Hey all,

Haven't been on this site in YEARS.
This is an Opeth style instrumental track that I wrote over 10 years ago, but never recorded until this week.
As always, constructive criticism is appreciated and will be returned.

Hope you enjoy!
Hey guys, recently picked up fingerpicking and this is my rendition of this amazing song. Let me know what you think!
Oooohhh this is very smooth! Not really jazzy I would say, a little bluesy, little bit of an alternative feel there. I like it a lot! The bass line was very crisp, and when the guitar came in caught me by surprise (which I loved). The playing is very clean, and overall I thought this could be something you might hear in the walking dead or something haha! There was a note at 1:05 that sounded out of place, I don't know if that was intended or not but I know it doesn't really fit well with the rest of the song. Overall, excellent track, maybe you could extend it into something longer.

Wow, it sure has been a while since I was last on here...After taking a long break from guitar, I picked up an acoustic for the first time last year, and have been teaching myself fingerstyle picking and techniques for the past 2 months or so...I recorded this track this morning as sort of a spontaneous improvised melody in E major, and decided to start a YouTube channel with such tracks. Here's the first of many, hope you enjoy!
haha thanks dude, yea haven't been playing as much recently :/ i still dabble from time to time though lol
Wow this is pretty awesome actually haha. i like this a lot, love the guitars especially. great production too....nice man!
This is only the second time i record a video with me singing and playing the guitar, it's not normally my thing. But I liked the way this turned out, figured I'd see what other people think.

Thanks for the input!
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I want more!

Haha yeaa me and some friends got a bag of super silver last month, shit is crazzzyyyyyyy. ****ing love that stuff.

Yea so, I'm moving back to the US in a few weeks, haven't lived there since I was 11 so naturally I'm not that well informed on how things work when it comes to pot. So basically, I was wondering how easy it is to find hash there, and how expensive is it relative to weed?
I was just watching House, and in this one episode he takes LSD to get rid of a migraine. Then he says he basically counteracted the LSD by taking a whole bunch of antidepressants. Would this actually work? Would be interesting to have shorter acid trips, though I haven't tried it personally.
Ummm, I posted my cover in the thread, why wasn't it counted?? :s
Thanks alot!

Yea there are a couple parts where I mess up a bit with the clean guitars, but are you talking about more towards the end?
Damn dude, not much to say after all these comments except awesome job! Tone is definitely spot on, I almost couldn't tell the difference between this and the original. It would've been better if you used a backing track though. I think the harmonized part would've sounded better if you panned the guitars out a little more though. Other than that awesome job!
I decided to cook this up for the zelda cover contest in the pit. It's not really much of a medley, I just strung together the Lost Woods theme with the Main theme...really happy with how it turned out though. Check it out on my profile.
Haha yea i remember listening to your first cover. Don't remember well enough to compare between the two though haha. This one's pretty sick though. Clean playing, good tone, overall good sound quality. Hell of a nice job on this! Especially towards the end.
Count me in for this!

edit: haha I got so into this I already finished my recording. It's on my profile if you guys wanna check it out.
It's been a while since I pulled out my electric, but I recently bought new strings (after like 2 years), and decided to go back to my roots haha. Covered this song after not touching metal for something like 2 years. Naturally there are some flaws here and there, but i'm really happy with the way it turned out. All crits appreciated

It's on my profile.
Well I use Cool Edit Pro, you could also use Audacity.
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It could do, but i guess we'll never know.

Thanks alot

I played rhythm guitar and sang at the same time on one track, had another track where I sang over the "ooohhh" parts, and a third track where I play the solo guitar.
I think you guys should stop being douches, if you cbf playing it then why bother posting at all?

It's a pretty cool riff, i like the first half more than the second half though. I'm sure it would sound really cool with drums and all that.

I'm a little sick so I might mess up at some points, but whatever...Hope you enjoy
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Not much news. We haven't had a submission in a while. If myself or stevehouse can get a couple more in though, it'll probably be enough to start the review process (which you remember from album II).

Well I'd be willing to submit a few if that would help.
Heyy guys, I put a new track up on my soundclick called "Esprit", was wondering if anyone wanted to check it out. Even got my guitar out for this one:

Any news on the new album?
Hey guys what's up? I was wondering if any of you are having problems installing the Stimulus package for MW2?
ohhhhhh mannnn this song is awesome man!! Seriously, I love that intro riff. The song actually reminds me alot of an oceanlab song, despite the genre difference. But honestly speaking, I love this song. Amazing, hands down. The vocals were a little weak at some points but your friend has a really nice voice. Excellent song man, seriously.

I recorded a song as well, would love to get some crits on it if you have the time. Not in the same caliber as yours but I try haha. Here's the link:
Here's a song I just recorded for a very close friend of mine. I'm not that experienced with vocals, but I gave it a good shot. It's on my profile, could really use the crits. Thanks!
Thanks alot! And yea actually it was early in the morning, i had just woke up haha

Just a video I did this morning of my playing this song. I know I kinda **** up a little at times but it's all good I guess haha.
have any of you tried tramadol? i just wanted to know about some of the effects, how long they last, and would you be able to uhh...function socially haha...basically is it a background drug like weed?
Oh right, I'm using FL Studio 6.
captaincrunk told me to drop by this thread...well i guess you have my track cottonmouth so i wouldn't mind having it entered. I'm actually really trying to getting into producing electronic music, as well as beats and instrumentals so if you guys wanna check out some of my stuff, i have my myspace at :

I'm constantly adding new music so you know whoever's interested, I could really use the support.
Something I came up with while messing around with some odd tuning.
emailed it to you!
I made a new track I want to be considered for the album, here it is :|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaShYFK_YGk

I also emailed it to the email you gave me.
Haha is it too late for a last minute entry? I know I already have 2 songs up for consideration but if I'm able to finish this new track I just started today then I really wanna have it entered as well...that's an IF though, I'm still working on it.
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Same. I had around 120 hours... and I never got any expansions.

Yea me neither! i think i pretty much finished every large/guild quests.
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Only two hours?

Come back in fifty.

Haha i had something like 110 hours on that game
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Sweet. I was a wood elf too with a huge focus on stealth... never used the bow much but it is awesome.

And wth is Heroes Of Newerth?

It's this game which is really similar to the Dota map for warcraft III...except with better graphics and stuff, it looks really cool...but it's in a closed beta phase so i was just wondering if anyone had an invite or something...

and are you guys talking about oblivion??? cuz i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaalllyyy felt like playing it today for some reason!!
I guess no one has a beta key for Heroes of Newerth? ...or no one has heard of it??