EMGs are great for distortion...
Thats about it.
It's because they have such high output and therefore distortion better by driving tube amps harder.

He'd be better off with a Seymour Duncan JB in the Bridge and a '59/Jazz in the neck and probably the middle too, Im actually not sure about the middle pickup.

But if you cant pull him his EMGs then Id probably say:
Bridge - 81, the perfect lead pickup, always used in the bridge and occasionally found in the neck.
Middle - 85, the most common companion of the 81, used in the neck mainly, some companies that dont specialise in guitars with EMG pickups sometimes put a pair of 85s on.
Neck - 60, Primarily used as a rhythm pickup, Ive never seen one used anywhere other than the neck, featured on ESPs eclipse models (Les paul shape)

The latter pickup combination should offer a good variety of distorted tones.

Tell your friend to do some research on both setups
And to start saving! EMGs are around $180 aud EACH, plus labour for a technican to install and wire them up properly.

I downloaded it yesterday and its great, mainly cause you fit more of everything on your screen and I read a test review on speed and booting times and such between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and Google Chrome came out on top mostly.

I was watching Metalocalypse last night on DVD and i saw this title thought you were quoting Murderface
"Can you do something for me?....Can you have a NICE day?....Could ya do that for me?....Thaaaanks...."
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Fixed :P


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It's just fine with an angled cable, which you should probably have with a Rhoads, anyway.

I used to use one but it ended up jarring the jack socket so much it would buzz and/or crackle whenever plugged it in. Its fixed now though.
Also, its extremely uncomfortable like that :P

Again, the VOX Valvetronix range are great, as are the Roland Cubes if you dont care about tubes.
Dont get a 360
They've already reached their limits in terms of hardware use by games, so the quality of the games wont get any better.
Get a PS3 or wait for the XBOX 720 or even better, get a decent gaming PC for under $2500 or $2000
$1000 AUS max??
Theres not many tube amps you can get for that price but:

Peavey Valveking 112 combo - $995RRP
Thats if you can actually FIND a shop thats sells Peaveys....


One of the new Bugera Combo's, Probably the 333 or 33XL rather than the 6260 or 6262.
Your best best would be the Jackson RR3 unless you don't like the shape (this one has the jack on the large fin so you CAN actually sit down, Im looking at you JS30RR), the pickups and floyd rose allow you to play a lot of stuff but not change tunings very easily.

Don't fool around with computer based guitar amplification unless you're planning on doing a bit of recording, the sound isnt that great.

Personally Im looking at getting the 5w Epiphone Valve Jr Combo and playing a BOSS GT-10 through that but with a Schecter C-1 Classic (which has the same pickups as the RR3).

I highly recommend the BOSS GT-10, Line 6 offer a lot of options and decent quality but I dont find it very practical.
The GT-10 just oozes quality build and is very good.
Also, it offers a USB connection for said optional recording.

Nice and thrashy

Methinks you should transcribe the solo to the higher frets, 12-24 or around there
Its a good amp, I have the AVT100X and Im pretty happy with it.
Me being a bit a of a tone *****, I get the tube response I want out of the pre amp.

The amp's overdrive channels are actually really good because of the pre amp but theyr rather hissy with palm muting.

I can get a good tone from using my metal zone on the clean channel.

And whats more you ca turn the gain to full and drive the clean channel for some tube break up.

So all up its a decent solution for the price.
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I always reference Wkipedia. It's a great source to use if you're doing an assignment that you don't care about. Why bother going to the trouble of looking up accurate info on something you couldn't care less about when Wikipedia is right there with more info then you need?

We actually get zero for our bibliography if we reference Wikipedia in assignments
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What's a pinto?


On topic, I wouldnt say so, especially with a metal zone of all things, theyr so filthy

Yet I love mine....

Brian May used a wall of Vox AC30's so try getting an AC15 for under $1000 or so.
By using audio headphones youre getting an unrealistic idea of what the sound is actually like.
Headphones and computer speakers have preset EQs in their circuitry to make things like music sound better overall and hence boost different frequencies.

Thats why studios have special monitor speakers that come in at about $500 minimum for a pair and unfortunately you get what you pay for...
Alrighty, my bass player friend and I have been watching a lot of Metallica videos on Youtube lately and he's dying to know what kind of settings Rob Trujillo uses on his Ampeg SVTs.

So what does he do for that snappy tone?

(Also, I think Metallica use lots of mid's to sculpt their guitar tones, he thinks they uses little, if any)

What do your ears say think?
Alrighty, my bass player friend and I have been watching a lot of Metallica videos on Youtube lately and he's dying to know what kind of settings Rob Trujillo uses on his Ampeg SVTs.

So what does he do for that snappy tone?

(Also, I think Metallica use lots of mid's to sculpt their guitar tones, he thinks they uses little, if any)

What do your ears say think?
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Pfft, that clip is beyond famous at my school.

Of course, you may have to be Australian and live in NSW or at least know where Punchbowl is to appreciate it.

But seriously, you can walk 1m through my school without hearing a Trent from Punchy quote.

OMG!! Hahaha dude same here.

Apparently he actually lives in St Ives (its on Sydney's Upper-North Shore) rather than Punchbowl :S
DAM man! says they retail for about $3000 and Im guessing itd be a step up from from your Bassman :/

You could probably strike a deal and grab a 1960A 4x12 cab for $900 with it, if youre lucky.
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(Ten points if you get the song reference)
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I use antiperspirant and wear an undershirt.

I live in Australia and summer is coming and i'm **** scared.

Even when it's like -1C i get huge sweat patches, it's crazy.

OMG amen to that dude

Atm I cant remember exactly remember the last time I sweated profusely apart from when i do really heavy sessions at the gym or on sunny days in PE.

I read that people get botox injections under their pits and they never sweat in the slightest after that :S
Marshall AVT100 - A loud half ass part-tube amp and am also unpopular??
Any chance you might ship to Australia??
Ive had the same idea for a LONG time and it seems the only way you can do this is to plug speakers into the toneport, namely a pair of monitor speakers, to get the best idea of the actual sound, coming from the headphones socket, for stereo.
My friend has a pair of Macbeth Eliot's, the black ones with a cream strip, SOOOO nice!
Im getting me a pair of them
And whats more theyr about $75 AUD, he said.
Well Last night I saw on my local music store's special section on their site there was a pedal retailing for $180 on sale for $50!! (70% or so off, what a bargain!)
So I got mum to call up this morning and ask them to hold it for me til after school and I bought it this afternoon.

It's an Ibanez LF7 Low Fidelity Pedal and it sounds whacky, just the way I like it.

Now, Im not sure where I should be using it.
My amp has an effects loop and I'm using a Boss Metal Zone after my tuner followed by the LF7 and then my old Digitech Screamin Blues as a treble and slight gain booster to tighten up my sound, almost like an EQ pedal.

So where do I put it? Before or after the Metal Zone, after the Screamin Blues or in the effects loop on its own?
2 words.


That or the Boss ME-20 looks good.

My best friend bought a Boss GT-10B off ebay a couple of days ago at abotu 45% off RRP, due anytime this week.......I could kill him.
Tom Delonge used Mesa Boogie Lonestar or F Series Amps with his signature Strat which a Seymour Duncan Invader pickup.
Synester Gates of Avenged Sevenfold uses a pair of Invaders in his Signature too and you hear that punchy sound in his tone too.

So its not so much the distortion as the tone of the pickups that give you the sound, imo
I cant tell you first hand about the pickups, but considering so many guitars (namely ESP, Schecter and Jacksons) can come stock with a JB pickup in the bridge I can imagine theyre amazing.
Do some research, read some reviews and check the site.
Read up on the Boss RC-20XL, its about $500 AUD.
I never hear much about the Digitech Jam Man, the boss looks great!
You cant go wrong with a Marshall 1960A Lead cab! Those things are the industry standard for guitar cabs.
I often see people using Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4x12 cabs with 6505 heads though.

Try the Seymour Duncan Invaders? They have a great sort of growl and punch about them!
But from what Ive heard the Duncan JB and '59 pickups are incredibly versatile too.
AHAHAHAHAHAH Good old Trent!

Apparently this guy lives in St Ives, which is like 2 suburbs over from me!
And yes he was tripping big time

"Copers Copers! Punch em in the face! Copers copers....ya still a Coper and ya gay!"

I wanna meet him
I think he had stocks of that model but got them overwound or something?
What about an Alesis 8 track USB Mixer?
Its a powered mixer WITH USB connectivity so it doubles as an audio interface for recording to your computer.
It's $350 AUD so maybe $200-250 USD?
Some many lulz
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Wtf is with that dude's neck?

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Well it's been a LONG time since I've seen one of these threads so I decided to make one.
This is a photo of 2 of my friend's from a party a few weeks ago.

Make me laugh, oh fine people of The Pit!
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hahahha and the first thing you do is go on ug?
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