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I'm on the road today.
honestly I've been doing this thread for about
5 years and you seem to be the most
nervous / confused user I've come across
so far.

like I've explained to you many times,
you fret the first fret and last fret where
the neck and body meet.
that might be around the 19th fret.

so then looking at the halfway between the
two spots, is around the 8th fret.

if only a thin pick fits there and you are
getting buzz, then turn counter clockwise
1/4 turn. which is a small amount.

don't force the turn. and let the guitar settle
in tune.
that's it.
you aren't supposed to keep turning.

Haha I'll take that first comment as a compliment.. You can never be too careful

Like I said before to you too, I have tried that and repeated it several times, with no results
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logically why would fret buzz go away if you keep tightening the truss rod.

something must be broken in that scenario. most likely your logic.

I said loosening it would logically cure fret buzz, mr smartass
I've already lost my nerve, ive tightened it a fair bit and there's no change in action, relief or fret buzz, why is it every time I try and do some simple set up it doesn't work? I just need some god damn instructions on what to do
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If you must do it blind, do it in eighth turns and give it half an hour in between adjustments.

Should I repeat until the buzz goes away, or..?
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Without meaning to sound like a motivational speaker, this is definitely the message to take away from todays lecture.

I understand but, logically, the only thing that can still be causing the buzzing is the truss rod, and a backbowed or too straight truss rod with not enough relief will cause buzz

So through the process of elimination, I nee to loosen the truss rod. But by how much is the question
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What? Where are you asking for feeler gauges that they don't know what you're talking about?

Go to a hardware or automotive shop. They'll have them. You gap spark plugs with them.

Again, if you can't measure, don't adjust. Take it to a music shop if you have to but don't go messing with an already off truss rod if you don't know what direction it needs to go.

I went to 3 hardware stores and 2 auto stores and no one I asked there had heard of them, I even had a look round my self and there were none there in the store, and these were very big stores with huge amounts of stuff in stock.

I know what your saying about dont adjust it but.. Logically, my truss needs to be loosened because feet buzz is caused by too tight a truss rod, especially since I've ruled everything else out
Well when I do the 1st-17th fret method there is a very small gap between the string and feet at the 7th, so how do I know if my truss rod needs tightened or loosened?

And I've been ALL over town today in at least 5 different stores but NO WHERE has feeler gauges, everyone I asked in the stores even said they'd never heard of them.

I just really want to know what's causing this buzz, it must be the truss rod if my action is set to "basically unplayable"
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No problem correcting without a gauge, just follow this guide:

It's very hard to tell by eye if there is a gap or not, hence the need for feeler gauges to measure how much relief I need, if any
Ok so my action is very high (2.25mm low e and 2.05mm high e) and I still have bad fret buzz. Do I need to loose or tighten the truss rod? I can't measure the relief as no stores in town have feeler gauges, and by measuring it with a pick apparently my relief is .4mm which is far too much, which makes me think it's not right. I'm stuck and I don't know what to do please help
Please this is stressing me out, I don't know to measure the relief without using my pick and I dont know whether I need to loosen or tighten the truss rod.

You say 0.4mm is not enough relief and everywhere else says its too much

My neck LOOKS straight but according to my measure rs it's got too much relief, I just don't k ow what to do at all
I'm kind of confused, everywhere else I'm reading people are saying .4mm is FAR too muh relief, most people say their relief is around 0.010 which is about 0.25mm
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.4mm is less than average relief.

that's one thin pick.
that might work for some guitars, but if you have buzz you'll want to add more.

Ok so I'll follow your instructions on the other thread for adjusting the rod. But at what point should I stop, once the relief is 1mm or what?

Also, when measuring, should I use the 1st-last fret method, or 1st and 17th fret? The more I know the better I guess
Hi again. Thought I'd try setting up my Epi before my Gibson gets here, so it doesn't matter if I mess up.

It's got bad fret buzz, especially on the a sting (fretted not open) from the second to 12th string. It's not as bad on other strings but still noticeable. I tried making the nut very high on the a string but the buzzing remained.

Action on low e is 2.25mm, on high e it's 2.05mm, and the relief (using the first-last fret method) is around .4mm at the 7th fret.

So you can see I have rather high action and a lot more relief than I should have. Apparently Gibson specs are .025mm relief, 1.9mm low e action and 1.14 high e (this is changed inches as my ruler only has mm)

I'm guessing I need to set the neck straight then work from there, but I'm not sure how I'll know when it's straight as I have no feeler gauges and my smallest pick is .46mm

Thanks for the help
My 2 experiences have been horrific and ended up with both guitars being sent back for refund and taking weeks.

Both times I bought a Gibson, and there quality was horrific. I decided to order one final time and I get it on Monday so hopefully third time lucky
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because if the buzz isnt transmitting thru the amp, then
it's not being picked up on recordings.

Not transmitting thru an amp on an electric guitar is generally not considered an issue, and most techs wont
set up a guitar to be buzz free acoustically.

Thanks again, that's good to hear that buzzing isn't really much of a problem (ive never heard it through an amp anyway)

Our of curiosity, do you have any guitars that you have set up and still buzz (acoustically)?
Thanks, I'll post back when I get it. Although, if buzz not transmitting through your amp isn't generally a problem, why do so many people consider it a huge no in terms of a guitar being acceptable? For example I'm sure very few guitarists would record with a guitar with fret buzz

Edit: sorry, forgot to quote you

I ordered a new Gibson LP studio online and it will be delivered soon, and I assume it will have very bad fret buzz like the last one I bought which had to be returned. Should I try raising the action and if that fails just get it set up, or just not tinker with it at all myself and get it set up?
I'm very uncomfortable adjusting the truss rod again, as I won't be sending this guitar back for a refund and don't want to ruin my guitar
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did you follow a schematic?
if so then try switching the two wires on the output jack.

Hey Jenny. Yeh I followed a real basic diagram - it was essentially EVHs layout. I'll go take a few pics and post them soon if that will help, and I'll try switching the output jack wires, although I think they are right I'll try anyway.

To be honest I think it's maybe not grounded right as the braiding around the single conductor wire was quite hard to solder down to the top of the pot.
I just bought a white LP studio so white !
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You have slim choices, method choices, and large choices, and any one of these will do for enjoying instrument, but it also relies on HOW you want to perform instrument.

Is English your first language? Couldn't really understand what your trying to say without grammar.
Decided to get the best of both worlds so I got an alpine white 2012 studio w/ coil taps
Hey everyone.

Last year I started a project guitar and it never got finished. It was basically a replica of EVHs bumblebee, with a very simple design that only consisted of one bridge humbucker (it was a slash sig. Alnico 2 pro, single conductor with outer wire shielding) and one volume control - totally bypassing tone pot and other pups. So after some mediocre wiring I tried plugging it in and all I got was a loud hissing static sound - with a very faint noise of the actual note I was playing in the background. Any ideas of the problem?

I'll take a few pics and post em soon if you think it would help
I was about to suggest a hall of fame. Mine is good

In the future don't buy an amp without an fx loop
I got a used 4x12 with k100s. For $200.

ALWAYS look for used
Get a used jcm800 or 200 and buy a nice 4x12 with what you have left
Although the coil taps are a plus to have
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From the way he described it, it sounds like the older model Studio. The ones that were made before Gibson had all of their rosewood taken off them.

It is older, but I'm not sure how much older. Ebony fretboard by the way, if that helps
On my Marshall class 5 (modded) I dime the master and regular volume control. AND push it harder with a ts9 (for my lead tone). It all depends on the gain you have to work with
Thanks for the replies everyone, I think I'll have to wait til after Christmas to try them out but they have a few in stock the Epi I have now has a 60s neck and coil taps so I'm still leaning towards the white one as it has no coils and has a rounder neck, just for a change in gear. But I'll definetly try them out first after my last horrible encounter with a Gibson

and I hear what you say about checking the finish on the white one, I know that it can react with the rubber on stands etc and give you a horrible yellowy stain in the finish that you can't get out.
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That tear isn't so bad.

Now you need one of these and you'll be set.

The only outcome I can see of using that is me at the bottom of the stairs with the cab on top of me I'll have to look into buying one though, I'm sure a cheap one can be easily welded too
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you said you have an iphone. get your priories straight.

HNCD. i love K100's. IIRC these are one of few cabs that they come in.

I would much prefer a phone in which I can use as a mobile computer, can call people in emergencies, take pictures and videos to share moments with my family etc, so I can socially network on the go, and a variety of other things a computer can't do, my priorities ARE straight I can even print photos wirelessly on my iPhone and record and edit music!

And k100s are the only "named" speaker I've tried (out of v30s and all of the others which a lot of people talk about) and I gotta say I love em too
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They can be quite heavy when going up stairs. Glad your happy with your new cab.

Had to resort to some manly DIY involving an old duvet cover and a rope but I got there lol, thanks man!