I've been playing around with Zbrush 4R2. With the new features I was able to create the sculpt below from a single sphere, in very little time. Not having to worry about topology in till after you've finished the model gives a great amount of freedom.

Here's something I did over the weekend. It's the first model I have textured.

At the moment I'm messing around with a few concepts of a urban/post-apocalyptic character, based upon Roman legionaries.
Cool, It reminds me of Micro machines, especially in the top-down perspective!
I'd really like to get into game design once I learn more of the technical side to modelling.

I decided to try out some speed sculpting. Starting with a cube I give myself 30 minutes to see what I can produce.
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Dartmaster, you've only been doing this for 2 weeks?!

Its about three weeks now, I think. Having a strong background in a lot of other areas of art helps, as most of the concepts still apply.
I've spent most of the afternoon on this skull study. It's a little rough and I've left out some of the details, such as the teeth, as I'm going to be sculpting the muscles over it anyway.

Coming to the end of week two now, I'm quite pleased with my progress so far. Might try doing a bit of animation next.

Here's an odd little character I created, mainly to practice hard surface and organic modelling, and texturing different materials.
A Gothic style door knocker I just finished.

I tried some basic texturing today. It's far more complex than I thought it be.

I tried designing a few cartoonish style characters. They've been the most fun so far

Completed this last night:

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Dayum, that hand is impressive!


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Looks sculpted so I'm guessing Mudbox or Zbrush?

My brother wants to have some sort of career in CGI and has been looking for college courses involving 3D design, which has inspired me to try it out myself. So I've been messing around the past few days, getting to grip with the different software and it's actually been a lot more fun than I thought would be!

So here's my first model:

The proportions are slightly exaggerated, but I'm not too concerned.
The gnomes from HL would make awesome enemies in a survival horror game! Watch from 1:20 onwards -
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Well it is PC only so it gets no console fag overhype, but I still doubt it's better than DA.

I just did a bit of searching, the original game had loads of bugs. They released it again as a "enhanced edition" which had quite a bit of extra stuff, few new missions, hundreds of new animations, supposedly all bugs fixed, improved stability, 80% shorter load times.
All great things to include, but that doesn't excuse the game being so expensive still, considering the game should have been released that way in the first place.

I can only find it for £12 cheapest. Even Dragon Age is cheaper than that, and it came out years after.

Quote by Gaz_m2k5
Hmm I think you may be able to upgrade the standard edition to the enhanced edition for free, which means I can get it for £3 or so, used.

Yes, the upgrade is free.

There's a demo out for the game, I recommend trying that first. It's a pretty good representation of the game.

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If it beats Dragon Age I will eat a hat.

Mark my words

Although Dragon age was a very good game and I had a lot of fun playing it, there were too many small issue and annoyances that kept it from being the great experience it could have been and made me hesitant to going back, ultimately it ended up feeling like a lame Baldur's Gate. And the changes announced for the sequel has put a downer on the series for me.

The Witcher felt a lot more fresh. It's similarities as an RPG are closer to the Gothic and Elder Scrolls series, both of which I always had difficulties getting in to, so I was surprised when I found it so fun. The biggest problem for me was the combat, though it's not as bad as it first appears once you get used to it (though I've always preferred the combat in games like DA over the more hack-and-slash combat in the Witcher.) There's nothing ground breaking about the game, but it just felt like a fresher experience in a genre which I have played a lot of.

Dragon Age and The Witcher are far too different to compare in great detail, but out of the two I just preferred The Witcher slightly more. And of course, CD Projekt are improving on all aspects of the game, making what looks like a great sequel, instead of taking out content.
Has anyone else got SC2? The campaign exceed all expectations I had, it really was great. Anyone want to play online sometime?
It's probably been mentioned but Machinarium having a "Pirate Amnesty" sale, it's DRM free and includes the soundtrack.

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Meh I've heard mixed things which scare me off. Also the fact that no one here seems to talk about it and it gets no praise what so ever, so I assume it's a bit meh. You get it and tell me if it's good.

It's the best RPG that's been released in recent years. It did have it's share bugs and performance issues (as to be expected from an eastern European game) but most have been patched and fixed with the enhanced edition, but I've still had more fun with The Witcher than any other role playing game I can think of from this 'gen', and that's even without finishing yet. I'm not sure why it hasn't been talked about or praised here, but it considered one of the top RPGs of recent years by most of the PC community.
Fallout 1 - 2
Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura
Baldur's Gate 2
Doom 2
Planscape: Torment
Quake 2
Diablo 2
Starcraft (And from what I played of the beta, I have no doubt SC2 will be aswell)
Unreal Torment 99
Sierra 'Quest' series

Really any of these could be in the top 10:

Lucas Arts PnC games, Syberia 1-2, Gabriel Knight, HoMM, Warcraft 3, Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Deus Ex, Counter Strike 1.6, System Shock 2, Freespace 2, Elite, Ultima series, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines, Jagged Alliance 2, X-COM series, Syndicate, Civilization series, Master of Orion, Total War series...I'm getting carried away, and there's still a ton I've left out aswell as the ones I have bound to forgotten.
Only one day in till SC2 is released. I just hope my copy is delivered on the day, I'm growing more and more impatient.

SC2 - Metal Slug
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That's almost reason enough to buy Starcraft 2!

I can't wait, less than two days now! I haven't been this excited for a game in a long time.
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There is no way i can get my hands on any of the Final Fantasy series it seems. I dont own any playstations so can't play them and not too keen on emulators so looks like ill just have to take peoples word for it that they were awesome.

How about Starcraft 2 - Final Fantasy?
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Hmm I might go do them then.


DRAGON AGE 2 info1!!!!!11!!!

- Better graphics, more epic
- Characters have a slightly comic look
- Only three dialouge choices?! Nasty, good or badass?!
- More action-packed combat system, sounds like hack n' slash. You can still pause and give orders, and control whoever you want

The more I hear about DA2 the more it sounds like Mass Effect in a heroic fantasy setting. So much for Bioware going back to their CRPG roots.
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Portal has been updated and strange radio transmissions have been put in the game.

As usual the keen folk are going at it, trying to decipher them. At the moment they make little sense, but people are speculating portal 2 announcements, or maybe even episode 3.

A new achievement has also been added...
Cheers guys, I've sent out the requests. I finally got the beta to update earlier, I forgot that I added +fullproc to the target line, that seemed to be the culprit

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Yep , was just added recently. I've never played the co-op yet though, since I'm the only one here who owns it ._.

I just bought it. Time to induce some serious nostalgia!
So, for the people here in the BC beta, what are your in-game names?

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Serious Sam HD is only £5.99 on Steam

Buy it now or I will physically end all of you

Awesome, do you now if they've added dedicated severs now?
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Has anyone been playing Mini Ninjas? That game is a lot of fun, and really entertaining. Personally, I would suggest it to anyone who's looking for something a bit different, cute and with good adventure

It came in a Eidos pack I bought at christmas, and yes It's surprisingly fun. The simplistic gameplay, with the added depth that comes with choosing different ninjas for certain situations makes it a great game to introduce children to gaming.
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Lag? I didn't have any lag when I tried the PS3 version.

And just had another epic game on the PC beta.

I was born to be a tank driver.

At first I wasn't convinced, already owning BF2. But it's slowly growing on me and my brother seems to like it a lot, might go half's and buy it.
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Always really wanted to play the Theif games

And I agree with your sig Dartmaster, part of why I love the PC, I have so many years of gaming history at my disposal

If you include emulation aswell, is why the PC will always be my first choice as a gaming platform.

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Got so damn hard at the end though, and Red Ivan kept on blowing up my dudes

I've never got that far. I definitely need to play it again when I get some time, my backlog of games that need finishing is growing ridiculously large.
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It is I've lost the original though so Christmas version forever

It's a great game if you can over look the few small bugs, especial since it looks like EA will never release another real Dungeon Keeper game.
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dartmaster, your sig reminded me that I need to play those Thief games I got I got a few hours into the Dark Project and then dropped it ._.

I don't think you've ever really played a stealth game till you've played Thief though. The fear and intensity is hard to beat

Have you checked out the DarkMod? It's a Thief mod for Doom 3, I've yet to download it. It looks great from what I've seen though.
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Are there ads for Heavy Rain on UK tv? That used to be a pretty rare thing. They're obviously doing quite a heavy add campaign because it's good enough to sell a damn lot but it's very foreign to what most bestseller games are.

I haven't seen any, though I hardly watch TV.

I've just noticed, is your avatar Maximilian? I've always assumed it was a garden gnome.
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Been playing TF2, had everything on low and it was still laggy...

Now, when i look at my screen my mind tells me its laggy

suggestions to unlaggify it?

got everything on low. would resolution help?

Try adding -dxlevel 81, to the TF2 launch options, in your steam game list.
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Soldier name.

And Ichi, Edgeworth is a man's man.

Cheers, I'm DartManDavid, if anyone in the beta wants to add me.
When adding/searching for friends on BC2, you just search up their soldier name I take it? Or is it their EA account?
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The more I play Mass Effect the more I love it.

Although that decision on Vimire made me rage


They just keep making C&C 4 look bad.

They've been bad ever since EA took over Westwood.

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Well, here's the Interactive achievement award winners

Uncharted ftw.

Pretty crappy list, not that expected anything more after previous years.
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The error says "Oblivion has stopped working: A problem cause the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

I don't know the specs, I'll find them out.

Edit: I have no idea how to find out the specs. Any help?

Run dxdiag
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Eh, I'd only played Psychonauts and it didn't seem to work like that

Ah well

EDIT: I meant that it didn't recognise it as analogue

I've been playing Psychonauts with an analogue controller. If you can't find away for the game to recognise the analogue sticks on your controller, you could always download mapping software like xpadder.

A new Project Offset video has been released,
Looks like it hasn't become vaporware then?
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Some gamemodes, others not, generall non-respawning games are better more teamwork and tactics

Sounds great. I'll have to try downloading it again latter, I was have some trouble connecting to the site.

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Platformers don't work on PC, so no, that's not true.

If that's true, then explain how I was playing Psychonauts on my PC earlier this week, Commander Keen yesterday, and a number of games from the Sonic Mega Collection this morning?
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Was the same for me Now I get a decent kpd, however when I played it today 8 deaths 0 kills

Ouch, I'll have to get some practise in, while it downloads. So you can respawn in multiplayer?
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Yar, its open to whover can provide a valid M&B Serial via

Nice, thanks for the link. It's been a while since I've played, I'm going to be slaughtered!
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I would do a huge ass post but there've been 10 pages, and I'm slightly hungover so my responses would likely be only grunts of approval or disapproval. Also playing a very timing based multiplayer game like M&B Warband while my reactions are duller than Sarah Palins intellect is not a good idea.

*took 10 minutes to write legibly*

Is Warband a closed beta? I completely forgot about it.
I found a live stream:

The guys playing aren't that good, but still, it's nice to see gameplay.