm being to specific.
I shimed it but nothing changed.
I didn't get a new neck.
I just put on a Mighty Mite roller bridge, new strings, and a new nut on my les paul. It started to buzz really bad (b4 I put the new strings and nut on.) with out freting any notes. Just an open pluck and it will buzz. I thought it was the strings, so I got new ones, and it didn't work. Then I got a new nut, and that didn't work. The strings are no where near the frets but it buzzez realy bad. I really need your help.
Has anyone ever heard of "Mighty Mite" bridges? Are they any good?
I measured it and it was 74mm. I'll prob be getting that one in a few days. How are the saddles supposed to be adjusted? I know how to adjust them but I don't know how they should be staggered. Sorry for all the noob terms. lol.
The reces that the front of the screw rests in. It's the body of the bridge. Not the bolt or the saddles.
It's hard to explain. One of the dimples for the bolt that adjusts the saddle (I think that was it's called) is worn out and the saddle drops down when ever I mute.
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I started with a 10 but most people seem to start with 9s
Yeah. I measured it a little bit ago and it was about 73mm. I'll get a more accurate measurement tomorrow.
The max I would want to spend is $35.00
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What kind of bridge is it?
Wow. I feel stupid. I can't believe I forgot to put that in there. lol. It's a tune-o-matic bridge.
I've had Ernie Ball regular slinky's, super slinky's, and power slinky's. The regular slinky's would be good for your playing. I like the power slinky's the most. But thats just me.
I just wore out my bridge on my second hand les paul (I wish I had the real thing. ) and need a new one. Whats a good bridge that will last for a long time and isn't to expensive? I play alot of Metallica if that helps.
I need it gone! It's a great deal.
I play my guitar every day for 2-3hrs at a time and I've been playing for about a year now. I got used to putting my that way without realizing that I was doing it.
I also like resting my pinky on the pick guard. Is that a bad habbit?
My fingers tend to curl under and hit the strings. If I try to keep them strait it is realy uncomfortable.
I like playing Metallica, and Ozzy Osbourne (the No More Tears album) and stuff like that. I like the heavy chugga sound. It seams like my ring finger and pinky always hit the string and make alot of noise.
When ever I palm mute any fast stuff (Master of Pupperts, part of Seek and Destroy,..ect...) I have alot of string noise. Can you tell me the best way to have my hand when I mute? Thanks.
It's on eBay. ***Link removed by emad***