Get an Alesis 8 track USB Powered Mixer.
It's an 8 track mixer but it's also an audio interface for upto 8 channels at once for your computer!
You can get it for about $350 I think, they're fairly new though.

I wouldn't have a clue about speakers though.
Get the Lace sensors, they're cheaper and look WAY cooler.
If I recall, they're low noise, high output pickups.
I hear they also give fairly tones too.
This is stupid.

When you say Peavey the Valveking and 6505+ come to mind and when you say Vox the AC30 and Valvetronix series come to mind.

It's too great a generalisation.
Check out Esp Ltd Alexi-200.
The pickup isn't particularly special but it's an ok guitar for $1000 AUD
Have you been leaving it in the sun or near moisture or anything like?
Get a Boss MT-2, best $150 I ever spent!
I just died a little inside....

The Final Countdown cover isnt as bad as this xP
Theres no doubt about it.
EVERYONE you ask will say the AD30VT.
Its kind of quality vs quantity, except the AD30VT has almost as much quantity as the Behringer in terms of effects and modelling but also has the simplicity, quality build and a real tube Pre-amp.
Quote by rockdan101
I'd listen to more than one persons opinion before buying an amp if I was in your position.

Here's one.
I may not own a 112 Valveking but Im getting one at some point this year.
Its the fact its the cheapest All-Valve combo at under $1000 AUD is the main reason, Im buying it.

With that left over money Id suggest getting some effects, a Vox Tonelab LE perhaps?
I could make a massive list here!
So I will

Any Quake game (theres open source free versions of the original on the net)
Doom 3 (Download the Co:Op mod)
Supreme Commander
Company Of Heroes*
Throw in an MMORPG for good measure, WOW private servers anyone?
And try all playing a cracked version of HL simultanously

(Google the acronyms if you cant work them out)

Dont forget the Noodle cups and energy drinks and have good LAN!
Once i had this really long whispy one, like 2 or 3 inches on my left shoulder and i left it for a couple of months and kept noticing it and eventually i think i pulled it out and it hasnt come back since.

I had this weird single black one that kept growing on the back of my hand, it wasnt long but it was really dark.

Oh and I have nipple hair

Whyr you plugging into the effects loops and not the pre-amp input?
Half the people who posted dont seem to get what D Standard is....
D Standard is where every string is tuned down 2 semi-tones from standard tuning.

I cant think of anything other than stuff of Children Of Bodom's first few albums.
Check out:
Everytime I Die, Downfall, Children Of Bodom(the song BY the band), Silent Night Bodom Night and Hatcrew Deathroll.

Also, try playing songs written in Standard tuning in D Standard to make them song heavier and try adapting Drop D songs to D Standard.
You wouldnt happen to be in Australia would you?....
How much do you think postage to Australia would be in the hard case?

I can't see to get the MH-1000 w/EMGs around here.
I'll gladly take the it off you, even though I wanted it in See-Through Black.

And maybe the Cube, is it the 30X model with all the wizzy new effects like Dyna-Amp and such?
I've collected so many from UG its not funny
But heres what I already have on photobucket:

Look at Schtecter (however its spelt) or Jackson if your price range is $700.
That Ibanez looks good though.
Roland Micro Cube.
The only good Spider III's are the 30 watt, because it has a 12" speaker followed by the 75 watts and up, because of the presets.
You'd be better off getting the C-1 Hellraiser rather than putting EMG's in there
They're like the Fender vs Gibson of Metal guitars!

ESPs appeal to me a lot more than Jacksons.
While Jackson are great guitars, I tend to throw them in with Ibanezes though....

ESPs also seem to have a lot of integrity in the way they present themselves and their guitars.

My next guitar will probably be an ESP LTD MH-250
Mate, you're going to need more than a $100 strat copy and 10 watt Marshall....
Get a Roland Cube 30x and a Squire or and Epiphone and maybe a Line 6 Pod 2.0 or Boss ME-20

Edit: I use 11-54s and they're just right in drop B but a bit tight and heavy sounder when I tune up to standard, make sure you get your guitar setup for the thicker strings
Quote by timo1
Just to let you know,this thread was made about 2 months ago,he's probably back by now.

Yes Rhian's a great GUY, arent you old chap?

Hope you had fun Rhi!
Shame you couldnt make it up to Sydney.

Quote by timo1
Awesome dude.You have to watch out for falling bears though so stay around places where there are no trees .You can also come to my place.Im naked now.For reals

Yeah seriously dude, drop bears. Thats why we wear our cork hats, they cant stand them!

Come up to Sydney if you can!

Edit: It would seem Im a "Pillock".... says!:

Noun for Idiot, fool. Originally a slang term for the penis but fairly inoffensive now its this meaning has been forgotten. Derog. ref British Slang Dictionary

Well my guitar teacher once said to me

The difference between a bunch of guys in their 30's playing to a bunch of drunks who dont even care if the band are there or not and let's say Matt Heafy shredding it up to thousands of people is that Trivium are better businessmen.

Talent can only take you so far, you have to market your music properly, play as many gigs as you can, send Demos off to EVERYONE, be it record labels, music magazines, newspapers, managers, everyone! Team up with bands in the same genre as you, get people to wear your merchandise etc etc.
I managed to get a ticket off a guy at school today (Saturda xD) for the Cromer show in Sydney - $30.
Give me a shout if youre gonna be there, Ive laways wanted to meet some fellow UGers.
Okay so far all of this sounds fairly stupid, I dont know about the Calamine lotion and Aloe Vera is for sun or wind burn.

It sounds like youve got tinea, yes as in the foot fungus you get in public showers, my neighbour had it on her arm, from memory its contagious so refrain from touching it.

Do some research and let it breathe, do you usually wear a watch?
I held a movie a couple of weeks ago and we watched the Hills Have Eyes and in the beginning credits where it shows all those photos of mutant babies, I couldnt stop laughing! Lucky my girlfriend was on my lap or I'd have been on the floor

Quote by TubzyX
does anyone else ( in australia) laugh at those rape ads? not the ones with the women the ones with the guys going

"she said stop but i knew she wanted more"
"i hit her once but she knows she deserves it"

im not laughing at the rape side of things just the what the guys say

or maybe im just sick

Now that you mention its funny how stupid those guys really are.
First off, I suggest getting the Dual Rectifier.

Also, numerous people in this thread have been talking about tube-driven amp distortion a distortion pedal and while I do completely agree with that, what about some of the tube pedals and pedalboards:

Vox Tonelab LE
Zoom G7.1ut and G9.2tt
Blackstar Pedals
I havnt had the pleasure of playing one yet but the specs look great and its a very nice piece of eyecandy

Ask LadyHellraiser, she loves hers
Quote by forsaknazrael
That's probably because you just don't like your amp.
No pedal is going to change the sound of a bad amp completely.

Why don't you sell it and get a good one? MGs are terrible.


Sell it and get yourself a Vox AD50VT, youll get the tone you want and its got lots of different effects built in.
Good Ridance (Time Of Your Life) - Green Day
I think I win best first time.
Until 2 days ago the most I'd ever had was numerous hello and goodbye hugs from numerous lady friends.

At the beginning of the day we knew each other and had spoken on msn, myspace, phone etc and in the 5 hours we were together I'd had my first kiss followed by something like 40 or 50 more, not including Eskimo or French kisses!!

Thats probably my best memory of 2007
Yeah go with the 50 for sure and make sure it gets micced when you play.
I've seen the new models of the Valvetronix coming out in the UK, the XL series, more gain blah blah blah I'd try and get my hands on one of those.

If these amps weren't valvestate I'd grab the new Cube series, namely the 30x, so many effects!! I still plan to get one for recording and use a tube before the amp

Good luck with your gig
One of my friends has a pair of red Sennheisers that go behind your neck, so loud you can use them as speakers and really good bass. I looked them up, their about $120AUD.
Just so everyone knows the Australian dollar buys around 0.90 cents USD, meaning Australia pays a bit more
I don't know about second hand but the cheapest all tube amp head I've seen is the Spider Valve coming in around $200 cheaper than a Marshall DSL 50.
But I'd check around ebay, apparently one of my friends got a DSL 50 for $400AUD from ebay
My friends have all gone wireless in their band and they all got wireless packs for around $400 USD or so.
I've heard AKGs little little ones that are black and orange are very dodgy, don't know the name
Yeah, mate it looks fine! Everything you'd get a new guitar for is there, Floyd Rose, 24 Frets, nice Dimarzio's. Unless you're unhappy with the neck, save for the head.
Theres a song called addicted to youtube on youtube, I thought this would be a parody of that
Oh well good job though man!!
Party on you pussy - RHCP