Make sure the tremolo is set-up properly, as well as the nut.
Here's an update of my gear.

RG321MH with Dimarzio Air Classic/Tone Zone
90s MIJ Fernandes Telecaster with Dimarzio Twang King neck/Stock bridge pickup
Blackstar HT-20 loaded with TungSol 12AX7& EL34 plus a Scumback H55 speaker
TC Electronic Nova Repeater
Lava Cables Clear Connect, Soar and Mini ELC

The Spider IV sounds better than the Spider III, but there are a lot better amps out there for the same price.
Lava cables are great. I've got the Clear Connect cables, and they sound better to me than Dimarzio and Planet Waves cables.
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i don't always use delay.

but when i do i prefer an old analog ibanez.

If Dave Barber made a delay pedal, that would probably be on my board right now. The delay would probably be just for slap back, and reverby sounds. I'm not really a delay user. I can live without it.
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hmm all ive heard from people on UG that line 6 are crap?

The HD stuff rocks. The Spider amps are the not so good stuff from Line 6.
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you make me feel good about only using 4 pedals, and your board is a board. how unconventional.

Thanks mate! I'm still looking for a delay to spice up things a bit. The board is a book shelf that I dismantled a year ago.
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^barber loving.

Barber makes great stuff!

I love their overdrive and distortion pedals. I'm seriously considering an LTD for lower gain purposes, cause the Direct Drive flat out rocks when the gain is up.

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not a bad start, I seriously looked into the SS about a year ago, went with an OCD instead. How do you like it?

Thanks! It's been a few months since I got it. I used to have a very good OCD version 4 clone made by a pedal builder here in my country. I have to say, I like the Super Sport more, but that's just a clone so it might be a different case with a real OCD.

I like the marshally growl this pedal can bring.

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Sweet board!
The Dirty Bomb's and awesome pedal!

Thanks! Indeed it is. I was considering either this Dirty Bomb or the Hardwire TL2 back then. Since I dont play uber distorted metal, I chose the Dirty Bomb, which for me sounds very very amp-like.

I want a Suhr Riot though.
The string saddle smight have a sharp groove to it that makes the string buzz.
You might want to check the Line6 POD HD300. I've tried the Tonelab, and it's okay, but for high gain, it ain't that great.
It may or may not make the guitar sound better. But since you already have them, slap them in. No worries. If you don't like em, remove them and put the stock pickups back.
Check the Seymour Duncan Blackout set for active pickups, then the Crunchlab/Liquifire or DActivator set from Dimarzio.
That looks great! Change the electronics and that would be absolutely killer.
It's a tried and tested combo. It should work well. IMO, it's a versatile combination.
It's been a while since I last posted at UG. Here's my gear. I still haven't replaced the MG after 5 years.

Cables are Lava Clear Connects and Lava Mini ELCs. The Ibanez has Dimarzio Tone Zone and Air Classic, while the Tele is loaded with GFS alnico fatbody pickups.

i did this with my RG. i agree, the volume knob gets in the way with my playing. i removed the tone pot, and replaced it with the volume knob. in the volume knob's position, i put a DPDT On/On switch to act as a killswitch.

you can simply remove the tone pot if you're not using it. Removing the tone knob, adds more prescence and more clarity. i trust my ears and this is what i heard.
Sperzels are great. i have them in my RG. if you pair it with a properly cut bone or graphite nut, tuning stability would be no problem at all.
more headroom and more bass. amp modelers sound best through full range PA systems. the sound would also vary depending on the mic position.
it could be the Zoom effects and/or the quality of cables you are using. try to hook up your effects to another amp.
i agree. i looked at the Parker more than the amp. nice Parker.

happy new amp day.
EMG H4, Seymour Duncan Sh-5 Custom or Dimarzio D Sonic for passives.
Blackouts for Actives.
Black is Black. Cosmo black is more of a dark metallic gray. it's black but not in the same shade as the black hardware.
i have one. it's good but not GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! it's useable on the clean channel.
EHX Deluxe Memory Man or TC Nova Delay for the delay.
ZVEX Box of Rock, MI Audio Crunchbox or Catalinbread DLS for distortion.
for a fuzz type distortion, go for Big Muff.
Save up for a new amp instead. New pickups won't get you that metal tone if you're still running through the MG.
my bro has a PRS SE. really great guitar for the price!
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Which would be gain.

I think you guys are using the term 'gain' interchangeably with the term 'distortion' or 'overdrive'.

by gain, i mean the crunch to the tone, so slight OD/DIst.
what was the bridge pickup? i'd say go for a PAF style pickup, like a Duncan 59 or Dimarzio Air Classic.
i think the LPB-1 is a clean boost pedal but it adds just a bit of gain to the tone. i made a clone of it, and it's really a good clean boost, but turning the knob all the way up would increase the gain a little.
just wipe it down after every use. it works fine for me. one other method, is to use rubbing alcohol, but be careful not to put some on the fretboard. sometimes, i use the Dunlop fretboard cleaner on the strings. works fine too.
generally, pedals equipped with tubes run on low voltages so the tubes don't really do much. this is what i've read a while back.
no not the Orange Crush. maybe a used tube amp like a 5150. Kevin Saale pretty much summed it up.
congrats on that one.
Daddario 10-46 really fits for me.
check the wiring. something must have come off. check the switch, ground and the pots.
MH-1000 definitely. it's got better quality than the 401.
is your nut the stock plastic nut? try changing the nut and it would work wonders. as for the tuning heads, Sperzels really work for me, so maybe look into them.