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he died about 10 years ago

I think the head stock makes it so much better. Price tag does not seem fair though.
Your right though to each his own.
First Job: Pizza Hut 18
Moved out: 19

Now at 22 Work at a Coffee People and live at home.
Tell him to look up tub girl.

He may need help spelling it, since hes asking you to look it up he may not know how to spell.

Is that guy setting next to you is you?
He played PRS's for years and years... Hmmm Why play a Gibson when you did a PRS?

Oh yeah, money.
Pantera Far beyond driven. That album bam, right now.
Shedding Skin and Slaughter
The question is if you actually buy one do you even get a guitar? lol
Direct deposit FTW!
A boob or a pear.
Good point. I just like it the other way.
Why oh why does the pick up selector have to be there!
As stated im from Portland. Im looking to start a groove metal band (think Pantera, Down, and a hint of Alter Bridge). I have a strong rhythm in guitar.
Bubububu bullshit without pictures
I love my 360. No need for a ps3

Yes that does suck though.
I wish I had money for this so bad. I would. But how far iam behind in bills I couldint even think of a new guitar till 3 Months.
Sad panda I am.
Does your SE have the bird inlays? If so wow. I want bad.
I have mine sitting at round 4 most of the time.
I love my B-52.

Now you get one.
Just take it back...

Free bumb though sexy guitar.
You know I had a tele craze a few months back and while I was at guitar center trying many teles out the best one out of like 6 some nice some mid rage and the Squire was the best tele they had it felt amazing.

Anyways thought I share
2 cups of water before bed has done me well everytime.

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Forgot this...

I use to drink a glass of Chocolate milk and watch this.

I want chocolate milk.
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epi's are always horrible, no matter how high the class they are they are always horrible, i love ESP, so the LTD is perfect

Wrong. The Epiphone Elitist were nice.
I take pictures of things around me and send them to people.

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its a discontinued model.

looks legit.

What he said.

Well the guitar is real and from Schecter. Is the seller real I dont know.
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god, these over sized images are getting annoying.
Post a smaller pic so we can see the guitar. But HNGD

Get a bigger screen.

Pure sex guitar.

Having a lefty means you can do cool poses with another guitarist.
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Look at the date it was posted...

Eric Stoltz

Edit: To guitar-guy01
So im a big fan of the original trilogy. So hey a remake I can get to see this movie someway in theaters.
Then I read this.

Thought ok the first pick cast seems alright.

Then I read a green friendly hummer mixed with a apple style flux capacitor and only needing to go 44. This is gonna suck big time. I hope its a hoax.
Im so stoned.

I recorded a guitar part.
Decided to see what it sounded like reversed.
Somehow it it put different sections in different areas.

Im so confused.
Wasnt the 401 used to be called EC 500?
Try finding a friend that has a prego cat!
Thats where mine came from.
Straight from the vag to me!

I call him Charlie Bucket. Chillest cat.

He also like to lay in a bra while I play guitar!
Almost every "Gang Member" when they hit the stage of maturity they come to reality that it was one of there biggest mistakes.

**** show him American History X.
When it comes down to it it really is just pointless to be pissed of at someone for no reason...

Im a guitarist from Portland Oregon looking for a band.

I play/write things tend to be heavy but also some nice soft blues.
Also would love to do some acoustic stuff.
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well if you think drinking coffee while taking a dump, imagine those that take a sandwich with them. EATING WHILE TAKING A DUMP!

Eat a pellet make a pellet!