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Only 2 chords in it (G and Em). As you progress you can add the G/F# (which is taking off your first two fingers from where they are and putting your first finger on the second fret of the first string) in between the G the Em.

Therefore, the song is 3 chords, coulda saved you some time

Edit -- Time of your life "Green Day" is easy to learn, also it will help you with picking the strings (was one of the first i learned)

On the subject of Oasis - Try champaign Supernova, once again, not hard finger positions and will help you pick strings
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wonderwall by was my first acoustic song.
just 4 chords and the same riff over and over again so its really easy

Also songbird by oasis, only 3 chords and easy as hell

EDIT-- Wonderwall has more than 4 chords
Still Game / Chewin The Fat
What do you think of the roland cube 60??
can i get summit a bit bigger do yous think, maybe 30 or 50w?
ok guys, cheers, ill have a look at the micro cube, any other suggestions?
I wanna get my nephew a half decent amp for his bday, can you guys recommend any good ones for around £100 ($200 or so), he likes marshall amps, but i have a roland cube and its perfect, help. Oh and its mostly rock/indie hes into
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Most amazing thing ive ever seen

It is a fine example of a "perfectly timed" picture, i must agree
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Natural cola tastes ****ing odd anyway.

*And just for the sake of saying it, cannabis iced tea beats all other herbal drinks.

I agree completely , also mushroom tea is nice lol, when in the dam anyway
Songbird, sounds great and really easy
Simply listen to the track m8, its easy to pick up
Theres no need to rush it m8, learn in your own time and enjoy it, the more you play, the more youll learn, the better you will get, i think a 5 month crash course with 10 hours playing per day will just frustrate you
Hey there delilah, plain white ts, really easy, slightly overplayed now, but still sounds nice

Songbird by oasis is the easiest song ever, also i think sounds good if its sang well
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Sonic 1-3 and sonic & Knuckles.

Streets of rage was a given (why doesn't someone remake it?)

You can find streets of rage 2 on the xboxlive marketplace, its been suped up a tat, along with sonic and most other sega classics inc... sensible soccer, speedball 2 (my fav), ecco the damn dolphin, golden axe, worms , mortal combat, street fighter ect ect. A lot of these old classics have been touched up, but you can still play the classic versions on nearly them all
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Probably my favourite Libertines song right there

Theres so many to chose from, but yeh, its deffo up there...
Theres some acid in the weed in notts lol, i used to live there, good sh*t...
Yes i have learnt a valuble lesson here, Dont Eat Yellow Snow, oh, and, to use the searchbox more, but, its only meant to be a fun thread, didnt want ppl all killing each other over it lol, peace....
Why, oh why would you possibly want to delete your UG account?
Hope this thread aint already been done also, then i may be in for a spanking...
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Lmao @ random guy syndrome
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Been done.. search 'perfectly times pictures'

I tried searching for pics taken at the right time, my bad
These are quality

The guy on the bike lol
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can you get a chicken from an egg

Funny i do recall that actually happening at some point, i might be wrong
Lol, nah m8, you dont need seeds, (im not approving the growing of cannabis lol ), but say you were to grow it, better using clippings from the actual plant
Wow, ill try, but can you save checkpoints?
This is the best damn thing thats ever happened, EVER.
It just comes natural singing and playing, especially the accoustic, cant help it, it just happens...
A reunion would be sweet, Carl and Pete already got together onstage last year, its quality how pete makes out that he aint there.....

Incase you didnt see, heres the link (the full set is also available)
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Yes, and the Bath...

Shower = yes (why not)
Bath = Hell no, eow, layin in ya own piss dont do nuffin for me
Forget about it, buy cod4
Apparently they have been working with the prodigy on the new album, gonna try out a whole new sound, i hope it works well, coz i say, if it aint broke.........
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not working for me either

I had a similair problem, sounds like an earth issue, try different leads, another amp, if all else fails id say maybe a lose wire within your guitar, (that was my prob anyway)
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wtf, that wasnt even funny.

Well i lold, and thats that, (maybe i need to get out more )
Hotel California - The Eagles
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Congratulations on your 2nd hand cancer

I lold, and gave you a place on my sig, feel honoured..
Because i like bricks, and walls, and floyd rule...