I remember reading somewhere that the 4 Kings in a deck of playing cards are all supposed to represent a different ruler throughout history.
I remember two of them were Caesar and Alexander The Great, another might have been Napoleon.

I'm interested because my parents named me after Alexander The Great and I think I'd consider getting a tattoo of the card representing him.

Has anyone else heard anything like this or know what I'm talking about?
How much is TOO expensive exactly?

Grab yourself a Genz Benz 2x12 Flexi cab from Billy Hyde, $900 brand new.
People are always raving about how great they sound. I even saw a guys rig using 6 of them as a stack :|
Quote by nutinpwnsgibson
you SHOULD get 9's for C standard, especially if you want your strings to feel like spaghetti get some 12's and 13's and keep in mind that changing tunings is complicated on FR systems

Serve me up some Death Metal Spaghetti

I'm guessing your guitar has a 25.5" scale (woe is my Les Paul...) so try and grab some 11-50, 12-54's or 13-56's and make sure you get your guitar set up for the tuning and different gauges.
They MAY need to file your nut so that the thicker strings will sit in the nut properly.
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Nokia 6500 Slide. Not a great phone, but it was worth it for the free PS3

I'm guessing you're on a plan?
My mum got offered a free xbox to take some ****ty phone.
She worked out that if we'd gone with that deal we'd be paying off the xbox on top of the phone every month in the 2 year contract...

3's new INQ1!
I got it today, it's sitting in my bedroom charging as we speak
HelLO unlimited free Facebook!
Quote by MetalCro
i recommend steel strings xD

Don't listen to him....
Stick with the normal Nickel-wound D'Addario's.
9-42's are the lightest gauge that are widely avalaible (it's possible to get 8-38's).

For playing down that low you'll definately need a thicker gauge to make up for the slackness from detuning.

And what you're ex's boyfriend is talking about is that thicker strings, especially when they're not too flimsy from low tunings or shorter scales, give a punchy, gruntier tone than thinner strings would - more gain.
We also have to write a comprehensive Musicology essay on Jazz too.
I could really use some top marks for this unit of work given my past records...

What direction should I take the essay and what should I outline apart from the genre's history, origins, famed players and variations of the genre?
This term in music at school we're doing Jazz.
My best friend who's an amazing bass player is doing Power by Marcus Miller for one of his performance pieces with the help of some of the other best musicians in the school on piano, drums and guitar.
Judging from the video he sent me it's goign to be MAJORLY impressive

I'm a fairly competant guitar player and I have an idea of Jazz and a better understanding of theory than most in my year or that I play with.
But, I play metal and while I explore all genres of metal I have a somewhat limited idea about other genres, not good as a musician, I know.

I asked in the Musician's talk area the other day and they told me to come here.

So what can you guys recommend that'll get me good marks for technicality, expression and overall ability?
And who are some good older and modern day Jazz guitarists I should gravitate towards?
Bands to definately watch are:
Slipknot - Metal
Machine Head - METAL
Black Stone Cherry - Bluesy Hard Rock
Trivium - Metal
Killswitch Engage - Metalcore

Also check out:
All That Remains - Metalcore
Papa Roach - Hard Rock
Dragonforce - Speed Metal
Enter Shikari - Hardcore/Techno
Bloc Party - Alt?
Biffy Clyro - Alt
Duff McKagan's Loaded - Rock
Billy Talent - Punk Rock
Dir En Grey - Metal
The All American Rejects - Alt
Bring Me The Horizon - Deathcore/Dark Ambient

Or at least Fred Durst (my friends getting into them and tells me the band themselves are actually half decent)

So jealous of you
We only get Soundwave and Big Day Out here in Australia once a year, no big metal or rock festivals.
I'm looking at setting my Les Paul into a lower tuning.
It's currently in standard with 10-46's.
I'm looking to go down to as far as drop B, rarely even drop A# for a few minutes, but mainly staying in D standard or drop C.

What gauge strings should I be using considering the guitar's scale is 24.75" rather than 25.5" as with most low/drop tuned guitars?
I'm not especially keen on having extra loose strings for bending or anything and am fine with building finger strength to deal with that.

I'm thinking 11-52's would perhaps just cover the feel I'm looking for in D standard and start to loosen around drop B.
Broken links.
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This is simple. All you gotta do is finish the sentence.

I'll start:

You know you're a Pitmonkey when you spend more time in the Pit than playing your instrument.


When the mods know you by your first name.
Saw them in Sydney on thursday night

I thought Black Tide were damn tight, music was kinda lame I have to say (sorry Zakk!) but they played a cover of Metallica's Hit The Lights which was intense to say the least.

Heaven Shall Burn. Utter CHAOS, very chunky sounding, loved the singer's accent, not sure what else to say, this lad (chav, wigger, what have you) was HARDCORE dancing (not a hardcore gig buddy...) and my friend and I were laying into him big time.

Trivium were decent. Put on a good show, few **** ups, Corey's wireless went down, they played to the wrong backing track for Insurrection etc. I punched knuckles with Matt, got a high five from Travis and I was in front of Corey on the barrier for most of the set. I befriended one of the security guys and he let me have the setlist at the end

Afterwards my friends and I went to the right of the stage were the guitar tech's and stuff are and where they pack everything up and we started talking to Zakk, the bass player from Black Tide and was really cool, I got his myspace too and he said he would show any stuff I sent him to his manager (their management recently joined with the same company that manage Slipknot).

Anywho, awesome night, I'll post the setlist tomorrow
Quote by Noob_Cakes12
so now what hes with gibson and they're gonna make him a seven string les paul? thats gonna be ****ing retarded

On the contrary, I saw them last night in Sydney and Matt was playing a custom Epiphone V....
Les Pauls are perfect the way they are!
The new custom Axcess models that have Floyd Roses are pushing it QUITE a bit.
Anyway, Matt's custom was half black half white, gold hardware, string through body etc, THAT style.

And judging by what they were collectively playing last night I think that:

Matt is with Gibson - he played a 7 string Epiphone V and moved on to a pair of Les Paul Customs for Standard and drop D tunings

Corey is a free man for the time being - he played his signature 7 string black Dean but with tape over the logo and a pair of his favourite Jackson V's with SD Blackouts

And Paolo is still in a healthy relationship with B.C. Rich
Keep going!
This is a pitiful turn out so far.

Quote by Kensai
Do you know anything about how pee works...?

Yes Kensai, I do.

My point is that I'm pretty sure she goes BEFORE she goes to bed.
I usually go every 10 hours or so maybe.
I don't know any other people who do that.

I'm out.
Just about every night my mum wakes up around 3 or 4am, whether I'm up on the computer and she's out and yells at me or not it always happens.

She says she gets up to go to the bathroom.
I say thats bull****.
Because it's EVERY single night!

Even if she does, do you think there's something that could be causing it?
Long term stress or depression? Some sort of nutrientional deficiancy?

I'll be back tomorrow to see what you guys think.

Edit: I've just noticed she's sniffing and snorting a lot.
Yes haha, funny, cocaine and pig joke....
This term in music at school we're doing Jazz
My best friend who's an amazing bass player is doing Power by Marcus Miller for one of his performance pieces with the help of some of the other best musicians in the school on piano, drums and guitar.

Judging from the video he sent me it's goign to be MAJORLY impressive

I'm a fairly competant guitar player and I have an idea of Jazz and a better understanding of theory than most in my year or that I play with.
But, I play metal and while I explore all genres of metal I have almost no idea about other genres, not good, I know.

So what can you guys recommend that'll get me good marks for technicality, expression and overall ability?
And who are some good older and modern day Jazz guitarists I should gravitate towards?
You simply cant beat the tone of a nice guitar with high output pickups driving a good old roaring tube amp with nothing between the two.
Quote by shadow__666
The Mark IV is a much higher end amp than the Alchemist (which is a made in China entry level Bogner). It's a nice amp, but the Mark is in a different class.

Can't you afford a Bogner Uberschall?


If you're going for a Mark IV then stretch out for a Uberschall or just one of the new Mark V's perhaps?
I'm not sure of the difference in sound quality between different EQ pedals.
I'm guessing they could boost/cut different frequencies or something but I've never looked.

From what Ive noticed in people's pedalboards, most always seem to go with the MXR EQs over the Boss ones anyday.

I'm thinking about getting a yellow Behringer EQ pedal for $40, would that be alright?

Sorry to piggyback on your thread TS:P
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That's just a mind-game. Really cheesy, if you ask me. Maybe it will work, but really, what do you gain.

I GAIN another chance at a relationship with the girl who showed me just what love is.

Quote by thanksgiving
Let her break it off because she might not even do it. If she does then there could always be a chance for you later on.

When she comes to pick up her stuff... come off as understanding. Regretful that you two had to break up, but not too crushed. You don't want to seem like you are going to be really depressed.

Thing is I know she is about to break up with me.
Im not on her myspace page anymore, she told me the other day she doesnt feel the same way about me anymore and she mentioned to my friend that she was waiting to talk to me to tell me...
I need a quick reply.

Normally I would sit here for a good 5 minutes or so and pour my heart out, but I don't quite have the time right now.

My girlfriend doesn't feel the same way about me anymore, I haven't been able to see her in a month and last we were frequently in contact Id been fairly dull for a few weeks, school was getting me down and I wasn't sleeping enough.

So while I was away on holidays in America she seems to have drifted and now its gotten to the point where she wants out and is planning on tell me it's over, I know it is, she's spoken to one of our good friends about it who's told me.

But I really don't want anyone else and I think she'll find it hard to find someone who'll do as much as I did for her.
So maybe this could be a long term break, we keep in contact, no "I miss you"'s or anything and after a while start to hit it off again.

So I want to know
Is it better if I break it off before she does? Or would this sort of kill off any chance of her feeling like I'm another option in the future?
If I let her tell me it's done so that I might take her back or would she probably just view it as no, that didn't work out last time, I don't think it will again now.

I also have to see her next weekend to give her her stuff back that I have, should I "thank her for everything" or would that sort of be closing off any chance of getting back together as much as a goodbye.
Welcome to the world of solid state pre-amps my friend!

Also, guitar amps THRIVE on mids, it's where they are tonally and what helps them cut through in the mix
Try using a Marshall stack model or something and turn the mids up a lot more.
Should get you more of a mid ranged than that filthy sounding scooped tone.

And like daryle_goh said, your ears are starting to pick up on the characteristics of your tone.
What you want is something tube, whether it be your amp or a stompbox like one of the blackstar ones.
I think Behringer make a Tube Vintage Overdrive or something to that effect. Dont expect amazing quality....
Quote by synpet713192
I Killed the Prom Queen shouldn't have split. At least not before I ever got to see them.

They were amazing dude....
Caught them in Sydney on the Final Tour, I got a T**** too "When goodbye means forever"

+1 for RATM.
Quote by \Powerslave/
Doom, but whatever I write is terrible.

Isnt that the idea of Doom?

Id have to say Thrash, Metalcore and Progressive Metal
Quote by Taargus
Poopfist, duh, and does Maiden count?

+1 to Maiden!!
Some Pantera, Cowboys era etc
Just got home from our holiday to America this morning and we bought a new camera and memory card for it before we left.

So I've got over 2000 photos on my SDHC card and neither my laptop or desktop computer seem to read the SDHC card in their respective readers.
Does that fact it's SDHC rather than plain old SD make a massive difference??

Yes, I put it in the right slot and everything.

It's a 12GB Panasonic card, supports full HD video too.

Any ideas?
Do whatever you feel is right or good.
There's very few rules to writing music.

A good example is James Hetfield and how he often writes riffs, then a vocal melody and makes words fit the vocal melody.
I'm in America on a holiday right now with my family.
We'v been to San Fransisco and to Vegas and we'r in L.A. right now, going to Disney Land tomorrow.
Sound great right?

Wrong my sisters have been pissing everyone off in the 20+ hours of straight driving between cities, that I for one can't even be calm with them in the same room, even when they're asleep.
On top of that my dad snores like a lawnmower and Im slept my entire life with no noise.
Basically Im sleep deprived, I will be for a week and Im not going to enjoy any of that next week.

Is it possible to change the booking for ONLY my flight back home to tomorrow or the next day somehow?
I mean it's only one seat they have to change around, we'v paid for a return flight yada yada.

No trolls or whining about how I should suck it up, Ive TRIED that
Wow, dont you have anything better to do.

Plus this thread is just ASKING for a trolls....

Beat your stepdad's ass if he tries to give you any ****, physically speaking.

But yeah, discuss it with your mum one on one and if she's being irrational and childish then point it out to her and make her see how she's acting and feel bad about it.

Sorry if my solutions seem so negative :P
Quote by Giantsinthesky
as blood runs black

C Standard, not DROP C.

Some Behemoth.
Not too sure, try playing anything in C standard, sounds like pure brutality to me!!
I found this extremely interesting:

Watch part 2, the interviewer is pathetic the way he makes a joke out of Dawkins' analogy.
Mmmm if you're using it PURELY for for practice and in your room and MAYBE at band jam levels then go with the Flexitone, it IS of better quality and has more effects and models and such.
Otherwise Get the Spider Valve if you're cranking it somewhat.
Yeah I'll second the Valvestate.
Marshall is your best bet but maybe look at Randall's Valvestates or something similar?

If you want a pedal, the Boss Metal Zone MT-2's are fairly damn versatile and apparently Cannibal Corpse still use them...even though their Triple Rectifiers are brutal enough as it is....
So I'm a guitarist.
I don't really sing enough to consider myself a singer.

This term in music (I'm in year 11) we're studying The Beatles and part of the syllabus involves everyone doing their own composition which MUST include lyrics.

The entire song has to be in the style of The Beatles and I'm kind of going for a later era Beatles style song in terms of the music.
What sorta themes would fit the music and does anyone have any tips for a first time lyricist?
Vox Satchurator, Peavey JSX combo or half stack, Ibanez JS-1000 series aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm not exactly sure if he has a signature wah or what.

Never heard the song but thats pretty much what he uses on a regular basis.
I imagine it should.
I personally don't have any experience with anything more than my 100 watt combo but I know the theory of it more or less.

Just make sure you match the impendance for the speakers to the corresponding output on the head or else you'll most likely blow the tubes out.