This pop-in will prevent a lot of users from using Ultimate guitar. Why did you add it????!

Please get rid of it
I could ask a question about rocket science and your answer could be the same: "Why didnt you just search for it?"

If this is your opinion then why use any internet forum?
Who owns the rights to the tab?

Is there something in my line of logic you care to elaborate on?

If I pay to hear a track, why can't I see the tab too?
What can I do to push this to someone at UG who can do something about it? Or at least say if they will work on it?
I'm not an expert on the subject (especially the legal stuff), but if I already payed for listening to a track on Spotify and I can hear "Like a stone" by Audioslave, then why should I not be able to see the tab?

1. Does the current user own a subscription to any of our registrered streaming service?

1a. No: Go to the "Sorry, no access for you-page"

1b. Yes: Is the song "Like a stone" by Audioslave available for the current user on the current streaming service?

1b1. No: Go to the "Sorry, no access for you-page"

1b2. Yes: Show the tab

Are there different legal rules for recorded tracks and tabs?
well this thread went well

You have an option where you can add your favorite tabs, but it's hard to find.

Now that problem doesnt exist anymore as all my tab favorites has been wiped... at least doesn't show anything

First - super great site!!

But why must it be soooooo hard to find "my favorites" in here?

What is the fastet way to "my favorites"?