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Play music that is harder to mosh to.

Dream Theater style? Tool? Meshuggah?
Anything with a lot of time changes and made up time signatures
Listen to War and Straws pulled at random.

Slow tempo, clean/acoustic guitars.
Namely just about anything off of Opeth's Damnation album, and the song To Bid You
Porcupine Tree also have a lot of slow atmospheric songs too.
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What was up with that? I wasted about 2 hours at stage six waiting for them.

I even had to stand and wait through Jaguar Love's performance. NEVER AGAIN.

DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE they came on after Lamb Of God on stage 4 while the roadies were packing up at about 10.15 or something.
They didnt do anything in Brisbane cause there were issues with insurance or something with the venue owners or something, I dont know.

Went to the Sydney show, WASNT happy about waiting 2 hours at the Northern gate with all the other thousands of people being herded in like cattle, Im NOT exagerating here...

****ing amazing day anyway.
If it's not a set neck
Doesn't have a humbucker

And I like my guitars to look really PUUUUUURDY
Like my Gibson or the Deluxe Players Strat in Honey Blonde I'm getting next
I pretty much have the 100 watt combo version of your head and I've found that with the OD2 channel you don't get much more noticable pre-amp disortion going past about 2 o'clock, same goes for OD1.

Push the channel volumes right up, keep the gain at 2.00 and use plenty of mids to cut through in a band situation.
Otherwise use a pedal. My Metal Zone is a great alternate to the amps more Rock/mids overdrive.

But yeah the OD2 channel has a fair bit of hum from the start....
So I've got a Marshall AVT100X Valvestate combo.
I'm still fairly happy with it, considering I bought it about 2 years ago now.

But one major thing still ticks me off: THE EFFECTS LOOP RUNS IN PARALLEL.
Its absolutely ridiculous considering there's a knob to choose how much of the effects loop I want to mix in.

Is there anyway I could go about modding this to make it direct and running purely through the effects loop when it's in use?
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are they ALL loose? sometimes when you change the strings on your guitar, SOME of the strings don't go all the way through. meaning, the ball ends get stuck somewhere inside the body and after a while they push through, thus providing extra "hidden" string and making them loose. hope this helps

I don't think ANY Gibsons have string-thru bodies....
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If you say you are in standard, I am not sure what the problem could be. Check your intonation at the bridge and check that your machine heads aren't loose. Otherwise, it couldbe a dodgy set of strings, but I'm stumped, since I can't see the situation.

It wouldn't be the intonation or anything. I got it for Christmas and havn't touched anything, it was perfect when I got it and has been until tonight.
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what tuning are you in ?

Just Standard, otherwise I'd be using thicker gauges.
So I'm in an absolutely foul mood now after restringing my Gibson.
It still had the stock 10-46's on it and was fairly overdue for a restring after they'd lost their tone a week or 2 ago.
I used a set of D'Addario XL 110 10-46's and after stretching them out and tuning them and everything, they're loose as all hell!
I played for about 20 minutes and just got so frustrated with them that I lost all motivation.

So what's wrong? Why're my NEW strings so loose? Could it be the 24.75" scale rather than the 25.5" that my Jackson has or what?

My long term plan has been to put some 11-54's on anyway since I play metal and I want more gain and tighter strings.
Sounds most like the reverb chamber to me, my other guitarist was getting the same thing at band practice the other week, so our drummer pointed that out.
Hes too flippin lazy to get it checked out though....

I dont have to worry about any of that though
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well... sex in a pool is a hot idea, but to be honest i've heard some horror stories about it! like, because of water suction, getting stuck... in there...

i'm not sure if the chemicals in the water would affect the condom? someone else might help if anyone's got any experience in this matter?

for your second point, your chances of getting pregnant would be just as high whether you got out straight away, did a handstand, joined a circus, had a shower, jumped up and down. etc. you get my point. once sperm is out, it's out. if a bit's gone inside her, it's not going to 'fall out' due to gravity (the myth why people think you can't get pregnant having sex standing up). sperm can survive up to 5 days, and eggs up to 2-3.

personally i would say don't risk it because i have heard some awful (yet funny) stories about those who have tried it. a bed would be more comfy IMO

Well we can get a bed everytime we sleep at each other's places basically, but this is just a fantasy of mine.

Yeah true about the water affecting the condom =/
Chlorine vs rubber.

And when I talk about getting out of the pool straight away I mean as in if I ejaculate with the condom on but some slips out when we finish up, not when its IN her, would it all swirl around the pool and get up into her uterus or what?....
So Ive got a number of questions based around having sex in a pool.
My girlfriend doesn't want to risk getting pregnant or anything because it, so I want some facts to reassure her with.

First off, considering the condoms I use are fairly air tight on me, there wouldn't be any "spillage" into the pool unless I took the condom off, right?

Secondly, should that what would the chances be of getting pregnant if we both got out of the pool straight away and how long does it for sperm to die?
Someone said it was 2 or 3 days and cold temperatures, like that of the pool water, would only speed this up.

Also, don't say "get her on the pill" because neither of us are 18 yet and the only way she could is if she went to the Gynacologist with her mum and got a prescription.

So yeah, Id appreciate some info guys
ESP make great guitars, I don't think you can go wrong with M100FM.
Unless you don't like fiddling with a Floyd Rose occasionally.

And yeah, wrong forum.
No, you'll need to carve a cavity on the top for the bridge to go back and forward on and another cavity out of the back for the springs.

You aren't really all that familiar with Tremolo systems, are you....

It works pretty well though, check out Sam Totman's signature:
Humbuckers don't work how they're ment to ("bucking the hum" of single coils) if they're not straight.

If you want to use your pickups as 2 single coils with a fatter sound then go for it, from what I've heard though thats just how they work.
When you have your own Signature guitar(s).

Well I thought it'd be obvious
Ive got a Marshall AVT100X Valvestate and I can tell you now its a lot better than SS.
The tone isn't great, but it's definately a step up from complete SS.
Personally V shapes piss me off and Explorers are Metal as tits.

The ME-20 looks alright, cant go wrong with a tube in your multi effects though

Zoom also seem to be the equivilant of MIJ Squires.
Basically the Japanese make really good quality stuff.
Dude no WAY in hell is Distortion gonna sound anywhere near as good through a JC-120.

We have one at school and it ALWAYS sounds brittle with my Metal zone and any other effects pedals people use, even the built in distortion sounds horrid.
I think the amp has a lot of Presence.

Sell the Marshall if you want but stick with a tube amp for distortion and use the JC-120 for cleans.
Maybe it was a bit thin because you had no drive from the pedal?

I have a Metal Zone and when i turn the Gain right off it gets really thin and sorta scratchy.
I know there's probably a massive difference in quality and circuitry etc, but it's just a thought...

And yes, Tubescreamers are meant to boost the sound to drive your tubes harder for more break-up, more so than tightening the sound.
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I remember seeing this a while ago, really good idea.
I'm guessing you'd have a lot of problems with intonation and string tension though...

Then there's always these:
This is Pathetic!!
(DOUBLE whammy, Lamb Of God FTW)
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i cum blood

someone was gonna do it

Im actually surprised it took that long....

Prince anyone?
Sexy M.F - Prince

Opeth would be cool, namely stuff from Damnation, my friend is always boasting about she got high and had sex with some guy to Windowpane, slut.
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I would give the overdrive a try cause that would would boost the amount of drive, you could even try a fuzz pedal.

NOT on an MG or Solid State amp, it just doesnt work that way.
Your best bet, besides getting a new amp, would be a Boss Metal Zone, easily the best value for money pedal for budget distortion IMO.

If you cant afford a tube amp, then have a look at Randall's RG series. They may be Solid State but theyr great for metal from what Ive heard.
Dont feed the trolls!

Cheer up dude, listen to some good music and just lie down and think things through.

This hug thread sounds good
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Come to Sydney and explore the inner west

I promise you'll meet very friendly people there

He's kidding.
I grew up in the inner-west - full of lebs and wogs, druggies everywhere, sirens going 24/7 etc etc.

Upper North Shore is where it's at!!
Even Hornsby or Waitara is better than anywhere in the inner-west.

What are you waiting for? Look at all the positive comments people are making!
Old but FUNNY

I love the way the other guy freaks out
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^I totally disagree, the best thing the ts can do is get away from his crappy amp, not throw some junk multifx in front of it.


A BH Little giant would be ideal.
If you DO want some effects though get cheapo one to fiddle around with like a Behringer V-Amp THEN invest in a better one down the track.
Its the blues?

Bores the hell outa me too!

Nah, Im kidding, it IS great music
Guys, believe me, if i had my way we'd be running an E8500 at 4.0ghz with 8gb of 066mhz RAM and a pair of 4870s on at 1920x1200 and 1.5TBs of space.

Sadly, my dad doesnt care for technology other than TVs, cars and bikes and wont let me touch anything inside the computer, Ill be lucky if he agrees to upgrade the video card.

I have very little income of my own to buy a new motherboard, video card and power supply for, im talking less than $20 p/w, otherwise id be ordering a 9800GT right now.

So rather than suggesting new upgrades that I know ALL about, BELIEVE ME, could you guys just tell me whether an X1650Pro is better than a 7600GS?
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Arnie FTW. At least he's understandable.

Stallone sounds like he had a brick dropped on his head when he was a child.

He looks it too

Arnie, hands down.
Whats more, he's the coolest politician ever.
AND he's somewhat of a role model for me and my best friend: he's one helluvah big guy AND he's damn smart, he has like one of the highest accouting qualifications you can get!

Basicly we have a pre-built "media" PC and Im looking to play some more games on it.
Its still running stock everything, no overclocking:
E6300 CPU at 1.83ghz
2x512MB 533mhz RAM
7650GS video card (the 7650GS is a custom media pc edition of the 7600GS, pretty much the same except it has a load more outputs, Composite, RGB, SCART, HDMI etc)

Im fairly happy with it for now, it handles the games I play alright, CS:S (on full high detail 1680x1050), FEAR, Doom 3, DoW, Fable:TL etc.
Im looking to get The Witcher soon and COD4.
Having played both demo's I really like the gameplay but found my GPU couldnt handle the games too well.

So Im looking to upgrade my video card now.

Problem is the motherboard uses AGP, from what Ive sourced out on few small forums...
So Im stuck with about 2 or 3 video cards to choose from:
An ATI X1650 Pro 512MB
An ATI 3650

So my question is whether an X1650Pro is better than a 7600GS, being that the 3650 is another $150 or so.

And sorry for the wall of text....
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"You look like the kind of guy who would shit his pants"


And Im so using that tomorrow on my friend but with a serious tone of voice
Well being that they produce sound, theres no right or wrong, only good and bad and considering that the 1960 Lead is the industry standard in 4x12 cabs, I would go with the 1960 Lead.
Just about anything by Turisas

The Trooper is good too.

Idk, theres TONS of metal about war and battle.
Would this happen to be the massive annual Billy Hyde sale or is that even later on this year?
If it is I havnt heard any news of it so far!

If youre gonna be playing stuff as low as Slipknot on a tremolo bridge then youre gonna need to get your guitar setup for a lower tuning/thicker strings, we're talking 10-54s or so.
Whats more, considering your bridge is getting pulled up already you wont be able to change the tuning much because of the increased/decreased string tension on the bridge.

Good luck getting that BC Rich.
Try and get your hands on an ESP though
Get a custom or standard ESP with JB/'59 pickup set or buy some Gibson pickups and get them installed instead?
Or get a DECENT guitar and an amp/some good pedals.

I think Gibsons are a little overpriced nowadays....