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Fried onions
The smell of the forest right after it rains
New books
The detergent aisle in grocery stores
This mall I go to that smells like berries and something else

Also, I used to open all the bodywash containers in stores and smell them when I was bored. There was this one that's probably my favorite smell ever but I forgot what it was called it had spring or summer or winter in its name

Could it have been Irish Spring?
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Shitty parenting = shitty children.

This. My cousin does whatever the **** he wants, cause his parents let him.
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Best picks ever, will use these forever.

+1. I've always got one on hand, they're great.
Midyear exams, and the idiots in my homeroom. Today somebody tried to find Hawaii on a map. They pointed at Russia. What is this world coming to?!?!?
Lucky!! We never have snow days here... Dammit. What we do have, is a full week of exams... And it's still -35 with windchill... Isn't school great? =P
I like mine, it's pretty cool.
There's most definitely snow outside.... It's -35 degrees Celsius today... No way I'm going outside to make a snowman. But maybe when it's warmer...
The Who. I respect them and all, but I've never really liked them that much. Just sayin
John... Visually and musically... Damn he was good looking
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The biggest problem is I can't try any of them! In Russia there are low-end Jacksons, Squiers, cheapest Gibsons and some Mexican Fenders.
What do you think about the '57 strat? I like the single-coils and the cleans, and the looks too, but I am afraid that this guitar will be uncomfortable (small fretwire, v-neck, 7,25 radius and humming PUs)

I own a 50's strat w/ v-neck, and it is a very comfortable and fast neck. I guess it depends on what type of neck you like the feel of as well... Also humming isn't really that much of a problem, only if you play with high distortion on high volumes, or if you're right in front of the amp.
Surf green all the way!! (With a maple neck)
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^^^ Vancouver, Clagary, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City & Halifax. F**k Toronto.

Most certainly Calgary!! Not like I'm from there or anything... Also don't go to Edmonton. Not much to see. Haha