Hello? where are all the Maps And Atlases fans?! they are truly one of the best math bands out there...
yeah, right now i don't have the money for that technology, nor the musical direction for it.
right now the plan is to get Reason software, some midi keyboard and my laptop.
again, i'm not concerned about the Timing of the samples, it's more for adding a little edge for our songs. so does that sound like something that could work?
thanks for the response, but how do I connect the lap top to a mixer if it's in the other ****ing room?! or for that matter, to a mixter all the way across the venue?
I've been toying with the idea of adding samples to our songs, not something to crazy, for intros, quiet pars etc. so I started looking for samplers online and this got me to this DJ world that I didn't really wanted to get into.
the easiest solution is- just taking my lap top with me to rehearsal!

so my questions are:
what program should I use? does easy software like Audition and what not could do the job? which is basically playing something when I want to press a button. doesn't have to be TOO smart.
2. I do get my samples and lap top to the rehearsal room, how do I connect it? just a normal cable to...where? some sort of sound card? maybe some sort of converter??

I'm kinda ignorant in all of this stuff, and that's why I came here!

thanks in advance.
I totally agree, glad someone heard the same...

Daisy is really great, though I really wanted them to continue the God & Devil vibe/style to it, kinda feels like they're trying to trick you by putting Vices as the first song, It really felt like the rest of the album doesn't have the same theme...
Tomahawk's last album includes tribal themes...
^But He's Dead!
this page was very very funny,

RaV3nous, that sounds like a really good idea, now I just need to find a nice store that sells cheap old lenses, which is...impossible.

I always take these subject with utmost respect, I hope you will get out of your grieve shortly.

Me, in a field, smoking.
I love Animal Collective because they sound like a group that their live shows would generally fall apart, but when you see them it's amazing how well tight everything sounds.
any Marmaduke Duke fans around?
the new single sounds great!
The Brian Jonestown Massacre- (David Bowie I love you) Since I was six

an amazing slow lovesong
I think they changed my life, I had so much fun listening to them.
it would be a crime if nobody said Mike Patton yet, he maybe not be falling into the Hardcore genere but my god he is just in a league of his own
Man, they came to Israel and brought about 60 Tons of equipment. needless to say, I was scarred in a way I don't suspect a band to scar me in the near future
I wish they would come to Israel again, the show was amazing.
to see Muse live and die.

I want to see them live so bad...

We have an amazing band in Israel who did a great couple of covers shows for muse - if your'e interested
^why, that's not being picky at all
I agree with sampeling taking too much space on the self titled, but I enjoy the way a concept gets streched over a 7 minute song, instead of having a great concept like Mary Go Bye Bye and destroying it in favour of head bashing metal 1:30 minutes into the song.

I love DV, every song of it, but I wonder how much they could cut from the songs.
Hey, I gotz a tattoo about two months ago, and I did everything that the guy said, rubbed the lotion kept it out of the sun and what not..

and it still looks like a cheap marker and it seems like it has holes in it, i'll probably take a picture later, but I was wondering if it has any more stages to go or is it considered 'Complete' ??

thanks in advance
Wait, am I too late to talk about the Gaza Strip bombings?

This is a photo that I really feel that I got what I intended.

this really horror feeling, even though it's not too scary, it's just the tone of the picture and the stitches on his belly makes me feel all tingely.

I was doing backup vocals in a song and hit my mouth on the microphone because I rushed onto it, so the people in crowd heard this:

"This *PHMB* oh.."
We still have 45 minutes of 2008 in Israel

And now, if you don't mine, i'm gonna get shitfaced
May I do one? Please!

Edit: Oh, ****..what do we do now than?
It just got me so obsessed with traveling to Iceland, that country is beautiful! also, seems as if everyone are born beautiful with blonde hair over there.

I agree with the guy that said that the footage is equivalent with their music.
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Actually stands are for musicians...

same thing
well, Amnesiac by Radiohead reminds me of year 10 in high school, alot was attached to it..
well it depends, as Israel preforms as a house for all jews, we have ancestors from throughout the world, notbly in Poland and other whiteass countries, so yeah, we're like 50/50 white/middle-eastern
I need to come to these threads faster, they crash so bloody fast...
well that was easy...anyone up for a pint?
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He's Israeli.

And destroying the thread? Not really.

that' hardly an excuse, I try my best, jsut so these conversations won't interrupt the real subject of the thread, it is interrupting and CAN destroy entire threads...
that's me on the left,

didn't knew that alot of guys in UG were into karate...
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he wanted me to hear smt, smt good he said

who the hell are SMT?

I actually just played some Nirvana songs with my band, and bee golly, even the most simple-sounding things, Dave grohl HAS to do something to turn them over, insert double kick, play with the hi-hat in a transmission. anyway, it was hell of a fun time
Yeah, I actually wrote a review on Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever, and submitted to UG. I really enjoyed that album.
wow, Beck Does look like Paul Gilbert, that's GREAT!
/shortest thread ever