Alright, DT. Got a question. A friend of mine recently took a trip to the hospital, wasn't feeling well. They diagnosed him with pancreatitis. We want to hang out this week, as it's been two months since we have. A third friend wants us to smoke (some good shit, I might add), and we're not too sure if it's safe for the one friend to smoke. It was brought on by an unknown cause (we thought it would have been drinking..). So we want to be certain that it's safe to smoke. If not, he won't. Any advice?
56 words a minute, yeah boiiiiiii
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Actually, in the year 2011 with modern technology yes it is a necessity. LOL.

So many things run off of the internet nowadays. Even some of the most important things are all on compuuuuters.

I guess that's why I was never taught cursive writing when I was in grade school. It doesn't matter anymore I suppose. When my dad found out about that he was PISSSSSSSED.
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i like how he acts as if there won't be internet there

Even if there is, I'm trying to avoid it. The point of me being in another state is not recreational. I'll have everything that I need, and the internet is not a necessity. Don't forget that.
Sigh. Make meaningful thread, get trolled. Such is life.
There comes a time in a man's life when he must start a new path, and that time for me will be in about 8 hours, when I board a bus and leave for job corps for the next year.

I can't afford college, and all these retail and restaurant jobs are not gratifying or give someone enough money to live off of, so this is something I feel just makes sense.

That said, I decided to make a thread to show my appreciation for the entertainment and knowledge that I've learned from the forums and the site itself.

Look up on the top on the page, and see where it says "UG Community".

I see it, and I think just that; Community.

When you get to a point in your life where music is a big part of it, so much so that you want to pick up an instrument and learn, you enter a following of millions around the world, that can communicate without even speaking the same language. It's a beautiful thing, really.

So thanks, guys. I'm looking forward to being in a new place and being self-sufficient for once.

I guess I'll see you in a year. Don't go changin' on me.
What the HELL does that picture have to do with anything?
Halo: Reach (online) and Ninja Gaiden 2. I'm enjoying my time now because come tuesday, I won't be able to touch a game until December.
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But did you even listen to it?

The point of the thread is to look at songs very different to what the artist is usually like.
Since you're on a guitar forum, I assume you like guitar.
Therefore, forget what you know about BMTH and enjoy a good tune.

Yes, it's different from anything else I've ever heard from them.

But still.

That was boring.

And all the comments on there are just scene kids perfectly content with jerking off to two chords.
Listen to a Bring Me the Horizon song, you say?

Rot in hell, I say.
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Who likes Jimi Hendrix? ME! Not cuz he's black..
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I'd like it if Queen just stopped.

I disagree. However, I'm thankful that Adam Lambert turned them down.
I'm sure a lot of you have seen the front page news on UG about this, but what a lot of you WON'T see was my comment, which was a youtube link, and since it wasn't highlighted, will just fade into obscurity like the rest of the hate or praise comments (it's not exactly one sided here..).

So here it is again, just in case you (inevitably) missed it.

No, it's not a hate rant video, but a performance of the man whom I believe SHOULD fill the role of the late Mercury.

But that, of course, is just my opinion. This is a public forum, so I'd like to hear the public's opinion. Who do you think would be a better or more interesting fit?

Sound off.. and.. wait for it..
By going to the right forum. lulz
Why don't you start off by listing the bands that you consider to be in the genre of technical death metal, first?
I'd like to say The Orphanage. It's not a hugely mind bending film, the it's very well-written, and every time I watch, I still get the same amount of suspense and shock as the first time.

Also, on the sheer fact that I can't even get through the first ten minutes, Punch Drunk Love.
I'd have rather put it in Poison Ivy. I just like redheads, mannnn
Play Arkham Asylum. Most of the voise cast from the cartoon is in it, and you FEEL LIKE BATMAN. And that's a good feeling. Even though your parents are dead and junk.
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It's just generic hardcore with medium quality production. I've certainly heard much worse. The song didn't feel unified, though. Almost as if they just tried to take all their best riffs and put them all in one song. The video content and song name is cliche beyond belief, but hey, like I said, it's just generic hardcore. The lyrics that I could make out sounded pretty bad and I can't say I care for the singer's tone, but eh. All things said, do I think they deserve a hate thread? No, not really. I think that this is probably just another hardcore trend band, but if they're having fun and all that then good for them, I suppose.

They're not doing it for fun. They just want money out of it. Oh, if only you guys knew.
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I tried to not be bitter in my critique knowing what you thought about them, but allow me to explain using a story:

I got a guitar in 5th grade. I remember my friend in the neighborhood carried our 15 watt amps to eachother's house and jammed out for a while. We had some good times, came up with riffs that sounded cool. Then we discovered tremelo picking and how he had a microphone on his laptop. That laptop microphone was our recording studio. I played stuff that were written outside my capabilities. Looking 8 years back, I know it was horrid, but at the time, I seriously thought I was the best guitarist in the universe because I can play a couple notes fast. The sloppy-ness didn't matter to me as it doesn't on Guitar Hero (the game). All I was worried about was hitting the notes. Maybe my fret hand and pick hand were not in sync, but who cares, I could 'shred'.

I think this story applies to the band in the link you provided...

The thing is. You can legally call them adults. And adults, should be able to make better music than.. that.
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i thought this was some asshole hating on a band for stupid reasons. I still do. But that said this band is nothing special, generic and not that musically talented, although if they are getting gigs and making a good run of it, fair play to them.

The short version of the story is, they used to get plenty of shows around here, because they were popular kids in high school.

Now that everyone has seen the band in "action" and what little they have to offer, no one goes to see them anymore. I should know, I ran their merch table for plenty of their shows.

The only reason they have any notoriety is because their bassist plays sweeps for pretty much the entire show when they play live. He couldn't really do anything in this video because the song had already been "written" before he joined the band. (I already made a thread for his other band, it had views, but no one commented. (I'll post here if you guys want to check them out)

I'm not "some asshole". I'm not jealous of them. I've played plenty of decent venues, and without my parents' help.

Give me your honest opinion about this band. DO NOT PULL ANY PUNCHES

Alright. I'm gonna be honest. Some of these guys, I've known for upwards of 6 years. Some of them I've grown to know as cool dudes. Their bassist is a good friend of mine, and this band isn't really his thing.

The rest of the band, however, is cocky. They know nothing about anything that makes music.

Anyone in my state who has any common sense about them, hates them.

Anyone who likes them, is either in the band or is a relative. Speaking of which, the only reason why they are signed, is because their drummer's dad is a glorified baseball coach, and does all the scheduling and booking for them.

So go on. Let the truth be heard from real musicians. Bring it.
So you just commented on "Don't Be Irritated.. It's Whale!". It's funny that you gave me this song to crit, because I've already heard it. In fact, I already know of your band, I'm from DE, and I'm pretty good friends with Rob.

That being said, I love all of your guys' stuff. And you guys need shows with a little band called Last Nail Driven. Like them on facebook or send me an add. Name's Evan Hastings.
Believe it or not, the guitar tones were made with a line 6 spider 3, which everyone looks down on. the only addition to the tones were a noise gate pedal, and delay and reverb added with the recording program, which is cubase 5. But I appreciate your crit, and will get right on your song.

Edit: Oh, and the drums aren't real. Easy drummer all the way. The song has been recorded. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.
Guys! The song has been recorded. We'll be doing C4C, just listen to the song and review.
IF you had been following the thread (, then you'd be wondering when this song would finally be recorded. Well, today is a great day.

If you were attracted by name, let me break it down for you. The original thread, I'd posted of my friend's song that he'd written on guitar pro, in an effort to gain him some attention, and convince him to record it. Well, all of the views and comments paid off.

Now, check out the finished product.

Thanks for all the feedback, guys. Let us know what you think of the final product, and if you like it, he'll keep recording for you.
The mugshots look like John Goodman and Brad Garrett.
Anyone that hasn't said Christian Muenzner has not been correct.
Alright, I'm very close friends with these guys, I'm at just about every practice and have been at every show they've played this summer. I'd like to help out and spread the word about them as much as possible.

People in DE, PA, MD, and surrounding areas, like them on facebook and they can see about gigs.

The influences of the band include, but are not limited to:
Lamb of God, Protest the Hero, Periphery, Trivium, All That Remains, Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, Disturbed, The Human Abstract.

So if you dig any of those bands, check them out.

Their live footage really speaks for itself.

(As a bonus, there's footage of another local band called Born With Open Eyes, who also kicks some serious dick)

So please, like them on fb and let me know what you think of them here!

PS: Did I mention that they have one of THE best bassists in (possibly) the East Coast?
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, both myself and my friend appreciated your review, and I'm pleased to announce that he's begun recording, and has even entered the mixing phase.

Critting as I listen:

Starts off kind slow, but picks up. I love the really proggy parts and the tapping.

The piano part is gorgeous, keep that.

Your drum writing skills are a little novice, so you might wanna work on that, unless that was what you were going for.

Digging the bass parts.

The leadwork is odd, but I guess that's prog for you? I don't dislike it, though.

For the intro and outro, or at least when you repeat them a second time, I might suggest picking up the pace and instead of doing 8th notes, alternate pick 16th notes of the same note, and have the drums pick up. Don't increase tempo, though.

All in all, 6/10
I definitely like the progression. The song as a whole, reminds me a lot of this: (which you should be wary of).

If this were on an album, it'd make a great interlude.

If you'd like to take a look at a song I'm trying to get feedback on, check this out

But in all reality, my hatred for The Jersey Shore, and the fact that I can't help but watch it late at night..
A friend of mine wrote this song to possibly record, as he's starting to make a home studio. He's been working on this song recently, and I told him he should really consider it. He's on the fence, and I think this song should be heard in all its glory, so I need some positive reinforcement. If you guys wouldn't mind.. C4C
I'm just gonna say everything worth mentioning..
The Black Dahlia Murder
Between the Buried and Me
In Flames
Heaven and Hell
Arch Enemy
Dark Tranquility
The Haunted
Into Eternity
Lazarus AD
Judas Priest
Slayer (even though I don't care for them)
Cannibal Corpse
The Human Abstract
Son of Aurelius
As I Lay Dying
All that Remains
He Is Legend
There's plenty more, but I don't really care to mention. Lots of festivals and such.
I know a 19 year old scene chick with a 3 year old. Even though one of my rules is to never get involved with a woman that's got a kid.. a guy can dream.
My serior year English class was pretty much for people who just wanted the bare minimum of the workload, and we sure had some functioning retards in there.

Our teacher was trying to inform us on all of the Darfur rioting and civil unrest, and explaining how there's all that gang rape of women and such. One white girl (that you wouldn't know was unless you watched her speak) decided to just blurt out "Why they RAPIN' people? That's ignant".

On another occasion, before watching "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas", the same teacher was showing us footage of death camps during the holocaust, and an inbred muttered "Man, these spy cameras be shitty. They need to step they game up." (He thought the footage was recent)

But the real facepalm moment in that class came immediately after we finished reading Oedipus. Not ten seconds had passed before the token Asian girl that works in a nail salon said "Ooooh they should make a movie for Oedipus on Lifetime". It really is television for idiots.

I'm really angry that these people walked with me at graduation.
So recently, I'd went to a party and started talking to a rather good looking woman there who was into me (drunk) and was very elegant (5 years older).

As the night went on, there seemed to be some kind of sexual tension, which peaked just as my friend and I had to leave. I was invited to the bedroom with her, her meh looking friend, and her other friend who was so festively plump, she might as well have had GOODYEAR written on side of her.

So anyways, I added the woman who was flirting with me on facebook, and immediately following.. the large one sends me a request.

Which brings me to the mass point of this thread. Have you ever awkwardly requested/followed someone, or likewise?

I'm mainly interested to see if it's a popular enough occurrence to make a site in the same vein as fml or mlia.
Steve Morse, Boy Sets Fire, and a child molester pediatrician with a sex dungeon in the basement of his practice. 1/3 ain't bad I guess..
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You tell me.

Clark Duke.

As for me, I get Chris Farley a lot. Also because I'm just a loose cannon. Shucks.