Get a USB cable with a USB B end to it, like you'd use for most printers or some internet modems.
Plug it into your computer, download the drivers from the Line 6 website and follow the instructions you're given.

I recommend downloading and using the POD Farm program.

In my experience, thus far; high gain tones don't go down especially well with the modelling software, you have to tweak it a fair bit to get a decent tone out of it.
There's an abundance of different amps with their own unique voicings.

Basically there's plenty of versatility in the basic stuff there.
Quote by deafening
the S 5470 prestige is a better value than the RG's, cheaper, got mine for 1400 american

Really? The S 5470 seems to be in excess of more than $500 than the RGs everywhere I've looked.
Where did you get yours from exactly?
I'm need a new guitar for my HSC music pieces next term (a Les Paul body and a chunky 50s neck do not bode well with Children Of Bodom and John Petrucci pieces).

I've been looking namely at Ibanez since anything with an OFR is fairly expensive, ESP Ltd Deluxes with their Korean manufactured version of the same part and material bridge design start at $2000.
I'm also after single coil configurations too.

Right now, my options are as follows:
S470DXQM -$899

S5470RDO - $1945

RG3570Z - $1899

(All in AUD and all advertised as their last in stock)

However, I'm currently leaning towards the revised, 2010 model of the S470DXQM, the S570DXQM which has 24 frets instead of 22 (HUGE deal for what I'm playing)
As they're brand spankin' new, the best price I've gotten is $1500 from Turramusic.

I also remember seeing an RG3550 being advertised online somewhere for $1999 as their last one.

What do you suggest I get?
The S470DXQM is $900, but not in the colour I'd like and with two less frets than the $1500 S570DXQM which I could choose the colour of.
Pit, my girlfriend believes no one exists unless someone else is there to see us exist and I'm too tired tonight to have this discussion again today.

What're your thoughts?
I just tried looking at a few things called Stereoscopic images.

They're basically two of the exact same picture place side-by-side, no mirroring or anything.
The idea is to cross your eyes so that your brain perceives an illusion of there being a third image in between the original two, only it looks as though its 3D.

Has anyone heard of a program or way of making images simple images look 3D without any aid.
Or am I just better off crossing the picture over itself in Photoshop at 50% transpanency and putting on 3D glass (the way they make 3D movies work).

tl;dr How can I make a photo look 3D?
Its half decent I suppose.
DEFINATELY replace Vista though.

What are you running right now?
Quote by Hendrix_fan_14
hey man I saw the Mars Volta with my dad.

and @ TS stop bitchin' because I can't go to Opeth because of the Palace's liquor licensing laws. Same with Porcupine Tree and I don't make a thread about it.

I'm 17.

Sydney show FTW!
We're the only date out of the 3 that isn't 18+
I wasn't happy that Amon Amarth was 18+ though. Still, its more than understandable
Dont buy the JS30RR.
The input jack is on the low fin where it rests on your leg when you play so you cant really plug in and sit down with it because of where the jack goes.
Trust me, I own one and I hate it.

EDIT:Also, wrong thread
Alright, thats good.
I'm not exactly up to the standard of doing the incredibly widdly guitar solo in Crazy Train but I'll just stick with some Metal thats close to Rock like Maiden or Metallica.
Perhaps Orion?
Im starting my HSC (Higher School Certificate, similar to SATs in America, basically my last year of high school) and for Music this term Ive chosen Rock as my topic.
We have to do 2 performances I'm not sure what to do since I've so heavily to into Metal...

Right now I'm thinking I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness and Youth Gone Wild - Skid Row but I don't think that these two songs live up the need to be "showy" for around 5 minutes of play.
My other pieces in the 2 coming terms will be 2 Opeth pieces followed 2 Children Of Bodom pieces.

Should I maybe choose something like Paradise City - Guns 'N' Roses?

Appreciate some help guys!
Dude, hands down, go with the Schecter Blackjack ATX C-1 if you can, FR or not!
Perhaps even the 7 string

The Ibanez is good too.
And I for one have heard nothing but bad things about the Edge tremolo systems, or at least the Edge IIIs.

Perhaps check out the ESP Ltd 1000 series?
Dont get any of the 400 or 500 series guitars that have tremolos, stick to the string-thru ones.
Perhaps the MH-1000?
Quote by Chasing Shadows
Okay, So I took the liberty in going through my iTunes and putting down what tuning they play in the majority of the time, that way, if anyone wants to know which tuning would be best to stay in for example when tuning your Locking Trem and just give you a general idea.

I just thought it'd be a good idea, it'll help me and anyone else hopefully
Also, let me know if you want any other bands going in the categories
If this thread fails, then.. Mehh, i was just bored :P
Hoping to end up with some pretty big listssss!
Thanks guys

EADGBe [Standard]:
Blink-182 [Majority of songs
Iron Maiden [Majority of songs]
Metallica [Albums excluding Load and Reload, "Sad But True" song]
Nickelback [Most songs]
Pantera [Earlier half of songs]
Red Hot Chili Peppers [Majority of songs]
Trivium [Some Ember To Inferno album songs, The Crusade and Shogun]

DADGBe [Drop D]
Trivium [Ascendancy album and some Ember To Inferno songs]
Nickelback [Some songs]
Blink 182 [Some few songs]
Iron Maiden [Some few songs]

DGCFAd [D Standard]
Children Of Bodom [Earlier albums]
DevilDriver [Some songs]
Pantera [Latter half of songs]

D# Standard
Metallica [Load and Reload albums]

Drop C
Children Of Bodom [Later albums]

C Standard
Arch Enemy apart from first three albums
In Flames - Some songs/albums

Drop C#
Enter Shikari

Drop B
Devildriver [Some songs]

C# Standard
Machine Head [Some songs]

B Standard
Arch Enemy - First 3 albums

Just some amendments quickly
Quote by vtpcnk
i have a couple of song specific effects questions.

1. is there any effect which gives a kind of dual guitar effect. ie if the actual recording had two guitars playing the same part at the same time (saturday night special - lynyrd skynyrd), can a single guitar emulate that with a pedal?

2. martin barre's second solo on jethro tull's 'to cry you a song' - with a kinda ringing feel - what effect is used here?

appreciate the feedback.

1. Forget about the Harmonisers and Pitch shifters.
If you want things to sound like you have a second guitar playing the exact same thing as you then set a delay, not reverb, of 7ms and mix it at 50/50 for signal.

2. I would believe the effect in that song is a Harmoniser or Pitch shifter of some sort or hes just multi tracked 3 different layers.
Quote by Circambria
The fact that a Dinky is 1200 bucks over there makes me never wanna buy a guitar from there. I think it would be cheaper to FLY over to America and buy one here.

And no.....I'm not kidding

Keep in mind the import tax and price of the actual FLIGHT itself!
Otherwise paying for a courier and organising good packing and such.
Although I must say the dollar is at a very loving 93 cents at the moment compared with the 68 when I was over there on holiday a few months ago...

Again, the DKMG is $1700.
Quote by bloodlust_panda
I use an Ibanez RG420EX..hard to find but yeah its a good bridge, bridge pick ups a bit weak but you cna just replace it....Michael Kelly HEx deluxe is a sexy guitar to..and a BC rich NJ deluxe warlock...those are my top 3 choices unless you want an Alexi Laiho Signautre

Some how I think most of those are all out of my price range, the Alexi-200 and 600 signature LTDs both use low quality Floyd-style bridge.
The DKMG is $1700 and both it and the RR3 have licensed bridges...

Keep in mind Im Australian.

The S470 is looking like a good option, especially the S470DXQM.
I just checked out some reviews of it on Harmony Central and for the most part reviews are either mostly great or occasionally really really shocking, frets coming up from the fretboard, bad setups etc.
Im looking to buy a new guitar for my upcoming elective HSC music performances next year and somehow I just dont think a Les Paul with a fat 50s neck with suffice for playing Children Of Bodom...

I absolutely NEED an original floyd rose something else that wont go out of tune, tuning and precision is key for my performances to get good marks.

Im a big fan of ESPs but guitars of their with decent FRs start at $2000 and my budget is around $1200, not really flexible....
So Ive been looking at other options, namely Ibanez.
I was intrigued by the Schecter Blackjack series until I found out they started at $2000.

I havnt heard any comments on Ibanez's Edge III bridges, what are they like?
I wont be overly abusing it, merely a few divebombs and pull ups.

My local store is:

And I can also get to these 2 easily:

What do you suggest?

The Epiphone Marcus Henderson signature looks like a viable option but I cant seem to find anything on it in Australia.

What are the Ibanez ZR bridges like too?
I got "Kensai is God"

Well played sir....

Floor POD plus is definately great in that price range, get it if you want more than just a few disortion sounds.

If you want just plain Metal distortion get one of the new Digitech Hardwire TL-2s.
Arch Enemy

1. Are you male or female? Beast Of Man

2. Describe yourself: Ravenous

3. How do you feel about yourself? Dead Eyes See No Future

4. Describe your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend: Nemesis

5. Describe your current boy/girl situation: Heart Of Darkness

6. Describe your current location: End Of The Line

7. Describe where you want to be: Fields Of Desolation

8. Your best friend is: Lead Of The Rats

9. Your favorite color is: Silverwing

10. You know that: Dead Bury Their Dead

11. What’s the weather like? Snowbound

12. If your life was a television show what would it be called? Skeleton Dance

13. What is life to you? Carry The Cross

14. What is the best advice you have to give? Kill With Power

15. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Hydra

16. Your view of politics? Blood On Your Hands

17. Your age? Time Capsule

18. Your religion? Savage Messiah

19. You at your worst? Burning Angel

20. You at your best? We Will Rise
You probably just lost either a **** load of puppy fat or your body ditched lots of weight from sweating or something or maybe a slight combination of the two.
It shouldn't be bad so much for the AMP you're using as it would be for the speakers.
As long as it has enough headroom and/or it's a decently suited tube amp.

I'd say it should be fine as long as you're using a 4x12" cab to handle the amount of low end coming from such a thing.
Randall make a 2x12"/1x15" cab

Anyone know what this song is in the video that autoplays?
Shadows Fall or something perhaps? :S

Edit: The song is Aqualung by Jethro Tull!
Second last line "and the flower blooms like"
Obzen - Meshuggah

Holy ****
Quote by JohnnyV
Is the hole in the back or the front of the guitar?

It would also be really cool to put a clock or something in there? :P maybe some lights and junk with a plexiglass cover?

Put a tuner in!
Or maybe a pre-amp of some sort or SOMETHING.
Look at Matt Bellamy's Manson signatures for example.
I need some good adjectives and nouns to describe the tone of electric guitars, bass, drums and vocals as well at the dynamics and expression techniques of them too.

The pieces I'm studying are Nemesis and Silverwing, both by Arch Enemy.

Does anyone have any ideas, reading material or sites to check out?
Don't quote me on this, but I a number of people in bands, music professionals, producers etc. Say the older "vintage" 5150s have more low end than the newer 6505s do for some reason.

I know Jona Weinhofen (ex-IKTPQ, ex-Bleeding Through and now in BMTH) prefers them over the 6505s and I think Trivium specifically chose 5150's in the recording of Shogun.

Read some reviews, ask your local Core bands, listen for yourself.
Quote by Kozlic
Just practice some simple songs from Green Day if u like them and the fretting hand pain will go away. it just has to get used to not really normal positions.
At first practice sitting down cuz it will hurt less.
And the string muting will go away too, if you'll practice enough.

Yes, Green Day songs are great, that's how I started my playing and I'm doing Children Of Bodom for my performances at school.
I've been playing for 6 years now (Y)
We've started studying Dead Poets Society in English, one of my favourite movies and it's beginning to interest me in poetry.

Can anyone suggest any good sites or forums or anything with a good collection of established poets or anything?
Something with tips or ideas on how to get the best out of what I can write myself perhaps?
I'm trying to run a REALLY old game, I think it may have been made for Windows 95.

Anyway, I installed it and everything, took me less than a minute and I cant seem to boot the game whatsoever, I just get an error (attached) everytime.

I've tried running the program in Windows 95 and 98 compatibility modes.

Is it refering to the audio or something maybe?
Well initially, a "sweep" as we all like to say is what's called an Arpeggio, a pattern developed in Classical music that uses the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th notes in an 8 note scale.
So I have an old Jackson JS30RR, the entry level Rhoades V model, that I'm looking at selling right now.
I got it a few years ago and stupidly enough decided to "pimp" the pickups with white-out, they're Jackson pickups that look like a huge rip off of EMG's.
I'm now in need of some money and never play any other guitar than my Gibson, so I've decided I need to fix this old thing up to sell.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could get the white out off other than scratching at it furiously?
Perhaps something to rub on the white out to help soften it or even just remove it out right?
Quote by lumberjack
On the other hand, EMG's bypass a lot of what your guitar tone-wood has to offer due to their on-board pre-amp, stiff housing, and heavy shielding.

I've heard that Blackouts have been engineered to be more responsive to the types of wood you use on your guitar.

Evaluate what everyone's said here about frequencies across different strings and such and make a personal decision on the sort of thing you want.
Definately recommend the 18v mod for EMG's AND the Blackouts.
The quality on 200 series LTD's isn't especially great at all....
From what I've seen and heard, the Ibanez would be a better buy.
And yes, there IS a lot to be said for the amount of people who own them, people don't usually move away from 7 strings unless they're serious about their playing and will probably seriously check out what they're buying.
Usually you get a smoother gain if you crank the Power Amp a lot more than the Pre Amp, it's more responsive too because you're playing dynamics affect the volume coming from the Power tubes.
Or if you want the usual more gainy sound, crank the Pre Amp.

Eddit Van Halen for example achieves his "Brown sound" tone by driving the Pre Amp hard and running the Power Amp "cold" with a lower voltage.
I hear that ****s got a decent alcohol percentage (Y)

Quote by mexican_shred
If you payed new for it, or within 100-150 dollars of new of it, its a bad deal. Its not a terrible amp head, just not good. I had one for a while and it was just loud. Just that,

I can vouch for that with my combo.
I can get some decent tones out of it but it's nothing especially great.
Try and off load it somehow and get a Blackheart head (Y)
Solid state power amp, sounds like ass, it's pretty well a step above MG's.
Quote by ibrahimasood
ESP's cheapest go to about £1000
LTD: I've always seen with LFR's.

The ESP Ltd 1000(Deluxe Series) Guitars have something called a Floyd Rose 1000 Series bridge compared with the 400 and lower models having a Floyd Rose Special Bridge.
Check them out perhaps?