mmmmm its definately the curls that are f*ckin you over.
Consider thining it out a bit and dont keep it so perfect and straight.
Try to get it like Corey Beaulieu from Trivium's hair, thats some awesome metal hair right there...
One last thing, how old are you??

Yeh it probably WASNT the best time 2 get them now, since theres the orange box coming out soon and hopefully the reworked version of Half-Life:Source this year (the current one uses the old crappy graphics but with the Source engine rather than using the Source engine to its potenital)

As MeGaDeTh suggested, it may be your video card, get a 7600GS+ or X850?+ (no idea bout ATI cards) card.
ATI have also just released their latest video card with comes bundled with the orange box, though you should only check it out if ur a serious gamer (we'r talkin $500 absolute minimum for a video card, should set you up for the next decade though =] ).

Anyway its a good game.

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The Germans have a word for this, Schadenfreude

The Americans have a word for it too. It's sadism. Duh.
public transport

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because sleep is a ****ing waste of time.

AMEN TO THAT i was always hav 2 lik fully wake up again which usually takes til lik 1 or 2 pm @ skwl so then im all outgoing and then i get stuck at home with my family (who reali reali annoy me each in their own ways....)

but yeh i stayed up 40 hours (give or take a bit) on sunday/monday, 9am- 1am or there bouts

EDIT: yay i think im in the top 10 longest!
mmmm you MIGHT just have two hard drives since a 500GB drive wudnt have 40 something gigs used by its raw software.
On top of that your computer definately wont need 130GB for your OS and other basic functions and archive files, make the partition ratio larger.

No idea how to do so but yeh
yep youtube uses flash videos.
you can dig them out of your temporary internet files and play them with a program called FLV player =]
but yeh ^ re-install them both, should do the trick.

and for the record AVI files require DivX to watch, not quicktime.
hehe looks like im the only one with a detailed knowledge of computers.
in a laptop you'll want:

CPU Intel core 2 duo T7200
Graphics chip 7400+ go OR X1300+
Hard Drive 80GB+ (7200 RPM if you can get it)
OS Windows Vista Home Premium

Asus make good laptops =)
In all Seriousness I feel I can die happy no matter where I am, what's happening or how I feel after this song....

Warmness On The Soul
Avenged Sevenfold
You're growing up, you're curious, no one can blame you for that lol its just human nature.
Why would your father go and make such a big deal of it though? At least Playboy is tasteful and more about photography than pornography.

Hate Me! - Children of Bodom
personally id go for

VOX Valvetronix AD15VT $350?
sounds dam gud plus its got nice extras and you can just plug it into a 2x12 cab if it not loud enough in future.

ESP M-50 $350?
they feel great and sound half decent, very flexible guitar.

*BOSS Metal Zone* $150
all levels of distortion/overdrive if you fiddle round enough, best piece of gear i ever bought.

(These prices are in Aus dollars which has a 0.9:1 ratio to US dollars)
k fine just let this sink.

yeh the doctor said to take ritalin by now i feel like a umm ADHD person lol
yeh see how tired i am? i dont even have a point
LOL im asking if anyone else has stayed up all night and ****ed up half of their following week.
Ok heres the deal.
Its monday morning 6.15am and i have skwl, ill be tired as all hell when i get home and maybe not even show up tomorrow (ive got issues gettin up =] ).
I srsly dont know wtf im gona do so
Tuesday is also the best day of the week, music prac first (70 min) recess maths (70 min) then lunch and then for sport i go to the gym for the last 2 hours we'r ment to be at school the other days.

Not really asking for help, i just thought id share my story and ask if anyone else's been in my position.

So yeh just let this sink in like 30 min when im gone.
Did she tell you what was up? Was it you or her?
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haha reminds me of Gary Coleman and OJ Simpson!
You ejaculate at 50 km/h
My three Gs on the one screen:

Guitar - riff (Sipounder)
Girl - Viv, love you baby
Games - (Steam & Xfire)

screw it, just use headphones...
No it's because women are beautiful and mentally and emotionally complex, whereas men are physically repulsive and are generally just out to fuck a hot chick.
See its thats kinda attitude that says ur not gona get any....
I dont understand how some people can just not care bout the other person their having sex with.
Its also better on another level if you're close to the person and you become even closer, rather than just doing it with some random you meet at a bar and never see again.
Heck I dont know this from experience but thats just how I feel.
^ gah!! that dam picture's followed me here and tried to disguise itself!
Write a couple of songs with my newly formed band.

Get a Master's in IT, in case my musical doesn't work it ill have something to fall back on.

Get fit and healthy and stay that way.

I guess losing my virginty kind of goes without saying =D but whatever.

Own my own blazing fast computer and 24" screen! (we'r talking two 2900XTs in crossfire, 3Ghz quad-core cpu, 6GB RAM)

Oh and own a Gibson LP Supreme and an ESP with Floyd Rose and EMGs in both guitars. =]

Thats its for now i guess
haha we played that game where we each say a word at a time to make up sentences, & went on bout how gud we r in bed together =D and all that, then she goes "dam now you've got me all horny!"
I think that last hour of playing that was pretty good.

nah Sixpounder for sure

The he went on and designed Music Man or something and sold the Stingray design to Ernie Ball?
My best mate FINALLY decided on and got his new bass today, Stingray 5 Limited Edition
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That dude from Avenged Seven Fold, Synster Lates or whatever his ****ty "scene" name is.

OMFG u noob its Gates, GATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just go home......=P