Thank you gentleman!I'll have it repaired soon with new strings and a set-up at a local guitar store..

Yes it's a stop tail/tune-o-matic bridge.
Hey everyone,it's been many years since I posted on this forum...
Anyway here's my problem,I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Custom ebony and the thing is that the G string always goes out of tune after a solo or a you have the same problem as well?
Is there a way to fix this or is it permanent?

Also,the "gold" color is starting to fade..can I do something to keep it the way it was when I bought the guitar?
Hello again!I bumped my old thread cause I didn't want to start a new one about the hardwire.So,my friend bought the TL-2.It's damn amazing,die hard metal construction.The way the knobs turn will blow you away,the smoothness is damn awesome.And the sound...pff man,you can't get something better than that
Pls take time to hear my music.I will appreciate your comments on my new music.
You can also find me on myspace.
My experience on the boss pedals is good and bad.What I mean is,I own the digitech Hot Head dist. and comparing it to the DS-1 or the DS-2 turbo dist.The Hot head blows these pedals away.I also own the Digidelay which I compared with the DD-3.And I can say that they were quite similar but the DD-3 had a few more Milisecs of delay.My point is that the boss pedals are good,reliable but their ODs and Dist. pedals they produce are quite bad and have become old compared to others.That is my opinnion for the Boss pedals.
i was reading the Total guitar magazine,the november issue..and it said this for the TL-2 "we're pretty sure the TL-2 is the best metal pedal we've ever stomped on.Trust us,that tight setting will blow your boots off". Congrats to digitech..we're waiting your review on the pedal.I will also do one once my friend has it in his hands
They're true By-pass..
I will also try one out pal just ordered the TL-2.Let us see...
I don't know...peak the Roland one..
Hello,I read many reviews and saw many videos on youtube about the hardwire.I believe these are one of the greatest stompboxes and one of the greatest pedals digitech has ever made.I really want to buy the Stereo reverb.I would like to hear your opinnion about the hardwire.
ok so my friend offers it to me for 50 euros.And Maybe I'll buy has only be used 3 times.And since the amps or the dist. pedals don't have many bands to twikle with..this will suit me well.Thank you
A friend offers me the Boss EQ pedal at a very good price,at about 40-50 euros.I tried it and you can actually get a very good tone out of it.Should I buy it?
And what can I actually do to it?If it's a phaser or a dist. pedal for example what changes can I do to them?
I bought it today but did not plugged the pedals yet cause I forgot them in the studio.Now I was watching the manual sheet and there was a section about which pedals it can power up.Now it said that for the digitech it powers up all the X-series and some RP models which I don't mind.Will it power up the Hot head??cause it's not an X-Series.
I really need to buy the One Spot adaptor.Can't stand batterys anymore.Although I have heard some of the frequences get lost with the adaptors.
Hello,our guitarist wants to buy the EHX Big Muff.But I have heard that there's a cheap one which is crap and the authentic one.How will we understand the difference?
You guys!I read all of the replies...I stated my opinnion about these 2 strats I played.They sounded completely **** to me compared to other guitars.Also I mentioned that I don't want to get flamed and said"Correct me if I'm wrong".I'd like to thank Rufiothebandito for all the understanding 'cause he was the only one who was thinking normally and logicaly.
I did use the bridge and lowered the tone knob.Also messed around with the is closed.Some ppl like them some ppl don't.

I mean just watch this vid and listen to tone of this guitar.
Seriously I just believe that Gibson guitars are much more sweeter..The John Mayer song is nice and the man has a sweet tone.But again not for me..
I would never buy a signature guitar unless I was a die hard fan.
Now i don't wanna get flamed.I just want to say my opinnion about these guitars.The first time I played on a strat was 3 years ago and it was a squier.I wasn't surprised by the sound at all...Now i have played a FENDER mexican and an american that both costed about 1500-2000 each at the music store.The sound was absolutely lame,it was sharpy,the fretboard was almost the same as the squier one and the sustain was just not enough for my standards.Seriously why are people still buying these ****ty guitars??Buy a jaguar or a tele if you like a fender.There's no warm sound while playing on clean.

I'm just saying my opinnion.Correct me if I'm wrong..

Thanks for reading.

P.S. - I tried both guitars on a fender forntman 212 which I believe is a great amp.
And how about the Fender one??I believe that in boss you just pay for the brand.
In my previous band I was also a sole guitarist.I used to add some reverb from the amp I played on.I only had a distortion a wah and a delay.I was using the delay as a booster for the solos.
Just a simple delay pedal and flanger.I think these are the only effects blink used.
Quote by bradwhiteuk
TS not sure what you mean with that number 11 thing. If you mean string guages, then yes guage 11s would be a good option.

Just to clear up, the tuning is (low to high): CGCFAD

Yes i meant 11 gauges .Thank you all for the help!
And shouldn't the other strings tuned lower?I play in drop C but it sounds so off and bad!Should I place a number 11 6th string?
If I want to play Killswitch engage for example...
I'd recommend the new pedal digitech made.The Hardwire TL-2 Metal Distortion .I haven't tried it yet but with 4 knobs for your tone and switch from tight to loose,I don't think there's a better pedal.
Digitech are great pedals and many artists use them.Now I don't think there's any reason to lie.
These pedals look tottaly great!!!I'm a fan of digitech,and from what I read in the official digitech website these pedals seem to be one of the best digitech has ever made.
I really believe that Boss makes bad OD's and Distortions.Digitech is a lot better(IMO).But you just have to try them all out and choose one that suits you best.
Well I think the pedal isn't getting enough power.Cause the Digitech LED lights are very strong and brighter than Boss pedals.
Tell me what you guys think.I believe it can bring a headache.
BBE Green Screamer or the Digitech Bad Monkey.
No!The DS-1 is a bad pedal.Buy the Digitech hot head which is better and cheaper and if you want buy the Ibanez to use as a boost.
Thank you all for the tips.We'll see what we can do.

HE CAN'T PLUG IN STRAIGHT TO THE AMP!Our songs NEED guitar effects to be played normal.I have single stompboxes but I can't cover his playing cause we're playing different stuff.We can't find out how we reset the damn thing,even though we read the manual:/
Well we need all the presets...can't someone recommend me smthng?