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I remember the avatar.

I think a lot of people can say the same for you!
It's spelled with an s if you're a proper Britt.
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Ok, that was... a complex joke

I thought you were a man of complex tastes.
It makes me think of Pewidepie.
And that makes me wonder if Kjell is Pewdiepie.
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"Hey, It's Dave's birthday tonight, come over at 7:00"

Didn't reply, I should have, with something like "Yeah no problem, I'll be there!". Or, alternatively, "I ****ing hate that stupid cocksucker Dave, tell him to eat my dick!"

My friend did something like that once.
He got a text from an unknown number asking if he wanted to come along for a party, so he assumed the sender must have just got the wrong number and decided to mess with him and told him "no, not since last time. I never want to see you again you jerk and me and everyone else hates you!" and all that. The sender replied and was super shocked and upset so my friend figured he had done his share.
Fast forward a couple of days and I notice neither of us had heard from a new friend we made recently for a while. Then it hit me, we gave him my friend's number but he never gave us his.
Well, that was that friendship gone.
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I never understood the hate for Spiders tbh. But then again, I've never played one.

I'm digging the playing of the second video though.

They tend to push them on new guitar players who don't know what they're looking for, so a lot of us begrudgingly grew up on them.

EDIT: I think the Valveking is pretty good for its price though?
I guess I'm just out of touch.
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Well I guess my bros can call me whatever they want.

I didn't even mean it. Everyone else was doing it and I just wanted to fit in.

Can I call you Toilet-Phils?
Ninete-- I mean, seventeen.
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Not sure I got the first paragraph

Yeah pretty much all my glasses and cutlery is from IKEA. It's so cheap... =/

The 12 year old Bowmore is labeled Enigma:

So I might a joke that human 12 year olds aren't very enigmatic, and that maybe the title is more suitable for women in their twenties. It was a bad joke.

And I like Ikea! Only for whisky and other drinks do I bring out my fancy glasses.
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How exactly does that work in Sweden? Is it illegal to biologically reproduce (which would be weird) or to adopt (which would be even weirder)? I think there is some similar law in Norway, but I'm not sure...

The law says you have to be sterilized as well as having to give up any eggs or sperm you have previously frozen, meaning they take your human right to reproduce.
Apparently they never realized people might get kids BEFORE the operation.

Regardless, the law is monstrous and has been judged as an infringement on a person's human rights by a EU committee so hopefully it will soon be purged.
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'He' was a she.

Gotta give it to her, you don't seem that too often!
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Also what is on usa's head?

One appears to be the "rebel flag", the other I can't recognize. The Texan flag maybe?
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Just read your blog Renka.
Welcome home.

I don't know if it was meant for me, but I read it too, and yiiikes...
Glad to hear you're pulling through though!
I've got 99 problems and this is one

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Sunday night whisky ftw.

That there ain't no drink, it's liquid fire and smoke!

EDIT: And my adorable father was so nice he got me a bottle of Famous Grouse this weekend. Not a huge fan but I'll have a little nipper before bed.
Would you pull the trigger if it was aimed at someone else then?
Say you've just met someone; a new girl, reforged an old friendship, met a new relative, and then a crazy millionaire with a lust for blood sports (they totally exists) jumps out in front of, buts one bullet in the six shooter, gives it a spin and takes aim for your new friend or whatever.
He grins and probably throw like a black rose or something your way as he whispers "one bullet, five chances of earning a million dollars."
What do you do? Would you risk someone else's life for that reward?
I actually have an annual gig spot for that day.

Well, it's not much of a gig, it's more of a gag really. I mean, I gag. On my tears. When I cry alone.
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Yeah, it's 7-8 years old. And thanks, got a 6-pack of them for 20:- at IKEA

They've made it pretty hard to tell them apart; "Enigma" doesn't really scream "12 years old" to me, "22 and no Y-chromosome" is more like it.

Haha, I think almost all of my glasses are from there, but they make some proper big glasses. I could never use them for whiskey or I'd be so lost in the mist I wouldn't be able to find my way back to the living room from the kitchen.
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Sunday night whisky, bros

Is it the eight year old?

Also, nice whiskey glass!
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Her not taking the initiative just means she's a normal woman...

How has your dating been going?
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Your dad had sex with your mother, so having sex with HIS mother makes you even.

The hiss of the train at the railway head

Always the summers are slipping away

And girlfriends walking cute dogs:
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Wal-Marts by me are used by normal people

Bit of a self-contradiction there, innit?

Anyway, this joke has probably been told a million times already but I did it anyway~
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I don't appreciate getting left out of the circle-jerk. I totally post here and know Kensai too.
My name is not misspelled.
And I've seen some posts about you, so welcome back I guess.
I think you've ought to have more important things to wonder about.
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cuz ppl r scary lol

You have to be swedish/scandinavian to get it.

That's got to be the most awkward phrasing of that question possible.
But yes.
She just posted, so mystery solved.
Also, I like her.
I've never heard of that brand of guitars before, banned.
Don't put any effort into your posts in the metal forum.
Retards have retarded opinions, who would have known
Me and my current girlfriend did that for the first couple of months, but she was unemployed so when she came to see me she could stay for a week or two so we could see each other for quite a bit.
Generally though, it's really hard. As I said we visited each other once or twice a month and for weeks at a time, if it was any less than that I don't think we'd have pulled through. I've had bad experiences of it in the past.

Internet access, webcams and a good right hand helps too.
A bit late to the party but I just saw this:
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that's older than my grandmother...

But your grandmother's a whole lot fresher if you know what I mean.
I read your post history, and sonny, that hand of yours is the least of your problems.
Make him kick your dog, kick him out of the band, get replacement, make it big
He will never move past it and limply reach out to religion to get some form of vain validation

So yeah, everyone wins

The last one isn't even offensive!

That one is though.


Some troll-face to make up for it.